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Marine active ingredients are the basis of its creams and products with totally natural content. Buy in our online store choosing from its extensive catalogue. Let yourself be carried away by the knowledge and experience of one of the best laboratories applied to beauty and discover products such as the serum, the spa range and the eye concept. Discover the Thalgo packs .

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Thalgo, marine cosmetics.

Thalgo is the world leader in the development and research of marine cosmetics . We owe its existence to the sea and it is a brand that is perfectly integrated with nature. In its laboratories, the best professionals in the world search, identify and extract the best active ingredients from the bottom of the ocean.

Thalgo 's cosmetic treatments are based on more than 55 active ingredients whose results are scientifically proven and controlled.

Thanks to the control over its quality and results, Thalgo acts in synergy with the skin, helping it to act and adapting to its needs, also being cosmetic products adapted to the senses of women, so that the experience is perfect.

Algae Algae and their precedents.

Algae have been part of our planet for 3 million years. They evolved from bacteria, later becoming chlorophyll organisms, and finally the first algae we know of, the "carpeted rocks."

Currently the largest population by size and biodiversity in the world is in France, Thalgo's country of origin . With more than 1,300 different species spread over a large area on the Atlantic coast.


Algae are actually a very large group of marine organisms, capable of photosynthesis. With more than 35,000 known varieties, they are classified according to their color and have many uses, from fertilizer, animal meal, food, pharmaceuticals, to cosmetic use.

Thalgo and the use of algae in cosmetics:

Algae in cosmetics has two main uses, as an active agent and as a texturing agent.

Assets: As we have mentioned, Thalgo extracts more than 55 different assets , which can be classified as: Anti-inflammatories, circulation, toning, soothing, nourishing, moisturizing and purifying. All these assets combined, can be very powerful for slimming treatments, against cellulite, hydration or rejuvenation . A long etcetera of benefits that combined, become powerful treatments.

Texturizers: Polysaccharides are extracted from the algae skin, which Thalgo uses to give different textures to the medium in which they are dissolved. Thus, it is possible to transform the water into soft and unctuous gels.

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Thalgo, cosmetic lines developed with algae.

In an effort to publicize, research and develop products based on algae and to be able to bring to today's women all the benefits they hide, Thalgo has developed a multitude of cosmetic lines that address both general and specific problems.


MCeutic treatments are super advanced Cosmeceutical treatments, inspired by Mesotherapy, with the Mésolift Marin patent. 34 Revitalizing nutrients with Hyaluronic Acid introduced into the heart of the cells with a Bio-Sphere that serves as transport. They are high-tech non-invasive anti-aging injections.

  • MCEUTIC. DÉMAQUILLANT PRO-RÉGULATEUR: This cosmetic make-up remover is highly effective. It is perfect for skin with imperfections and irregularities. Helps to remove makeup, impurities and shine, leaving the skin completely clean. It has a great sebum-regulating action: it absorbs 90% of skin fat residues and impurities, it also removes make-up perfectly and the skin is healthy and balanced.
  • MCEUTIC. NETTOYANT PRO-RÉNOVATEUR: this is an exfoliating cosmetic to cleanse the skin in depth. Its texture is foamy and it is formulated with marine minerals that help rebalance the skin, closing the pores, correcting imperfections and refining the dermis. Among the active ingredients we can find brown algae, which contains a large amount of minerals, protective amino acids and salicylic acid , ideal for cleaning clogged pores. This exfoliant results in completely clean skin in 100% of cases, a more exfoliated face in 91% and a better texture in 78%.
  • MCEUTIC. DÉTOX-RÉGÉNÉRATEUR: intensive regeneration treatment that with just one drop manages to reactivate the bioregeneration of the skin. Helps preserve the youth of the face. The main benefits of this intensive treatment is that the skin is more toned, elastic and youthful.
  • MCEUTIC. PEELING SURACTIVÉ: this cosmetic for the face is an intensive healing peeling. It is an intensive treatment of the Thalgo brand to correct severe and deep imperfections . Its formulation allows to restore luminosity to the skin, calm and control the appearance of redness, eliminate imperfections and blemishes, leaving a much more unified skin tone. Among its active ingredients you can find papain at 5% , a high-tolerance exfoliating agent, stabilized vitamin C at 3% that helps perfect the skin surface by removing stains and accelerating cell renewal, and laminaria ochroleuca algae that soothes and prevents the appearance of redness The result of using this intensive treatment is a great improvement in skin micro-relief, a reduction in roughness and a more unified tone.


7 Thalgo products, essential for total hydration . Up to -24% less Oxidized proteins, +70% Hydration, unified skin and much more attenuated pores.

  • CRÈME HYDRA-LUMIÈR: This facial cream is for daily use and is perfect . It is a highly moisturizing cosmetic but with a very light texture that immediately melts into the skin. This facial cream is recommended for combination and normal skin, thanks to its fluid texture and its speed to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. The formulation of this product helps to oxygenate the skin from within and therefore give it a much more rejuvenated appearance.
  • LUMIÈRE HYDRATANT SERUM: this Thalgo serum has a gel texture and provides a great sensation of freshness to the skin. The texture immediately melts into the skin, the active ingredients penetrate the deepest layers and help to give the skin great luminosity.
  • GEL CRÈME HYDRA-LUMIÈRE 24H: this Thalgo cosmetic is a gel that provides a sensation of freshness and comfort on the skin. Provides deep, long-lasting hydration. Helps fight aging and expression lines.

Cold Cream Marine:

Exclusive Thalgo innovation for dry and sensitive skin . It nourishes the skin by restoring lipids, soothes it, reinforces its natural defenses and repairs it, thanks to Sëve Bleue des Océans, a water rich in minerals.

Collagene Marine:

Thalgo anti-aging treatment for the most superficial wrinkles. Provides the skin with collagen to eliminate wrinkles, hydrate and restore radiance.

Hyaluronic Marine:

Treatment for medium and deep wrinkles. Thalgo products with Hyaluronic Acid help to regenerate the original density of the skin, also recovering its elasticity and resistance.

Silicon Marine:

The ideal treatment for the deepest wrinkles and to combat flaccidity. They rebuild the dermal matrix by activating collagen synthesis, elastin formation and providing Hyaluronic Acid. Redensifying, firming and rejuvenating.

Soins Terre & Mer:

Organic products , make-up removers and moisturizers with the ECOCERT and Cosme Bio certificate (Cosmetique BIO Charte Cosmebio), with the maximum European guarantee of biological origin and with the maximum efficiency of Thalgo.

Defi Cellulite:

Advanced cosmetics to reverse the process that is responsible for generating cellulite . It blocks the storage of this, reoxygenates the tissues, breaks down fat adipocytes and eliminates orange peel skin.

Defi Fermete:

Works the firmness of the skin in 3 dimensions. Recovers the firmness of the deep layers of the dermis, tightens and restructures. Getting to tone the skin.

Thalgo Nutricosmetics:

Divided into 3 lines for specific problems; MINCEUR to lose weight; SOLAIRE to activate the tan, protect from the sun and prolong the tan color and BEAUTÉ with vitamins and collagen to restore beauty.

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Thalgo product offers

In our store you can always find an active offer. With discounts of up to 10% on a regular basis, you can also save 20% of the total on certain days such as Black Friday or 15% on "Mother's Day".

Offers and discounts are a regular part of the online operation of Cosmeticos24h. In the end, what is intended is that the customer has the best possible product at the best possible price. Without spending more money than necessary.

In addition, Thalgo allows a very flexible pricing policy. that allows us to adapt to seasonal campaigns.

Thalgo packs

On a regular basis, Thalgo releases packs where it presents novelties along with other already consolidated products.

The usual dynamic is that they launch gift boxes or toiletry bags, which include a Thalgo product such as Sillicium Marine, along with a complementary product from the same line, which has just come out new or whose benefits they want to present again.

In these packs, the savings are very large, since the second product can have a 100% discount, which means that in the overall Kit, the discount is up to 50% in many cases.

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Buy Thalgo Online

Thalgo is a very professional brand, so when buying it online you have to be very careful. That it is "very professional" we mean that it has very powerful assets and very careful protocols, which if followed well, will give very good results, and if they are not respected, they will make the products you bought not work as they should.

When buying online you have to be very careful with the origin of the products. Do not look only at the discount, but at the reputation of the store. In addition, there always has to be a professional beautician who resolves your doubts before purchasing the products, because otherwise, it is likely that you are overlapping products in your treatment or leaving you out of the purchase of assets that are very necessary to solve your current problems or imperfections.

Thalgo Offers

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