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We are beauty professionals, we are Gernetic.

In our Peau de Peche Aesthetics center in Elche, we work with Gernetic. A brand that combines philosophy and passion for beauty. Developed by Dr. Albert Laport, it makes it possible to find in GERNETIC the specific treatment for each one of the people, meeting the expectations of their demand in aesthetic care, for example, with the Gernetic Synchro, Serum Gernetic, and Cytobi treatments. In our Cosmeticos24h Online store you can buy Gernetic and be advised by the best beauticians.

We have the largest selection of GERNETIC products online, in addition to the famous Gernetic Chests . With the experience gained over the last 20 years, we will answer your questions regarding GERNETIC products and treatment protocols and we will help you with the program to follow, according to your needs.

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"The beauty of women is my passion" Doctor Albert Laporte.

In our Peau de Peche Aesthetics center in Elche , we work with Gernetic. The search for beauty, finding the perfect formula, combining new techniques and products with the classics, using the best materials, have been the basis of Gernetic . Finding the perfect mix between a woman's body and her personality has been the objective of this laboratory, making this a philosophy of daily work.

The great benefits, services and products offered by this brand are combined with the answer to all the needs of today's women. As Gernetic likes to baptize as: the mix between beauty, fashion and high technology, care and pleasure .

What is Gernetic Cosmetics?

The cosmetic brand that is always at the forefront, working to achieve the maximum for us. The wide range of products and treatments have the mission of adapting to each and every one of the people who use the brand.

Continuous research allows its products to evolve to respond almost perfectly to the needs of each and every one of its customers.

One of its strengths are the materials and methods used to improve products: bio-cellular research and all kinds of plants, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, oils, proteins,...

Gernetic has always been characterized by the wide range of beauty treatments for hands, face and body. A wide range of products that will always respond in the best way.

Gernetic's secret

The importance of knowing how to introduce all the essence of the active principles of the components in the very cells, a secret on which the brand has been working for more than 40 years. The Gernetic brand can be divided into several lines:

Gernetic Packs and Chests

How could it be otherwise, in Cosméticos24h you can find all the packs and chests of the cosmetic firm. We invite you to discover them in their individual category, and there, you will be able to find all the treatments you need. What are you waiting for to discover them? Category: Gernetic Packs

Gernetic for the face

Make-up remover and cleanser: It offers you the perfect products to remove make-up and cleanse your face. Due to pollution and excess fat, we must take care of our skin and pores, to get the most beauty possible. For this Gernetic offers us a series of special products:

Gernetic Glyco fresh and effective make-up remover milk when it comes to removing any trace of make-up. Provides a great sensation of comfort and softness, while restoring purity and flexibility.

Gernetic Fibro , face lotion, which perfectly complements Glyco. Tones and removes dead cells. Returns freshness and luminosity to your skin.

Gernetic Demaquillant Douceur , lotion for all skin types that calms and refreshes. It is the perfect prelude to other Gernetic brand treatments. Provides tone and comfort for your skin.

Gernetic Derma , a facial cleanser that is suitable for all skin types, especially the most sensitive. Cleaning and disinfectant action. Perfect Genetic product for oily skin and skin with infection problems.

Gernetic Peeling

Imperfections and the passage of time cause our skin to suffer. We must effectively remove dead cells, avoiding suffocation of it and that the appearance is not positive. Get the best out of your skin with peeling treatments:

Gernetic Ger Peel , body and face peeling , stimulating cell dynamics with its active ingredients and eliminating dead cells;

Lotion Aux Acides De Fleurs, a lotion of flower acids with AHA, which produces better cell renewal, makes the skin softer and clearer, and smoothes it.

Unique Gernetic Day Cream

Gernetic GG Cream is the new product from Gernetic. Its formula manages to provide the nutrition and protection of Gernetic creams in a more informal, comfortable and adaptable concept and format for everyone.

This cream maintains Gernetic's philosophy and prestige in terms of excellence and quality. Nourishes and repairs cells with its formula rich in essential amino acids, improves microcirculation, reducing signs of fatigue and protects from the sun thanks to the sunscreen that complements it.

Complete and rich treatments:

It always provides flexibility and elasticity without losing the brightness and splendor of the skin. But we have to take into account that each one of them needs a treatment and for this, Gernetic is a specialist:

Gernetic Synchro , a regulating treatment for the face, with regenerating properties that nourish and revitalize the skin. Its synchronization action reinforces its virtues. It stimulates and maintains cell renewal at very good levels. Discover all the Synchro opinions of clients within the product sheets.

Gernetic Synchro 2000 , a regulating treatment with a plus. With a less unctuous and less greasy texture, it is therefore indicated for the nutrition of regulated and/or mature oily and combination skin. Within the product you will be able to discover all the Gernetic Synchro 2000 opinions.

Gernetic for dry skin

If your skin has been damaged by skin aging, wind, sun, and inclement weather it may have suffered, you can recover an immediate and long-lasting feeling of well-being. For this, Gernetic offers you a series of specific treatments:

Gernetic Hydra Ger , a balancing mask for the face , which accelerates the fine-tuning of cells and perfect hydration.

Gernetic Tropo Plus , a Day Base cream , which establishes the perfect balance that it needs, also offering an effective screen and preparation for makeup.

Gernetic Ger Oxy , active cream that gives softness and freshness, characterized by its great wealth of softening and balancing virtues.

Gernetic Mito Special + , the cell stimulator . In case of aging, it is perfect. It stimulates your cells and acts as anti-aging, at the same time that it generates tissues.

Gernetic Symbiose , a day and night cream that is rich in amino acids, which promotes hydration. It is perfect to prepare our skin for makeup.

Gernetic for sensitive skin

Skin reacts to a greater or lesser extent to emotions and external elements. With this cream presented by Gernetic, we anticipate these situations of sensitivity, acting at the right time:

Gernetic Vasco , a cream for sensitive skin. It is a very special brand treatment, which is dedicated to providing comfort and softness, creating a shield against external aggressions. Our capillaries are oxygenated. Highly recommended for dull and dull skin.

Oily skin

Eliminate the blissful shine and excess fat from your skin, thanks to astringent treatments, which dry, but do not dry out. Give your skin back that freshness and perfect complexion.

Gernetic Sebo Ger , a purifying lotion, which favors the purification and remineralization of your skin, while helping it to breathe better. Recovers all its freshness.

Gernetic Nuclea , a repairing cream to soothe and tighten your skin, providing a sensation of freshness and comfort. With it, you can stimulate the cellular activity of your skin, reinforcing its defenses.

Gernetic Tropo , the base day cream that is designed for this type of skin. Gernetic cream is designed to be light and quickly penetrate it, to receive makeup, as well as being prepared to be a sunscreen.

Gernetic for skin imperfections:

Do you want to eliminate once and for all pimples, blackheads and other imperfections caused by fat? Gernetic creams can help you regulate these excesses, always having a clear beneficiary: your skin.

Gernetic Octo , the cleansing face cream that fights against impurities and imperfections.

Gernetic Immuno, the face restructuring mask that, through a cleansing, descaling and regenerating action, makes this treatment an effective process. Together with Gernetic's Synchro , it is the perfect anti-aging treatment.

Gernetic Créme Spéciale Peaux Mixtes Et Grases , for mixed and oily skin , becomes the treatment for imperfections such as blackheads, pores, pimples...

Gernetic Peaux Jeunes , cream for skin imperfections to balance the skin's PH and work on sebaceous secretions. It is perfect for comedones, enlarged pores, pimples, and other imperfections that adolescents suffer.

Gernetic Argini , the flexible mask for the face , which purifies and absorbs excess secretions. Revitalizes and stimulates. Hydrates and keeps the skin healthy and fresh.

Gernetic eye contour and fragile areas

Totally special area that needs special care. Fight against the passage of time and preserve the light of your eyes:

Gernetic Masque Yeux Gernetic, the eye mask , applied every night, rejuvenates the look in minutes. Drainage active ingredients, which prevent puffiness and reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Gernetic Gel Contour Des Yeux , anti-free radicals . It is a gel that acts on the eye contour and allows you to fight effectively against aging. Hydration and anti-aging.

Gernetic Lift Creme , made up of innovative active ingredients, stimulate the growth capacity of cells, including a new and revolutionary active complex that has won several international awards. Said complex, associated with organic silicon, maintains the extracellular matrix.

Gernetic anti-aging treatment

Recovers all the elasticity, firmness and elasticity of the skin, eliminating wrinkles, which Gernetic online products work with its professional line:

Gernetic Cytobi , the regenerating cream to give an absolute defense. The most professional nutrition for aging.

Gernetic Cells Life , a revitalizing concentrate that is a true youth cure. Smoothes and revitalizes your entire face, reducing wrinkles, and providing the tissues with everything they need.

Gernetic Myo Myoso , an intense lifting cream that will erase the wrinkles on your skin. Recover tonicity by applying it in the morning.

Gernetic facial lightener and luminosity

Lightens the skin and slows down its pigmentation by acting directly on melanin. Prevents stains, without damaging the epidermis, and moisturizing it and providing a feeling of softness.

Gernetic Creme Eclaircissante, a cream that moisturizes the skin with elements filtered from lactic acid fermentation and from plants that prevent melanin synthesis. Rich in active ingredients that make the skin very soft and slow down its darkening.

Gernetic Sérum Dépigmentant, a concentrated depigmenting liquid , which is made from plant-based products and responds to concerns about skin that is too dark and can treat blemishes. A high quality Gernetic Serum.

LES PARFAITS by Gernetic. This line of the Gernetic Cosmetics brand is based on three timeless products to combat skin aging, perfecting them day by day, in order to respond to your needs.

This line works with sphingomyelinases and glucosinases, to ensure the formation of ceramide bilayers, which ensure good cell cohesion:

Gernetic Le Concentré Réparateur , the repairing concentrate , which is improved day by day thanks to discoveries in Biotechnology. The new natural active ingredients prevent and slow down aging.

Gernetic La Créme Jeunesse , the youth cream , which unites the moral with the physical. This cream has an intense biological power that makes the most of its effect. Its revitalization, straightening, and softness will be the envy of everyone.

Gernetic La Créme Anti-Temps , the anti-time cream , which at night takes advantage of the beneficial waves and repairs, while reversing aging and regenerating the nervous and psychic system. Steal a few years from the time.

Gernetic body creams

Firm and balanced bust:

The long years of Gernetic research have resulted in a line of products that respond specifically to your concerns, combining those who want to preserve their beautiful chest, regain firmness and tone, or tone the muscles that provide height and firmness. These products also work drastic weight drops or increases, pregnancies...

Gernetic Seino , the lotion for the bust made up of plants, which tones, revitalizes and firms the tissues, while being the prelude to other treatments.

Gernetic Endo Special + , the cell stimulator that enhances and helps the tissues of the bust. Balance, strength and perfect to combine with other products.

Gernetic Macro 2000 , the bust balancing cream that provides care and balance for the breasts.

Shape, revitalize and stimulate your body:

It is very important to maintain the harmony and firmness of your body. The day to day, and the care of our body, with the treatment of our silhouette, makes Gernetic have a line of body care products, which will give you all the answers to your needs:

Gernetic Lympho , a body lotion that has relaxing and soothing properties while providing well-being. Accelerates microcirculation.

Gernetic Veinulo Spécial + , the cell stimulator that restructures the walls of blood capillaries and veins.

Gernetic Vasco Artera is the brand's quintessential body treatment cream . Fights against "orange" skin and facilitates microcirculation. It removes dead cells, and makes our body recover its smooth and pleasant appearance.

Gernetic Adipo Gasta Reducing Cream, body cream that works the silhouette and reduces annoying roundness. It penetrates quickly to give results.

Gernetic Somito, a firming cream that enhances firmness and reinforces elasticity. It is the perfect method to prevent flaccidity, while stimulating the vitality of the epidermis.

Gernetic Anti-Stress , a body and bust cream , preventive and curative of distensions in tissues. It enhances their nutrition and accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, ensuring elasticity and restructuring.

Gernetic Lait Corps Douceur , a milk that floods your skin with softness after a bath or shower, always giving you freshness and well-being while nourishing it and giving you comfort.

Gernetic Huile de Massage, an oil that releases muscular and nervous tension with natural bases, grape, rosemary and lavender, which makes you relax and perfumes you in the best way.

Gernetic Perfect Body, the silhouette cream to eliminate toxins, relieve legs, tone tissues and shape the silhouette.

Gernetic Manno , nourishing hand cream . Protect them and give them comfort. Perfect for dry, tired and damaged hands.

Gernetic Pieds Parfaits, a regenerating foot cream . Nourishes, purifies, repairs and protects your feet.

MARINE LINE by Gernetic


The defenses generated by the algae thanks to inclement weather and the state in which they live, favor products created with bases of these assets. As the algae do not have roots, they have to feed on the sea and collect all the elements that it has to develop. It's what makes algae the most enriched plant there is.

Gernetic Nettoyant Gommant Marin Gernetic, a gel that allows the perfect make-up remover, which cleanses in depth and causes the desquamation of dead cells. Softness, touch and cleanliness.

Gernetic Base de Jour, Marine day base . Revitalizing and leaves a perfect finish, in addition to providing sunscreen.

Gernetic Ger Lift , cream with a tightening effect that helps to firm, smooth and soften the skin thanks to its rapid assimilation.

Gernetic Masque Marin , the flexible marine mask that softens, tones, remineralizes and regenerates. Perfect for working aged and dehydrated skin.


Gernetic Confort Corps Marin, the comfort of the marine body , a gel that penetrates perfectly and helps reduce "orange peel".

Gernetic Beauté Corps Marin, the beauty of the marine corps . It is a cream that helps to reshape our body and recover our silhouette. L.Carnitine and Glycine, together with Fucus Vensiulosus, Ascophyllum Nodosum, Palmaria Palmata and much more, are very beneficial for our skin.

Gernetic Créme de Massage, with essential oils . It contains exceptional and unique properties to relax and relieve stress. It is used in the morning and at night, from the soles of the feet, to the waist.


Enjoy the wellness of the sun

Gernetic presents its line of solar products, for any type of age, skin, or age, get all the benefits they give you, always without giving up the elasticity and hydration of your skin.

Melano 15, 30 and 50.

Solar emulsions for face and body that actively protect you against the harmful effects of the sun. Formulated with vitamins, apricot kernel oil and fatty acids that give it anti-oxidant and anti-aging skin properties.

UVA and UVB filters are guaranteed, as well as their tolerance and harmlessness. It has dermatological test.

Gernetic Gel Aprés Soleil , is an after sun gel . It gives you an immediate freshness after exposure to the sun. Repairs tissues, moisturizes and prevents skin aging thanks to active substances.


The man's face is day after day one of the parts of the male body that they take care of the most. The average age increases per year, and looking young and having smooth skin becomes a very important aspect for them.

Gernetic Laboratories create a specific line for you, man. Feel good about yourself and start taking care of your body with its wide line of products for you.

Gernetic Gel Men , a gel that cleanses the face and hands . Get smooth, clean and pleasant skin. Eliminate excess oil and start with a deep cleansing treatment.

Gernetic Lift Men , a firming for the face and hands . Smoothes, repairs and attenuates wrinkles in depth. Fast and spectacularly long-lasting effects.

Gernetic Hydra Men , moisturizing cream . Light, penetrates in its entirety, smooth and fresh. Enter the heart of the cells, with essential elements.

Gernetic Braume Aprés Rasage , a perfect aftershave balm . Light texture, without a trace of fat, a sensation of freshness, with a soft and velvety skin.

Why buy Gernetic Online? Opinions about Gernetic products

Gernetic is a brand that knows that each skin is different and needs specialized and specific treatment. That is why the cosmetics of this brand are formulated in such a way that they treat each skin as they need. One of the main reasons to buy Gernetic cosmetics is that it offers effective and unique results. The brand's laboratories strive to achieve the combination of natural and valuable assets for the face and body, both for women and men.

Gernetic offers cosmetics for the face: specific make-up removers and cleansers for each type of dermis, with different textures but all aimed at cleaning the skin in depth. Cosmetics for facial cleansing help to locate the skin and pores, fighting excess oil and pollution. They also offer peeling treatments to combat imperfections and the passage of time, eliminating dead cells and leaving a smoother face. On the other hand, Gernetic puts at your disposal specific cosmetics for the driest skin, among these products stands out Hydra Ger, a balancing mask, Tropo Plus, a base day cream, Ger Oxy, an activating cream that gives softness and a sensation of freshness, Mito Special+, a cell stimulated to combat aging and Symbiose, a day and night cream that moisturizes the face in depth. They also offer cosmetics for sensitive skin, those that react to internal factors (such as stress or other emotions) and external factors (such as sun, wind, cold, pollution, etc). One of the main products that Gernetic offers is Vasco, a cream that has the objective of leaving the skin comforted and with a greater sensation of softness. For oily skin Gernetic offers cosmetics that help eliminate shine and regulate excess oil. They are treatments that dry but do not dry out, such as Sabo Ger, a purifying lotion that helps restore freshness; Nuclea, a repairing cream that calms the skin and Tropo, a day cream that quickly penetrates the skin and has a very light texture.

Gernetic also offers a wide range of products for body treatment. Just as we take care of our face every day, we need to take care of our body, which is why this brand offers us different cosmetics that help take care of the body and the silhouette. On the one hand, for example, we have Lympho, a lotion that helps speed up microcirculation and offers great relaxation. On the other hand, we have Vasco Artena, a treatment cream that combats orange peel skin, helping to eliminate dead cells and leaving the skin smooth. Another of Gernet's body cosmetics is Adipo Gasta, a specific cream to treat the figure and combat fat.

Without a doubt, Gernetic is an ideal brand to treat your face and body. It offers specific solutions for different skin types and the needs they present. If you want to get any of the products of this brand you can find them in our online store. You can also enjoy specific discounts and promotions and our Your Beautician at Home service with which you can solve all your doubts, questions and queries.

Within all the firm's products, you can find Gernetic Opinions of clients who are already using the products. Enter each of them, and discover what works, what they use it for, or what kind of products they are.