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Miss Alissi

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Makeup Mis Alissi by Alissi Brontë

Miss Alissi is born from Alissi Bronte, the laboratory specialized in High Scientific Cosmetics. With experience and research in Biochemistry and International Cosmetology. With exclusive natural formulas, based on aromatic essences, botanical and marine extracts and with thermal waters in an exceptional concentration.

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Mosaico Multi-Efecto Desert Rose - MISS ALISSI
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Miss Alissi

Mosaico Multi-Efecto Desert Rose - MISS ALISSI

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Miss Alissi Cosmetics

Miss Alissi cosmetics is born from the firm of Alissi Brontë. It is based on nature and research. The firm develops a whole range of high-tech makeup that looks perfect on faces. They are makeups that adapt to all skin tones and that take care of it. Miss Alissi treats all women as if they were unique in the world. She pampers them and makes them look beautiful to face the day to day with all the success that today's women deserve.

Why buy Miss Alissi? There could really be many reasons to give you to choose to buy Miss Alissi products, but we can summarize them. First of all, it is a brand that takes care of your skin. Miss Alissi's makeup contains a protection factor to keep your face protected from the incidence of solar radiation. You may be wondering why should I buy makeup with sun protection? The answer is simple: wrinkles, spots, expression lines and premature aging. If you do not want to have all these imperfections on your skin, it is best to use both protective day facial creams and makeup. And in that Miss Alissi can help you. In our online store you will find this makeup at the best price for your pocket. On the other hand , Miss Alissi offers you comprehensive care for your face. Use active ingredients that are highly effective and efficient on your skin, which will achieve optimal results in a short time. The skin is the organ that is most exposed to both internal and external factors. On the one hand it can be affected by stress or nerves, but it can also be irritated by pollution, cold, heat, etc. That's why Miss Alissi is perfect , it offers you complete protection and takes care of your face. Another reason to buy Miss Alissi is everything that is excluded from their cosmetics: they avoid oils of mineral origin, they do not include Parabens, Paraffins or Radiation, they do not experiment with any type of animal nor do they contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). It is important to point out that in Miss Alissi's products there will be no petroleum derivatives, Synthetic colorants, Artificial Perfumes or Chemical Sunscreens. Still not convinced to use Miss Alissi? What if we told you what their cosmetics do include?

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Miss Alissi Principles

In all the products of the three ranges you will NOT find the following products:

  • Mineral oils
  • Parabens, Paraffins or Radiation
  • Formaldehyde releasing compounds
  • Experimentation with any type of animal
  • Para-amino-benzoic acid. PABA
  • You will not find GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)
  • There are no petroleum derivatives
  • We do not put Synthetic Dyes
  • We do not add Artificial Perfumes
  • We do not use Chemical Solar Filters

And, on the contrary, YES that you will find in our products...

  • We put floral waters
  • we use natural sugars
  • We add pure Essential Oils
  • We use Ecological Medicinal Plants
  • We take care of the protective and self-regulating effect of the skin
  • We improve the visible and lasting rejuvenating effect
  • we have the Quality Certificate
  • we keep the Environment Certificate
  • we were awarded the Ecological Certificate
  • we have the R+D+i Certificate
  • We develop bioactive products that provide Beauty
  • you will have Wellness and Health
  • we use 1st Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils
  • We have the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices GMP

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Miss Alissi Top Products

These are some of the most outstanding products of the three lines:

Phyto makeup: illuminating makeup with microspheres that modulate the skin surface, magnify its radiance and, through its "Soft Focus" optical effect, minimize imperfections and wrinkles. It also unifies and keeps the driest areas hydrated and gently regulates the oiliest areas.

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Protective Color Makeup SPF50 : Compact makeup with a high sun protection factor, fresh and light to the touch and with a great sensation of comfort. In addition, it has a velvety finish and is water resistant.

Illuminating mosaic: mosaic of compact powders that illuminate and give color to dull faces thanks to its fine and transparent texture. Each color has a specific use. Pink gives a healthy complexion, greens reduce redness, mauve attracts light, white illuminates the complexion, gold and ivory cause radiance and pronounce features.

Anti Blemish depigmenting makeup: this Miss Alissi makeup has a specific formula to reduce facial blemishes and give light. It is a long-lasting anti-aging and anti-aging cosmetic . It is also perfect for all skin types and helps unify the tone. It leaves a matte finish and contains SPF15 sun protection to prevent damage from the sun's rays.

Color Clarifying Makeup SPF50+: This makeup is ideal for fair or sensitive skin. Contains a high protection factor and is water resistant. Helps to hydrate the face in depth, reaching the deepest layers of the skin. It is a cosmetic without perfume, for daily use that helps correct and prevent skin blemishes. The result? Smooth-looking skin throughout the day. Who can use Miss Alissi Clarifying Color SPF50+ makeup? It is ideal for very light skin, hypersensitive or subjected to extreme conditions.

Sense Light Makeup: This cosmetic is a fluid texture makeup. Contains hyaluronic acid to provide hydration to the skin. It does not contain oils, therefore it allows the skin to breathe. This product helps to absorb sweat and excess oil so that the face is always perfect and impeccable. The result is a long-lasting makeup that leaves a great feeling of comfort. Ideal for all skin types and all ages.

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