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Cellcosmet and Cellmen: Swiss cell and phyto cosmeceuticals

The products that make up the Cellcosmet range have been formulated with the aim of meeting the specific needs and demands of male and female skin. Inspired by the latest technologies, the scientific team at Cellapp laboratories has developed studied treatments with a global approach that provides a specific solution to each problem. Swiss cosmoceutical science is renowned for its quality and level of precision. The priority is quality and excellence. Cellular cosmetics are a renewal that act and work from the first application.

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Cellap's laboratory, located in Mont/Lausanne (Switzerland), developed Swiss cell and phyto treatments more than 20 years ago. They have been studied and formulated to respect female skin and its inherent characteristics. Combining the most advanced technological innovations with great experts in cosmetology, Cellcosmet has managed to create more than 50 highly effective specific treatments. Its main function is to delay the signs of aging and leave a younger and more radiant skin.

Cellcosmet products are fully formulated, manufactured and packaged in Switzerland. They are carried out by a multidisciplinary team made up of researchers and scientists. The Research and Development department is one of the few in the world that masters cell technology and plant technology at the same time. The cosmetics they produce are part of the great dermocosmeceuticals and their tradition.

Cellap Laboratoire is committed to offering an exceptional line of products with a high concentration of ultra-effective active ingredients, the result of the most recent scientific and technological advances, so that

Cellmen: Cosmetics and cell treatments for men

Cellmen is the line created especially for men. The products offer men the best treatments with a large number of technological components, very simple to use and with specific actions. They revitalize, nourish and hydrate the male skin. The products of the line satisfy all the needs that a man needs. Cellap Laboratoire was one of the first laboratories to create a line that respected the identity of male skin. In this line, the cell extracts used are totally different from those incorporated in the female line, Cellcosmet. This provides unique and specific care for men's skin. Its gray and black packaging provides discretion and elegance in products for men.

Exclusive technologies and processes:

The CellControl™ Cellular Method:

In this process, the cells are kept in an active state for a long period: their biological integrity and their vital force are preserved inside the same cellular product. The active stabilized biointegral cells resulting from this process are obtained through biotechnology techniques.

Active stabilized biointegral cells:

The active stabilized biointegral cells present in the cyto- and cyto + phyto-cosmeceuticals of the Cellcosmet range are reserves of true biological active ingredients with the ability to revitalize the skin and effectively delay the signs of aging.

Cellular and phyto savoir-faire:

Cellap Laboratoire's scientific team is specialized in cellular cosmetology, without giving up the use of extracts of plant and marine origin. They use these components separately or combined in a single formula in order to enhance the actions and results on the skin.

Cellcosmet main assets

Cellap Laboratoire undertakes to use only, in order to ensure the best effect of the products in the Cellcosmet range on the skin:

  • Vegetable oils of biological quality, virgin and first cold pressure.
  • 100% pure and natural essential oils.
  • Algae and marine components collected respecting their natural growth cycle.
  • High tolerance.

All Cellcosmet treatments guarantee NOT to contain:

  • silicones
  • chemical dyes
  • Alcohol

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