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Sothys Cosmetics

With a large number of references, Sothys Paris has lines for the complete care and beauty of women. A perfect blend of bodily and sensory well-being. With extraordinary textures and aromas, all its cosmetic products complete the quality of the reference brand in specialized centers. Visit our website and buy your products online. Discover the Sothys packs

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Sothys, the legend

Sothys was the name that the ancient Egyptians gave to a star of dazzling clarity; it appeared before all the eyes of the inhabitants of the land of the pharaohs as the supreme jewel. As expected, all the citizens were fascinated by its brilliance and beauty.

One celestial night, Saturn met the young star Sothys and fell in love; not even Venus had been able to attract the Roman god in such a way. The encounter was dazzling and passionately fiery to such an extent that it animated the heart of Saturn, thereby altering the normal rhythm of life for the stars.

Venus could not bear to see her beauty in question so she plotted her revenge. For this, he turned off the light that emanated from the beautiful Sothys, sinking her and making her disappear. Saturn's tears did not stop for forty days and forty nights, flooding the earth.

For centuries, the world knew nothing of Sothys until the day that... Sothys , reappeared to entrust his secret to Earth: and now he dedicates himself to women "body and soul" to preserve their beauty and happiness. In homage, the men turned her into a goddess.

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Introduction to Sothys.

Enter a world, a universe of sensuality and emotions of extreme refinement. This brand with a legendary name, always synonymous with excellence and prestige, ends up in beauty institutes and spas around the world.

For more than 60 years, he has been working with a great passion for perfection, and is constantly searching for beauty, which we find in mythology, but now, he reveals to women and men for their well-being. Highly specialized, Sothys is a house of high quality, from the first day they have a prodigious commitment to research and improvement, which has made them a firm with recognized experience, which remains at the forefront of aesthetics. She originates from Digi-Esthétique® , an exclusive modeling method, which, with the collusion of fundamental beauticians, is capable of transforming the care institute into an unforgettable sensory experience.

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Sothys Family

Sothys , a family business, heir to a long tradition of quality and excellence, in particular linked to human values and a French production. Since 1966, from parents to children, the strength, the passion, the experience, has been transmitted from generation to generation, which gives the identity to the brand. Today it is the current Mas family, and Frederick brothers, who take the reins of the company.

The headquarters, laboratories and production facilities are still located in Brive-la-Gaillarde, in the heart of Corrèze, while in Paris the management of the prestigious Saint-Honoré neighborhood is carried out from the Institute.

The dynamics of Sothys businesses depend on their ability to continue being themselves, believing, maintaining, and working to bring new solutions to the changing and dynamic world of beauty.

Nature Sothys

Harmony with Nature: Les Jardins Sothys ™ , in a preserved environment, a natural laboratory for exploring the world of plants and their enormous assets.

Located in Auriac, the home of the Mas family, this exceptional botanical garden has become the main source of inspiration for Sothys Research . Inspired by this remarkable site, where beauty is cultivated as a lifestyle, an advanced search department, hand in hand with the latest technologies, is now responsible for the discovery of unique and unique natural assets.

Strong symbol that expresses the brand's relationship to Nature and the natural benefits of plants, Sothys™ Gardens also aims to highlight a real commitment to sustainable development .

This participation takes the form of adherence to the Sothys Eco-packaging Charter, with a reflection in favor of ecological design and since August 2010 by the ISO 14001 certification.

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High Cosmetics

A unique scientific dogma, based on efficacy, safety, naturalness, and pleasure, generates the ability to always be at the forefront of the latest cosmetic advances.

Sothys Advanced Research is the basis for the improvement of the brand. Its objective is to isolate and validate new active ingredients to incorporate in the dosage forms, always exclusively.

In this vitally important quest for efficiency and sensory, it reinforces the Sothys expertise , thanks to privileged exchanges with the academic world and the expertise of a panel of sensory analysis experts exclusive to the brand.

At the same time, the Internet and online sales are an advance for the brand. That anyone anywhere in the world can buy Sothys without intermediaries and without barriers in an opportunity that cannot be missed.

Sothys International

We always see the magnificent and powerful historical presence in spas, hotels and the most prestigious institutes in the world.

If the heart of the company always beats in Corrèze, its mind, meanwhile, hovers over the best locations in France and in 110 countries around the world.

To date, more than 15,000 salons and spas have chosen to work in partnership with the firm.

In order to maintain close contact with institutes, hotels and spas , it is present internationally through 13 subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Malaysia, Switzerland, Japan, the Netherlands, the USA. USA and Singapore.

Sothys quality

The manufacture of products is subject to the strictest quality requirements in the cosmetic industry.

Sothys products:

- They incorporate the most demanding international standards.

- They contain the minimum preservatives in the formulas for maximum tolerance and safety: the safety of all Sothys products has been scientifically proven under the control of independent expert toxicologists.

- They are developed in a controlled environment and under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001.

- They are subject to full traceability from design to marketing, in particular, through a cosmetic surveillance ethics committee.

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A fundamental commitment of professionals, with the complicity of beauty: the essence of the Sothys approach .

Since its creation, it has had an exclusive vocation to support a privileged association with professional institutes and spas, providing them with modern and efficient educational tools.

Initiation, training, development, it always makes sure to transmit and share with beauticians the valuable assets of beauty in general, including the provision of marketing tools and sales support essential for the success of each of its partners.

A complete range of care with a wide range of services, in line with contemporary expectations of beauty and well-being. Skin Care, Body Care, Sun Care, Luxury Care, Makeup, Men's Care, Biological Care.

Selectively respond to all skin problems, offer complete sophisticated programs, new concepts to increase efficiency, benefits and well-being.

Sothys Cosmetics always combine sensory and fun, with sought-after textures and aromas, efficiency.

Sothys Digi-Esthétique® Line

An exclusive holistic approach, the original Digi-Esthétique® gestures developed by Sothys, an absolute search for efficiency and well-being.

Specially developed to improve the effectiveness of the treatment and the assimilation of assets, combining finger pressure techniques and modeling problems of the East and West.

Sothys Specialization

Synergistic beauty programs: highly sophisticated, with treatment protocols complemented by high-performance home treatments. The effectiveness of care has always been based on the complementarity between highly sophisticated care in the cabin and daily care at home, to prolong the effect. An accurate diagnosis, a recipe for measurement.

Part of the global approach to beauty is based on support and follow-up. Following these protocols aimed at guaranteeing the optimization of results for greater satisfaction and well-being, they apply for their work.

Sothys Cosmetics

This brand offers us very varied cosmetic lines of extreme quality. Immerse yourself in the world of Sothys professional cosmetics, and let yourself be seduced by one of the most important cosmetic brands in the world. We will start with facial cosmetics:

Sothys Line of Make-up Remover Milks and Gentle Lotions

Eliminate impurities, make-up and perfect.

  • PURETÉ MAKE-UP REMOVER MILK. OILY SKIN: this Sothys cosmetic from the pureté make-up remover line is perfect for ridding the skin of impurities. Helps to get rid of makeup, environment pollution, dust, etc. Leaving the face completely clean. Its greatest benefit is that it removes both superficial and deep impurities and also helps decongest oily skin. Among its active ingredients, you can find iris extract with a purifying and refreshing action . The texture of this make-up remover milk is light and fine, which is why it is perfect for cleaning the most oily skin.
  • CLARTÉ MAKE-UP REMOVER MILK. SKIN WITH DIFFUSED REDNESS: this cleansing and make-up removing milk from Sothys is specially formulated for skin with redness. It is ideal for removing impurities that accumulate on the skin's surface throughout the day, such as environmental pollution, dust or makeup. Contains Hamamelis extract , a perfect active ingredient to gently unify and cleanse the skin.

Hydra-protective line Sothys by Sothys

To protect and maintain hydration

Sothys Eau Thermale SpaTM Sensitive Skin Line

Protects, soothes, and balances you

Sothys Hydra-Matité oily skin line

Purifies, regulates and mattifies.

    • HYDRA MATITÉ FLUID: highly moisturizing fluid from Sothys for oily skin. It is a specific facial treatment with a mattifying and moisturizing effect. Among its main benefits is the reduction of oil secretion, leaving a shine-free finish on oily skin. Among its sebum-regulating and purifying active ingredients we can find yeast complex, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin B6. B3 and vitamin H Its texture is very fluid, it blends with the skin reaching the deepest layers of the face and leaving a dry finish with no greasy residue. It is recommended to apply on the face and neck with completely clean skin both in the morning and at night.

  • RÉPARATRICE CREAM: it is a regulating cosmetic for oily skin. It helps to repair this type of dermis, fighting wrinkles and imperfections on suffocated or sensitive faces. The main objectives of this cosmetic are: renew and exfoliate. The renewal process is generated by the active Biostimulins from corn grains that promote cell renewal. The exfoliation process is enhanced thanks to the presence of the Licorice, Allantoin and Lichen Complex, which give the skin anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The texture of this cosmetic is dense but leaves a dry finish and a light scent.

Clarté & comfort line by Sothys

To protect and clarify

Sothys line to prevent and treat aging

A whole line of serum and anti-aging creams

Line of Complementary Anti-Aging Products from Sothys

Special products and masks

Sothys Anti-Aging Nourishing Line

Nourishes and prevents aging

Sothys Anti-Aging Energy Line

To optimize the energy capital of the skin. Includes the Energizing Line with Siberian Ginseng, Eye Contour Line, and Seasonal Oxygenant.

Sothys global de-stressing anti-aging line

Secrets de Sothys®, HydradvanceTM Line, [W.]™ + Line, Pore refiner system.

For the body , Sothys offers us a very professional line created based on the research and hard work of its laboratories:

Sothys Sensation Treatments:

Travel to distant places, thanks to the sensations of well-being and relaxation, and the most exquisite aromas of the brand: cherry blossom and lotus escape, cinnamon and ginger escape, 100% tailor-made escape.

Sothys man. Lines and products:

Cleanse men's skin, Maintain and restore comfort to men's skin, Perfect men's skin.

Slimming and Firming Program:

Our silhouette always deserves tailor-made solutions

Sothys solar range

Necessary protection to take care of our skin, without depriving us of sunbathing

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