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What is a facial peel?

Peelings are cosmetics that accelerate the exfoliation process of your skin, helping it to peel off lifeless parts and dead cells. When this process is carried out, the layers of new skin regenerate more quickly. And your skin will appear brighter and more luminous. By performing this peeling process on a regular basis, in addition to removing dead skin, we gradually eliminate acne marks, marks caused by the sun, or melasmas from pregnancy and lactation. In addition, you will be able to undo the small marks of the first wrinkles and, above all, peelings greatly increase the absorption power of the cosmetics that are applied afterwards.

As we have mentioned in the previous paragraph, peelings are very beneficial for improving some skin processes. When used on the face, peelings manage to regenerate the skin and give it a very prominent luminosity. In addition, the skin of the face is the most affected by acne and its marks, as well as by melasmas or hormonal blemishes.

peeling Types of facial peels that exist

The most suitable type of peeling for your skin and your beauty ruin, a professional beautician should tell you, the peeling has many advantages, but it can cause irritation if the wrong type is used or with a frequency that is not the one that should be received your skin type

Type of peeling by depth of action

Peels can act at various depths of the dermis. These cosmetics can help us in each layer of the skin in different ways. Always helping to regenerate the skin.

Superficial action peeling

These peelings are acidic and their effect is on the epidermis. They smooth the skin, eliminate toxins and dead cells and use very light acids. They can help with pimples, pregnancy spots, and fine lines.

Medium depth peel

When we want it to act more deeply, what the marks do is increase the concentration of acids. This action reaches the dermis, and manages to improve the deepest wrinkles, lentigines, hyperpigmentation caused by UVA and even superficial scars.

Peeling that acts in depth.

These peels are of restricted use for beauty specialists. They must be used very carefully and with very controlled application times. They are only indicated for women with very aged skin, without smoothness, flaccid.

Types of facial peeling by way of acting.

Depending on the type of imperfection that we want to correct, you can work with a facial peeling or another. Normally we differentiate between mechanical, chemical and physical peeling. Here are some of their differences:

Mechanical peeling: These use mechanical means of erosion and wear. They use spikes, bristles or particles that mechanically erode dead skin. These peels can be aggressive and irritate healthy skin.

Chemical peeling: These are performed with cosmetics made up of chemical elements that destroy dead skin. They are usually acids and there are different concentrations.

The physical peel: These use a physical element that literally removes the first layer of the epidermis. It is very aggressive and should be used with great care.

Buy the best peeling With all these methods what we do, after all, is to eliminate the old skin and stimulate the growth of new one without the damage of the previous one. This process sometimes has to be forced, since as we age, the skin becomes slow and lazy in this process, and it is increasingly difficult for us to get rid of spots, pimples and small scars.

A peel should always be applied to clean skin and of course without any makeup. This is because we are going to attack the skin and we must keep it clean of toxins that can penetrate later and cause infections or inflammations on the “uncovered” skin.

Depending on the level of aggressiveness of the peeling, the treatment to correct the imperfection should be done at once or over a long period. It all depends on the medium used or the amount and concentration of acids.

After the peeling, any cosmetic that we use will penetrate better, so we must be careful with aggressive cosmetics, since now our skin is exposed. At the same time, the products penetrate better and have much more effect than before.

Phenol Peel

The phenolic acid peel is very suitable for mature skin that already shows signs of aging. It is very effective for these skins, as well as very regenerating, due to the depth in which it acts and its great exfoliation capacity that comes from phenol. At the same time, these peels can remove stains, regenerate dead cells, increase collagen and elastin.

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How current phenol peeling?

Phenol acid destroys the superficial layers of the skin that have dead cells. This stimulates the appearance of new collagen and significantly improves the smoothness of the face. This acid is diluted in the formulation of cosmetics and at the same time, it is accompanied by other acids.

The phenol peeling can be applied in addition to the face, on the face, neck, neckline and hands.

What do I have to look for to buy a phenol peeling?

It is important before buying to look at the concentrations you have, if we will know how to use it or not and if it is the right one for us.

You should advise yourself before buying these peels to make proper use of them and be able to have the best results with the least possible money spent.

Buy the best peeling online Price of peels

The price of a cosmetic and peeling can vary from €10 to €200, this is because the value of a peeling is determined by the active ingredients used to perform the exfoliation and also by the active ingredients and nutrients that it adds to our skin afterwards. The facial cosmetics that perform a peeling on us is a highly researched and well-studied cosmetic, because what can have quite high prices or costs in some cases. Get the perfect product for you in our online store at the best price .

peeling cream

There are many creams on the market that do peeling. There are two types, creams with acids that perform chemical peels and creams with particles that perform mechanical peels. You have to know what they are bought for and how they are going to be used. Normally mechanical creams are more aggressive and it is not convenient to use them more than once a week. On the contrary, chemical exfoliation creams, if the concentrations are low for particular use, can be used more often, reaching almost daily use in some very mild exfoliants.