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Phytobase: Algae cosmetics

Phytobase is the first Spanish laboratory with GMP certification, the highest quality qualification granted and required by the Spanish Medicines Agency, it offers natural products and treatments that give health and beauty to your skin, from cosmetic creams to shampoos.

Buying Phytobase is not buying a brand. It is buying quality and meticulousness in the design of its formulas. The formulation of Phytobase is based on marine algae and these have been selected and treated to preserve all their properties. In addition to adding natural and ecological active ingredients to the formula.

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In our online store you can find all Phytobase cosmetics at the best price on the internet. Some of the most outstanding products of the brand are:

  • Toiletry milk : this milk helps to remove make-up and cleanse the skin in depth. It is perfect for all skin types and totally recommended for sensitive skin. Among its active ingredients, we can find Allantoin , which helps to calm and regenerate the skin, as well as eliminating dead cells and helping to heal the tissue. This active ingredient is perfect for the most undernourished and devitaminized faces. It also contains Hazelnut Extract that has a great vascularizing power that calms, repairs and gives luminosity to the skin. On the other hand, it also contains Cipés Oil, which is perfect for irritations and cuproses. Helps maintain the pH of the skin at its acid value and thus helps prevent the formation of sebaceous secretions and balances inflammatory processes. It is a cleansing milk and totally recommended for daily use. Leaves a more hydrated face and prevents dryness.

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  • Dermothermic lotion: this Phytobase dermothermic lotion is an alcohol-free cosmetic that helps normalize the skin's pH. Among its active ingredients we can find Allantoin that calms and helps regenerate the skin, while eliminating dead cells, helping to heal the tissue and improving the appearance of malnourished faces or those lacking vitamins. It also contains lactic acid that is perfect for improving skin renewal, that is, it is an exfoliating active ingredient that stimulates and encourages collagen production and helps treat psoriasis. The dermothermic lotion is perfect for all skin types, even those with acne or high sensitivity. And how do you use this lotion? The ideal is to apply it to a clean face, after applying the toilet milk . It can be put on the face using the hands and performing a soft and light massage or with the help of a cotton.

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  • Gerofacial Cream: This cream is for daily use. It is a perfect cosmetic to work with and improve the appearance of cooperative cases. It has a draining action that helps eliminate liquids, leaving a less swollen face and improving the tone of the face. It is perfect for draining and renewing the skin, helping to reduce and eliminate wrinkles. Among the assets of this face cream for daily use we can find: almond oil that has great moisturizing and antioxidant power, as well as being a great cell regenerator, carrot oil and carrot extract , an active ingredient that helps the vitamin a, B and E penetrate into the most mature or crashed skins, the carrot helps to improve the health conditions of the skin, as well as its immune system. It also includes Allantoin , which is soothing and regenerating , and Collagen Amino Acids that help prevent the formation of wrinkles, restore firmness and redefine the facial oval.

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Phytobase cosmetics are perfect for taking care and treating your skin. In our online store you will find them at the best price.

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