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Created more than 50 years ago, Maria Galland Paris was founded by an extraordinary woman who today continues to set standards in beauty methods thanks to her fundamental secret, knowing that the key to beauty for the brand lies in energy. .

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Maria Galland Cosmetics

Maria Galland, founder of the French brand, continues to be an inspiration for all women who, like her, have the firm conviction that we all possess a unique energy that makes us beautiful and radiant. It is, without a doubt, about considering beauty from a comprehensive approach.

All his work has been developed based on the ranges that the French high cosmetics house has been generating.

Maria Galland online

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In our store, you have the opportunity to buy any Maria Galland product online because, with the commitment made to the brand and customers, we are ready to distribute all its products.

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Lines of the Maria Galland brand

makeup removers

It includes 10 products that, combined according to skin type, make the much-needed facial cleansing protocol perfect. These are some of the most outstanding products of this Maria Galland line. Remember that you can get all the cosmetics in our online store at the best price on the internet.

  • 61 LAIT DÉMAQUILLANT DOUCEUR: This make-up remover by Maria Galland is for all skin types, including the most sensitive. It works by removing make-up quickly and effectively, and also gently cleanses the skin. Contains algae that provide deep hydration and calendula extract that offers a calming effect. The result is a more elastic and smooth skin with a great pleasant feeling. Removes makeup from the face, but also from the eyes.
  • 62 LOTION HYDRA MATITE FOR OILY SKIN: this make-up remover by Maria Galland is specifically for oily and blemished skin. Thanks to its active ingredients, it leaves a matte effect on the skin, controlling shine and excess sebum. The complexion regains its balanced appearance thanks to the action of active ingredients such as algae, sodium PCA and sea water.
  • 64 LOTION SOYEUSE FOR DRY AND SENSITIVE SKIN: a make-up remover cosmetic for the driest and most sensitive skin. It is a product that acts as an ideal complement to achieve a deep cleaning in a gentle way. Contains algae extract that help moisturize the face and sea lettuce that remineralizes the skin. The skin is relaxed, clean and ready to apply the rest of the cosmetics in the beauty routine.

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Les Essences

Treatment in essences to reactivate the beauty of the skin, overcoming any facial imperfection in just 14 days.

  • 001 Essence Caviar Anti-Rides by Maria Galland is a unique treatment that promotes cell regeneration, helps to fill in wrinkles and reduce their volume. It is a cosmetic for all skin types that is responsible for firming the skin and maintaining a radiant and rejuvenated appearance of the face. The lipids it contains help to restructure the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin and the minerals and vitamins help activate cellular processes. Among the active ingredients of this essence we can find: caviar extract, anti-aging lipopetides, algae and aloe vera complex and pullulan.
  • 005 Essence Argent: Clarifiant by Maria Galland: specialized treatment for oily skin. This essence is made from high-quality silver that helps remove excess sebum, refine pores and leave the face looking purified. The skin is protected from irritation, impurities are combated and a mattifying effect is generated. Among its active ingredients we will find: wild pistachio resin that refines the pores of the skin, reduces comedones and uniforms the appearance of the skin, microsilver complex, yellow moambé extract of plant origin.

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It solves all kinds of needs in dehydrated skin , favoring the necessary hydration to show off perfect skin.


Reddened, sensitive, very sensitive skin ... this is your line.


Line that offers purifying properties , refining the pores and minimizing small wrinkles and expression lines.


Indispensable anti-aging line that works on the first signs of aging, lifting and firming, deep wrinkles, facial comfort and regeneration.

  • PREMIUM GLOBAL ANTI-AGEING. MILLE. 1010 SÈRUM MILLE: serum for all skin types. The concentration of its high-quality active ingredients achieve a great anti-aging and anti-aging effect. Helps prevent and combat wrinkles and expression lines, while revitalizing and providing hydration.
  • PREMIUM GLOBAL ANTI-AGEING. MILLE. 1030 MASQUE MILLE LUMIÈRE: a cosmetic for all skin types with a high concentration of active ingredients to combat the signs of aging and aging. It is a mask that has the objective of leaving your skin rested, relaxed and revitalized quickly and effectively. Contains: hyaluronic acid, to moisturize in depth, silk tree petal extract, coenzyme Q10, shea butter, vitamin E and C, gold and silver microparticles, mango butter, among others. In addition to combating the passing of the years, this mask also helps to hydrate the face, tone it and protect the skin.

Soin Silhouette

Complete body line that works cellulite, firmness and in general, all aspects that encompass the body.

Soin Dermatology

Line that visibly reduces age spots and has a lightening effect on the skin.

Soin Solare

Protect yourself from the sun's rays and other environmental factors with a line designed for body care, especially in summer.

The Makeup

You will find everything you can imagine in the makeup line of the French high cosmetics house.

Opinions of Maria Galland

These French brand generates many positive opinions. The evaluations always go the way of "I am a faithful user of this cream" or point to the sensations it generates such as "With this cream the face turns into velvet", are some of the opinions that our clients have after trying it.

Offers from Maria Galland

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Normally the biggest discounts of Maria Galland occur on Mother's Day at Christmas and on Black Friday.

These times the brand takes the opportunity to bring out packs that are normally the best-selling creams, accompanied by other very interesting creams or that complement the first.

Buying the bag or Pack on Black Friday is the best way to save money by taking home what you like the most.