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They are also known as toning lotions and are cosmetic products that are applied to the skin to purify it, prepare it for subsequent treatment. The toner is a very important product in the daily beauty routine and is applied immediately after cleansing. There are all kinds of tonics we have them all. For the face, for the body, for oily skin, for sensitive skin, to regulate, etc.

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facial toners

The face toner is a classic feminine beauty product, but it is not always included in the care routine and this is a mistake, since this step that we often skip, right after cleansing, is fundamental that helps to refresh our face, hydrates the skin, closes the pores and prepares our face for the facial treatment we have at home. You can buy the best toners at, online and at the best price . Also now you can find discounts and exclusive promotions in this category. Also, if you consult our "beauticians at home" we will surely have a pack of facial tonics plus creams with which you can save a lot of money. Come in and meet them.

best toners face toner

The face is the center of all our skin care. The skin of the face is the most exposed, the most visible and the one we want to have the best to see ourselves well. Our beauty routine begins with cleaning, but we rarely use a toner and this is very important, since after cleaning our skin can be dehydrated, dry or the PH is altered. A facial toner at this time is crucial to recover the facial structure, rebalance and prepare the skin for the cosmetics that we have at home. Get your ideal facial toner on our website . You will find a wide range of products from which to choose which one you want to buy.

What is a facial toner?

We have talked at length about toners. Those magical products that help us improve our skin. Okay. Well, within them there is a category that is facial toners. These are specific toners for the face area. Given the characteristics of this skin, toners for the dermis of the face must be somewhat different.

What is the Facial Tonic for?

The facial toner does many things. between them:

  1. Moisturizes the skin
  2. close the pores
  3. Re-balances the state of the dermis
  4. Prepares the skin for treatment cosmetics
  5. improves blood circulation in the facial area
  6. Revives and improves tissues

Buy online the best toner for the face

The best toners are "alcohol-free" because although toners with alcohol can refresh the face, they always alter the lipid layer of the skin, which can produce more oil in the future. Even if they tell you not to, toners are always essential so it is better to use a toner after removing make-up than not to use it at all.

Sprays are very good tonics, since they are easy to put on, and the best tonics are those that you have at your fingertips or in our online store.

Purifying facial toners are great for removing toxins, impurities and pollution from your face after a day in the city.

How to apply or use a facial toner?

It is important to use toners well, for this we give you some important steps when putting them on your face.

  1. Put the toner on a cotton pad and gently dab it on your face, or even a circular motion.
  2. If it is a Spray, you can spray it on the face.
  3. If you are an expert, it is best to put the toner in your hands, lower your head, and at the same time that you touch the skin, you can pinch to stimulate the area.
  4. After using it put it in the fridge so that next time it is fresh.

Types of facial toners.

Toners can be used for many purposes, what does not change is their main functions. They are put on clean skin and prepare the skin for whatever comes. There are many types of toner, let's take a quick look at them:

What is a tonic?

As mentioned above, a toner is a fluid substance for cosmetic use that is applied to clean skin to improve certain qualities of the skin, such as toning, closing the pore, smoothing the skin or improving the facial contour. They are also applied to the body for the same reasons.

Tonic brands.

Garnier Tonic

A somewhat expensive toner, especially for young and oily skin. It is not suitable for mature skin and has a very high price for what it offers.

Caudalie Toner

This brand makes very normal toners. They do not contribute anything to mature skin and with special needs. It is a good toner if you want to close the pore.

Clarins toner

Clarins has some very good toners for sensitive skin. He specializes in improving the delicate skin of clients. At the same time the prices are good and the application is very easy.

Lancome toner

Lancome has more brand than anything else. The tonic lotions you have on the market are very simple, they refresh and give the skin a feeling of youth for a very short time. It is worth not buying them.

best tonic best tonic

We have the best tonic in the world at , it is the Arcou tonic for oily skin. This toner manages to regulate fat in depth and is also at a ridiculous price . Its more than 200 opinions verify that it is the best in the world. Clients manage to regulate sebum, stop lipids and sebum, and achieve an extraordinary matte effect. Also the price is the best of all. For only €29, you have a toner in Spain that is otherwise only used by beauty professionals.

Tonic to close pores

In addition to all the functions that we have already seen for toners, there is a very interesting variable that is to close the pore, which we can see in a category called astringent toners. Here we will see how they work and which ones are better to buy according to your skin type.

Facial toners.

They are applied to the face and their function is to regulate, close the pore, tone and smooth.

Facial toners for sensitive skin

Regulate the skin, provide soothing active ingredients and improve the application of creams.

Facial toners for dry skin

regulate the skin so that the function of the cells is correct and they generate lipids naturally.

Facial toners for flaccid skin

They tone the face, give smoothness to the skin and raise the facial oval.

Buy facial tonic lotions online

On the internet you can find very good deals on toners. These products are on our website with strong discounts, so that your beauty is not affected by the price . You can buy these after-cleansing products on our website and compare them with others in the same category, and if you call our "beautician at home" which is free, they can advise you on the best tonic lotion for you.

Packs and offers in facial toner

Toners often come in packs that help you save. These are accompanied by cleansers or daily creams. The good thing about buying a kit of this style is that you can save 50%, which is usually the value of the second product, in this case the toner. This is very interesting, because you are trying a cream, surely in the chest they will give you the tonic.