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Phytobase Elements
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Phytobase Elements
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5 gels created for today's lifestyle, simple, natural and easy to apply.

The product belongs to the brand: Phytobase

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Product characteristics

Marca Phytobase
Type of Product Gel
SIZE 250 ml

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Benefits of Phytobase Body Gels

Phytobase laboratories have selected and prepared body energy gels with a pleasant texture, which, due to their innovative formula, are easy to apply, quickly absorbed and specialized in the basic needs of body treatments.

Thanks to their properties, the 5 elements are especially effective in the treatment of a large number of disorders derived from different internal organs that act on specific blemishes of the body. m

Green Activating Gel

Spring energy. Spring energy rebalancing. Due to its activating and energetic action, it causes a rise in temperature and a red coloration after a few minutes. Main organs Liver and Gallbladder. Especially effective against:

  • Hard cellulite.
  • Fat accumulation.
  • Muscle problems, tendon and ligament pain.
It can be used before doing sports, it helps to burn fat sooner. If you are doing a treatment with different gels, the green one will always be applied first.

Red Regulating Gel

Summer energy. Regulatory action that vacularizes and rebalances sweat and thermal functions. Especially recommended for fabrics with high temperature, which gives it great action on heavy legs and poorly vascularized areas. Major organs heart and small intestine. Especially recommended for:

  • People with tired legs.
  • Inflammation or fluid retention.
  • Circulatory problems: varicose veins.
  • Cellulite prevention.

Yellow Slimming Gel

interseasonal energy. Energy rebalancing between seasons. With a great detoxifying action, it rebalances the nervous and connective tissue functions. Due to its active formula, it stimulates the elimination of toxins, favoring the elimination of liquids and localized excess weight. Major organs Stomach and Spleen. Fight effectively:

  • cellulite.
  • Abdominal accumulations.
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Helps defeat those stubborn areas and achieve a slimmer body.

White Draining Gel

Autumn energy. Autumn energy rebalancing. Draining action, promotes and accelerates lymphatic drainage and tissue oxygenation. Especially recommended for:

  • Soft type cellulite.
  • Edematous tissues or with varicose veins.
  • sore legs
  • Or legs with return problems.

Blue Toning Gel

Winter energy. Winter energy rebalancing. Especially indicated for fabrics with a tendency to sagging. Due to its active ingredients, it allows rapid toning of the tissues, breasts, belly and internal parts of the extremities. Especially recommended for:

  • Fluid retention problems.
  • Reaffirmation of breasts and belly.
  • Reaffirmation of the inner part of the thighs and arms.
If you are using several gels, this will always be put in last place.

Active principles

Green Gel

  • Lavandula Fragrans
  • Malaleuca viridiflora
  • Rosmarinus officinalis
  • Trace elements: Manganese and Sulfur

red gel

  • Cananga odorata
  • Cupressus sempervirens
  • Juniperus communis
  • Trace elements: Manganese, Cobalt and Sulfur

Yellow Gel

  • Cananga odorata
  • Caryphyllus aromaticus
  • Thymus vulgaris
  • Trace elements: Zinc, Nickel and Cobalt

White Gel

  • Cananga odorata
  • Peppermint
  • sage officinalis
  • Trace elements: Manganese, Copper, Aluminum and Magnesium

Blue Gel

  • Lavandula Fragrans
  • Peppermint
  • Rosmarinus officinalis
  • Trace elements: Copper, Gold and Silver

skin type and age

Each gel is indicated for a specific skin type.

way of use

Apply once or twice a day, morning or night. Spread the gel over the area to be treated until completely penetrated. It is not necessary to clean the area afterwards, since it is a very penetrating product. If it is applied to the legs, it will always be with ascending manipulations from the ankles to the groin.

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Encarna Ávila Afonso
Encarna Ávila Afonso
Funciona. Es un producto excelente.