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Bernard Cassiere

Bernard Cassiere - Face and body cosmetics

The French professional cosmetics brand Berdard Cassiere has designed facial and body cosmetics for you under its premise. In each of its products you can find an effective response to the needs of your skin, as in the beauty center. Among their concerns are aging, acne or hyperpigmentation. For this reason, with its articles you will be able to eliminate wrinkles, pimples and stains. Body treatment is also one of its strengths, managing to design scandalous silhouettes.

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Bernard Cassiere Beauty By Nature

More than a traditional cosmetics brand, Bernard Cassiere has set itself the goal of helping every man and woman reveal their true beauty:

    • By guaranteeing access to exceptional natural products and care protocols that promote harmony with nature.

    • Stimulating the relationship with Nature through the senses and promoting a "lâcher-prise " to develop a more harmonious link between the world and oneself, which invites us to express our deep personality and our true beauty.

Beauty is not just about "appearance", but rather as a search for meaning in which the human being and nature necessarily depend on each other. They are inspired by what nature offers and are committed to making a reasoned and responsible use of its resources.

Quality and natural ingredients

The development of the products is closely watched with particular attention to ingredients and packaging materials. Its ingredients are so natural that some of them belong to their gardens. They bet on fair and local trade to acquire the necessary assets to make their cosmetics. They are based on ecological and social logic as a business model to carry out sustainable trade.

Bernard Cassiere strives to find the most particular fragrances and textures and to be able to provide authentic comfort in each of his products. All of them are tested under a series of rigorous tests ( not tested on animals ) to test their tolerance and efficacy.

Unisex treatments for all imperfections

It offers unisex cosmetics for everyone. His exhaustive research has designed professional cosmetics intended for both men and women. The assets of this firm are very original and full of benefits for our skin and our health. Some of them are: chocolate, royal jelly and hemp, among others . With this philosophy, it individually solves each one of the skin problems and manages to beautify it and correct all irregularities . The perfect combination of nature with science.

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