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Any woman who appreciates quality cosmetics will have heard very positive opinions about Germaine de Capuccini. Its advanced technology and 50 years of extensive experience are the basis of this brand. Buy online in our extensive catalog and discover all the products and packs that include creams and treatments with vitamin C. In this section you can buy products such as Pro 60+; exfoliating scrub; or all the products of the well-known Timexpert Rides line.

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Currently, Germaine de Capuccini can be purchased in more than 40 countries around the world and on more than 150 websites in Spain. Germaine's main seller in Spain is Cosméticos 24h, even ahead of sales that take place in Germaine's own web store. Work on your hands and lips, your feet, your first wrinkles or deepest wrinkles, and much more. With the lines of this firm you can acquire your body and facial care, along with your hygiene protocol, among many other things. Solar make-up, Germaine de Capuccini Packs, Novelties, and above all, high-quality cosmetic products.

Acquiring a product at the best price is difficult given the huge variety of offers that exist, which is why we should not trust buying in the cheapest store, but neither in the most expensive, since it is possible that they maintain outdated prices and you can't take the cream you need at the right price.

On our website you can buy all the complete lines of Germaine de Capuccini. With all your products.

Germaine de Capuccini Opinions.

The opinions that people have about Germaine cosmetics are very varied. There are from people who "imagine their life" without these creams, to people who refer to them as "magical". With an aura of youth that they cannot describe.

A large part of the opinions that people express on the web about the creams of these brands is their excellent value for money.

Where does the Germaine de Capuccini brand come from?

As we mentioned before, Germaine de Capuccini has been taking care of us for 50 years. And before explaining its lines and products, we must stop at the driving force of this great brand: Carmen Vidal.

Its beginnings, as in all great brands, were not easy at all. She started in France, in beauty salons, working the skins of important clients. Where better than Paris to start a career in cosmetics ? Germaine, as she was known there, after many years working with skin and cosmetics , decided to launch her own brand of cosmetics, at which point the germ of what is now Germaine de Capuccini was planted.

The first part of the brand name can more or less be clear to us, but do we know where the second part comes from? Well, it comes from Germaine Levebvre , a famous and renowned actress of that time, who was a client of her salon, who was called: Capucine. And voila! Here we have the beginning of a great brand.

Around the year 1964, in the Alicante city of Alcoy, one of the most famous cosmetic brands in our country was launched. With a touch of glamor and distinction of the big stars, and with extraordinary quality.

international growth

A brand like Germaine de Capuccini, given the quality of its products, and attention to our care, would not take long to enter the international market. Starting with the Venezuelan market, and passing through Asia , North America and Europe , it has been growing unstoppably.

Today it is one of the most internationally recognized brands in prizes and awards, thanks to the work and dedication in body care.

What differentiates Germaine de Capuccini from other brands?

The cosmetics of this brand is the dedication of more than 50 years to the beauty of women. It is the investigation into the real needs of this, but also, it is the treatment that every woman wants to have from our beautician. All the cosmetics that it offers us are unique and unrepeatable. That they take care of us in a special way, with our own needs, is what Germaine de Capuccini offers us.

And what kind of cosmetics does the brand offer us?

Next we are going to expose the lines that Germaine de Capuccini has and give you a small approximation of each of its cosmetic lines:

face line:

Thanks to all its assets, research and development, the Germaine de Capuccini facial line offers us a wide range of anti- aging cosmetics , a long line of moisturizers , and very complete products for our own needs. In this one, we must highlight its Kirei Method , which, through professional and proprietary technology, analyzes the levels of hydration, sebum, pigmentation, firmness, dryness, and many other important levels.

Needs that this line solves:

It is aimed at correcting acne imperfections, nourishing, caring for all types of skin, whether oily, combination or normal, blemishes, pores, and also works on expression lines, with highly targeted cosmetics to alleviate the passage of time in our body. .

The lines they have within the facials:

Excel Therapy O2, Excel Therapy Premier, Hydracure, Purexpert, Royal Jelly, Timexpert C+(age), Timexpert Lift(in), Timexpert Rides, Timexpert Rides X.Cel, Timexpert SRNS, Timexpert Ritualist, Timexpert White, Pearl Sensation, So Delicate , Strategist Refine, Universo Options.

Body line:

This Germaine de Capuccini line works on everything related to our body, offering us a wide range of cosmetics aimed at correcting and preventing certain needs we have.

Needs that this line solves:

As we mentioned, it is aimed at reaffirming our skin, as well as hydrating and nourishing it , fighting stretch marks and cellulite . Along with this, its products also work the hands and feet, breasts and legs. Do not forget hygiene and exfoliation.

The lines they have within the facials:

Perfect Forms, Oil Phytocare, Litho Essentials, Timexpert C+(age)


Germaine de Capuccini also cares about our hair , since the passage of time is unforgiving. With his products he wants to take care of it, and give it that body and shine , in addition to pampering our scalp . Organic baobab seed oil is the main protagonist of this line.

Nutricosmetic line:

Our interior is also important, and the cosmetic, if it is reinforced, never hurts. The nutritional contributions provided by this Germaine de Capuccini line offer us vitamins, natural extracts and minerals that are very beneficial for our body. As the brand directly tells us “ let's make beauty resurface from within ”, since it offers many benefits.

What powers this line:

Multiple functions for our skin, such as enhancing our tan , silhouette refiner , or reduction of localized fat , among many others...

Organic cosmetic line:

Let's take care of our skin with the best products, and what better than with natural cosmetics . Its formulas created based on essential oils and ingredients that are extracted from organic products , make this line a safe and high-quality value.

What powers this line:

The antioxidant and anti- pollution properties are the perfect complement to hydrate in a long-lasting and intense way.

Makeup line:

Germaine de Capuccini also has her own makeup line. A high-quality make-up , in line with its entire cosmetics catalogue. What to say about their colors for each moment, their products for the face, eyes, lips and nails that they offer us. A marvel, since they take maximum care of our skin, always respecting it as a main value.

Hair removal line:

In the same way, discover the brand's products aimed at stopping and slowing down hair growth . In addition to this, not only working on the above, it gives us something else. We expected no less from Germaine de Capuccini . With these products, instant comfort can be provided to depilated areas, just after carrying out the action of removing the hair.

Fragrance line:

Germaine de Capuccini also surprises us with a line of perfumes . Some exquisite perfumes, created with the general and basic values of the brand. Elegance, a job well done, research, are felt in this line. Elegance and beauty are the center of inspiration for these fragrances that are consistent with the personality of the brand.

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