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Body scrubs or peels are very important products for the beauty ritual. Experts recommend its use to have healthy skin, free of impurities, dead skin and also achieve correct regeneration and penetration of the cosmetic assets that we are using for our body. Buy body scrub or peeling from the best brands with exclusive offers and discounts. Free Shipping from €40. Our advisers will recommend the best.

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What is the best Peeling or body scrub?

Depending on your skin and depending on the product you use, your epidermis will react in a certain way. We describe the best exfoliant you can use to get the results you need.

For example. If you have irritations or eczema, the best peeling is the one that is not used. Doing so could worsen the wound or spread the injury.

On the other hand, there are peelings that provide very pleasant scents for the whole day. There are those who prefer citrus aromas and other women who opt for effective peeling but do not add odor.

The ability to exfoliate is very important and also a good recommendation for use, since an excellent peeling to use once a week may be contraindicated for daily use and if it is, there may be excessive exfoliation that leaves the skin unprotected. At the same time, a peel designed for day to day use once a week will not be effective. who

Something decisive to know if an exfoliant is for you is to know how you are going to use it. Will it be in the shower? Ask us about peelings that can be used under the shower and that others will continue to be effective.

If the use will be in the toilet, you can make a mistake if you use thick peeling or thought to be diluted with water. In this case we can opt for chemical exfoliants designed to let act. They achieve a dead skin removal at other levels that our beauticians can advise you if it is the right one for you.

In our experience, exfoliating gels and leg scrubs are the most sought after body scrub products. Click on the following links and discover these specific products:

Buy body scrubs Online.

Buying a body peeling online is a very good option if you like to enjoy a complete peeling experience. Online you can find the scents you like: citrus, fruity, essential oils, etc. There are also all kinds of textures on the internet: coarse grains, fine grains, chemical exfoliants, etc. With this great variety, buying online is a very good option. Because it removes the constraints of searching from store to store for the scents or forms of application that you would like to enjoy.

In addition, online shopping allows you to have the best prices on scrubs, offers on peels and on some days like Black Friday, where you can buy scrubs online at the best price of the year.

Buy leg scrub

Looking for a leg scrub , or a good leg peel to cleanse, care for, prepare, and nourish your skin? At Cosméticos24h we give you a wide selection of products so you can exfoliate your legs in a professional way. Take advantage of first-class cosmetic firms, as well as offers and discounts, free personalized attention from our advisors, and Free Shipping on orders over €40

Buy body scrub gel

Looking for body scrub gels that cleanse, care for, nourish, and respect your skin? At Cosméticos24h we offer you everything you are looking for from the most professional cosmetic brands on the market. Enjoy first-class gels, as well as special offers and discounts. Our advisors will be at your disposal for any questions. Free Shipping on orders over €40