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Those who like cosmetics, like Natura Bissé and its high-quality cosmetics, both facial and body. Here you can find the famous lines of the brand: Natura Bisse Diamond ; Natura Bisse Essential Shock ; Natura Bisse The Cure ; Natura Bissé Vitamin C , Natura Bissé Diamond Cocoon Sheer . You can also find the well-known products: natura bisse essential shock intense cream ; natura bisse c+c vitamin cream ; natura bisse diamond extreme eye . These can be found online in many stores, but only at we know how the products, their creams, tonics or serums are applied, and we have the beauticians specialized in this great brand, which is known for its scientific studies of the skin, its advanced laboratory and where they work on the science of research, study and apply the entire scientific and anthropological history, to work and improve our skin. Longevity is the goal of Natura Bisse. Its objective, to be able to have fresher, healthier, nourished and perfect skin. Natura Bisse is a pioneer in creams that incorporate the highest technology. Now you can find all the products in its catalog online in our store.

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Buy Natura Bissé

Buying Natura Bissé is buying luxury, sophistication and exclusivity. You will be buying a piece of prestige from one of the most expensive and luxurious brands in the world. Natura Bissé creams are always a good choice

When you buy a product of this brand online, you are paying for a product that has years of research and a great cost in high-quality raw materials. Its ingredients are extracted from the most advanced factories in the world and made available to the most demanding women. Take care of yourself according to your skin type, working on the neck and neckline, giving it luminosity, even with its sun protection products, and providing supreme quality to your cosmetic treatments.

Buy a Natura Bissé product and you will be able to notice on your skin how you have obtained light, youth and freshness in a single drop. If you are willing to spend what it is worth, natura Bissé will more than pay you back what you have spent. In various formats such as the 50ml and 75ml cream, serum, packs, the well-known ultra rich and rich cream, skin booster, cocoon line, and many more products, in addition to its well-known lines.

You will conquer youth with very little money, knowing all the lines that Natura Bisse has available. In addition, we have all the products of each line. Meet them here:

Natura Bissé Online

Natura Bissé is one of the few brands that take care of its online presence in a rigorous way. With a control of presence, prices and descriptions that no other brand does on the Internet. When you see an online store with lower prices than usual, be suspicious. Natura Bissé does not sell products to online stores that lower their prices, so very possibly that product that they want to sell you very cheaply does not exist or is not available.

Its presence on the web is very strong, since it is a brand of recognized prestige, but at the same time Naturabissé does not neglect its presence on the web pages, and requires by contract that the image that is transmitted through the networks be that your branding department has decided from the beginning. That is why if you see a web page with a bad online presence, it may not be an authorized seller of its products either and you should be very careful. At we respect the online presence that the brand transmits to us, so that our customers have total confidence in the originality of our products.

At the same time, one of the most determining factors of the professionalism of the online store you are visiting on the internet is the descriptions. Natura Bissé does not provide descriptions of its products, so the descriptions you can find online are the exclusive work of the website you are visiting. Other websites can copy the content, so you have to be very careful when buying online, as it is possible that those websites that copy do not know what they are selling.

Natura Bisse offers and discounts

Natura Bissé makes offers and promotions of its products, but never lowers its prices. How is this? Well, the Natura Bissé offers are essentially taking out Packs or promotions that make it possible for you to get the same product as always but for less money. These packs are a good way to save, and we can consider that it is the best offer that the brand can give you, because in addition to saving money, it helps you improve your treatment, giving you a free natura bissé product, which complements your daily cream or your favorite serum

Other offers that you can find in the brand, is a 10% discount on some products sporadically in our online store. These offers are made on the occasion of special occasions, such as Black Friday, Mother's Day, sales, etc. and only in some products.

The discount in some cases, such as Black Friday, can reach 20%, but it only lasts one day. It is the day with the greatest savings in Natura Bissé of the whole year. That day you can pay less for your products with amazing offers.

Packs, kits and savings chests Natura Bissé

Mother's Day or Christmas are the most outstanding dates to give or treat yourself to a Natura Bissé Pack or chest. On those dates you will appreciate that the brand releases its famous Packs or Chests. It has a great presence and they also always have gift products.

On many occasions, Natura Bissé packs are accompanied by very stylish toiletry bags, which can be used for traveling

Travel bag:

Some of the packs that Natura Bissé has given away come with a travel bag that will delight the most intrepid women.

Toiletries for the beach:

This 2019 Natura Bissé has launched discount kits for Vitamin C and body products that go with an orange beach bag, lined with transparent plastic screen-printed with the brand, which will allow you to take it to the beach without the risk of it getting wet or

Very elegant chests.

What is most surprising when you buy a Natura Bissé kit is when they come to you in a box. They are selected cases, precious, exclusive and full of gift products. You pay one and you get a whole battery of surprises.

Natura Bisse Chests

The natura bissé chests have boxes with an excellent presence that, unlike loose products, come with various products inside. These do not have individual boxes, the base is removed and they are placed inside the chest, where they fit perfectly. When you open it you find a very beautiful presence. the box or chest, can later be used to organize your beauty products, because it has a very good presence

Toiletries by Natura Bisse

We call toiletry bags beauty bags where Natura Biss,e puts various products. They are very interesting for travel, for the pool or the beach or to leave on your dresser.

Natura Bissé takes great care of its toiletry bags because they are the brand's flagship. They will be visible for a long time and the women who wear them will be proud to show it off.

Gift packs

we call packs a set of two or more natura bisse products that are sold together. Normally, when they are Pakcs, the products keep their individual packaging. and they are sold together with a special seal that unites them.

Gift kit

Kits are usually when Natura Bissé brings together more than two products. They are very useful to test all the products of a brand line and to be able to check the results in the medium term. They come out very punctually at brand launches or for special occasions, as an "entry" product to the brand

You save money with the Natura Bisse packs.

The advantage of all these packs, chests, kist or toiletry bags, or as you usually call it, is first that you allow yourself to try several products from the same line, which attack the same imperfection, but together, which are more effective.

The second great advantage of buying with this format is the great money savings you will have. Normally the discounts of these chests exceed 50%, because of the two or more creams you buy, you only pay for one of them.

When are these packs available?

This advantage cannot last forever and in all products. Natura Bissé takes advantage of special occasions such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, or the summer or Christmas seasons, so that you can give or buy their products and give them to yourself or have someone discover them.

These formats are very limited, the units are manufactured once and made available to all customers. In cosmetics we have come to have purchased and available to our customers more than 200 units of a chest and sold them out in less than 48 hours. If we want to have more, we can no longer.

Be wary of stores that have Christmas packs available throughout the year.

The best products of Natura Bissé

Before starting, have you managed to get your ideal beauty routine? Or, on the contrary, do you still have doubts about how and with what products to take care of your skin? Sometimes it is difficult to make a decision, especially when there is an infinite variety of creams, pottingues, ointments and others... but we know that your skin appreciates every second you dedicate to it. For this reason, we bring you the essentials, as well as infallible, from Natura Bissé. Five star products that will become your best ally for effective daily beauty.

Not without my sunscreen! with Diamond White SPF 50 PA +++

Diamond White SPF 50 PA+++ should be present in any beauty protocol. Take advantage of the luxury and exclusivity of this protector. An excellent option to complete your daily beauty treatment. Natura Bissé CC Cream is a sunscreen from the Diamond White collection that will allow you to prevent, protect and show off blemish-free skin by avoiding the harmful effect of the sun's rays and acting against terrible sun spots. In addition, it dresses your skin with a subtle touch of color. Its matte finish gives it luminosity and a velvety effect. Be the envy of all! And remember that sunscreen is the penultimate step in any really effective beauty routine.

If you do not know how to use it, you can follow the following steps for its correct application:

STEP 1: Apply the cream on the face and neck; do not forget about the neckline, especially if it is exposed to the sun. You can use it in the morning throughout the year.

STEP 2: In summer and other seasons of the year where our skin is more exposed to solar radiation, apply the cream every 2-3 hours

Sign in the most beautiful years of my life! with Essential Shock Intense Cream

There are various options that you will find to rejuvenate the skin but why silence our age when we can boast of a radiant, firm and flexible countenance, in a more natural way and above all with the help of Essential Shock Intense Cream that will become your best friend in the most beautiful years of your life, a rich cream with firming power and anti-wrinkle effect that helps you keep your skin revitalized.

Its innovative anti-aging formula will help you overcome the typical hormonal deficiencies of mature skin. It will provide greater elasticity and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, it will be your faithful companion in times of cold or greater exposure to the wind. When you use it, do not forget to perform gentle massages until it is completely absorbed and thus you will enhance all the benefits it will have for your skin.

Look up and kiss passionately! with Essential Shock Intense Eye & Lip Cream

The contour of the eyes and lips are perhaps the most sensitive areas of our face and therefore, the ones that are most affected after the passing of the years, but this is not a problem if you choose the contour of the eyes and lips of the line Essential Shock Intense by Natura Bissé. With its incredible revitalizing effect and the firming properties of its active ingredients, it achieves a micro-lifting effect. Luminous, smooth and soft skin.

Its exquisite texture will melt on your skin and the soft aroma of pineapple will captivate you. It works by reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It helps you boost the production of collagen and elastin. In addition, it contains sun protection, SPF 15, what more could you ask for!

Hydrated and protected all day! with Double Action Hydroprotective

Double Action Hydraprotective is a rich cream, ideal for the driest skin. Restores comfort and elasticity to the face with Natura Bissé's Hydro-Nutritive cream. It will provide protection and hydration throughout the day. In addition, it acts as a defense barrier against external agents that dehydrate your skin. Also, it ensures the hydrolipidic balance in the face, neck and décolletage. The super double hydration that your skin needs to give it the attention and care it deserves.

Give your skin a break! with OxygenCream

Although it is unpleasant on numerous occasions, we overexpose our skin to external agents that make it lose its vitality. If you are a smoker, you subtract oxygen from your skin. If you live in big cities, you deprive your skin of oxygen... so take note and give your skin a break with Oxygen Cream.

The generous texture of this moisturizing cream will immediately restore the comfort your skin needs. The feeling of tightness and dryness will be a thing of the past thanks to this injection of oxygen. Recovers elasticity and dermal freshness. In a single gesture Oxygen Cream hydrates, clarifies, purifies and illuminates.

Reviews of Natura Bissé

A 10. There is no other possible opinion for any of the creams of this brand. User ratings go far beyond your assets. "It is a fascinating cream" comments a user. "It's the cream of my life" commented a faithful follower of the brand a few days ago. "I've never tried anything like it," said a woman who recently discovered the brand several months ago.

User evaluations are always positive, but when we say that they go well above the technical evaluation, it is because natura Bissé trnamsite much more. It is a mixture of aromas, sensations, styles, prestige, excellence... that when it reaches you, you can only say that it is the cream of your life. It is not possible to prove anything better, and therefore the appreciations can never be more positive.

After buying the products in our online store, customers receive it, and a few days later they receive an email where they can make an assessment. Well, we have never received nor will we receive negative evaluations of this brand, because whenever a woman takes the step and tries it, she does not go back. From that moment on, you will never go back, because nothing is the same. And from that moment on, she will also tell her friends, and they will see how her face changes, her light and her joy.

Do you know where the name Natura Bissé comes from?

This brand is inspired by the 70s, by the figure of Jacqueline Bisset. This woman gives off a lot of glamour, a unique sophistication, she transmits luxury and a lot of class. The mixture of the natural, and what this muse transmits to us, gives rise to the name of Natura Bissé.

Research and science with Natura Bissé:

Natura Bissé has always been a pioneer in the use of assets. For a long time, they have been working with the most advanced methods, always at the forefront of research, even entering nanotechnology, since they are based on science to give us the best for our skin.

His research is becoming more perfect and closer to understanding the functioning of the skin at the cellular level. They have always used very technical and specific assets and ingredients, to achieve a very high regeneration. But not only do they work with it, but they also know more and more about the vehicles that penetrate our skin at a scientific level, in a very sophisticated way, through their cosmetic lines.

What does Natura Bissé offer?

Efficiency, according to this brand, is what people ask of them and they supply. Truly, it has become a brand with very good feasible results, making them very effective, giving very good results. These generate a very high rate of loyalty towards Natura Bissé, which generates great confidence in the product.

In addition to this, Natura Bissé has nearly 200 references to cover all the needs of our skin. This makes it a reference and very professional brand in the cosmetics sector.

Natura Bisse around the world

This brand has managed to position itself in a very competitive and large market worldwide. Thanks to their great product quality, their effectiveness, and their Marketing strategies, they have reached places where other brands would not even expect to arrive in their entire career. Its most important leap was when it became the preferred brand of the stars on the red carpet in Hollywood, and entered the highly competitive American and Asian markets, without forgetting its arrival in Australia.

The evolution of micro-injection in cosmetic processes to the Inhibit Collection line is a very important revolution in this world, along with other lines of the brand. This becomes the star and most important product of the firm when it comes to working with anti-aging products.

For all this and much more, women who take care of themselves, who are demanding, and who are looking for a lot of quality, choose Natura Bissé.

What product lines does Natura Bissé have?

Natura Bissé offers us a high-quality catalog of cosmetics, among which we can find the following lines:


Welcome to a new conception of beauty. Natura Bissé creates this line based on the treatment of the most sensitive and demanding skin. A line based on anti-aging. Thanks to new technologies and advanced systems, we see a mixture of energy infusion mixed with DNA infusion. With the Natura Bissé products from the Diamon Collection, we can have a restructured, protected skin with great well-being.

How to use Natura Bisse Diamond Natura Bisse products?

All the wrinkle reduction treatment, together with the rejuvenation of the skin with its anti-aging effect. We will achieve immediate and long-lasting hydration, with a visible improvement in elasticity, nutrition and toning. We will have firmer, softer, smoother and more radiant skin. We can apply it to all skin types, and we will forget once and for all about its aging. Discover Diamond Collection, where you can find its highest quality cosmetic products Diamond Extreme, Diamond White...

Included within the Natura Bissé Diamond line, and is generally designed for drier skin and more in need of active ingredients, that is. Much more demanding. Its maximum exponent is DIAMOND EXTREME OIL, which revitalizes, detoxifies, firms and tones the face. The entire line provides an incredible lifting effect both internally and externally, and acts as an "epidermal self-modulator" that helps repair the effects of any aggression and signs of aging.

Natura Bissé Diamond Collection

It is the jewel in the crown of Natura Bissé because it has managed to cover all the needs of mature skin. The five lines that make up this collection, Cleansing Ritual, Facial Care, Body Care, White Collection and Youth Biomarkers, have the union of several active ingredients among which the exceptional power of artemia salina predominates.

This antiaging compound has the ability to provide energy, regenerate and protect your skin against cell aging. Its extraordinary scent of Mediterranean flowers, among which lavender stands out, creates a feeling of serenity and peace.

Natura Bisse Diamond : prices and offers

On our website you will always have offers from the Diamond line. You can find them in the magnificent Diamond packs that Natura Bisse launches each season. Even so, you should never worry about the price of a Natura Bisse Diamond product, since the value it brings to your skin and the beauty you project is far above its price.

You can always find an offer or discount to help you buy Natura Bissé products at a better price. So you can have the cream you want at the price you would like to pay for it.

Diamond Packs

The Diamond lines are the ones that sell the most packs and kits. Especially on the most important days. Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc. On these dates Natura Bisse launches Diamond packs where a product of equal or lesser value is usually given away. This allows you to try several Diamond products for very little money and thus continue your treatment with this line.

Natura Bisse Diamond Collection - Opinions

The opinions that people have on this line are excellent. We copy some of them:

  • Iciar: Excellent, it arrived in 24 hours and after several days of application my skin has improved a lot, especially the pores are less visible.
  • Alicia: I have not tried another cream that hydrates and protects against the sun at the same time, in an ideal color for your face.
  • Maria Consuelo: Very good. It was recommended to me by my friend who is a doctor. The face is beautiful.

These opinions are just a sample, you can find them within all our products.

Diamond Line Collection

Diamond Collection is the luxurious line that Natura Bissé has developed to globally cover all types of skin needs. And it does so thanks to a combination of exclusive active ingredients, for example, Artemia Salina, which provides energy, regenerates it and protects it against cellular aging, and delicate Mediterranean floral notes such as lavender, which stimulates the senses providing well-being and relaxation.

Diamond Collection is made up of several specific lines, let's analyze them:

Diamond Cleansing Ritual

Transform the routine into a tribute to yourself with the necessary well-being to face the day or to relax at night. Removing makeup or impurities will never be the same again. This line is made up of 3 products:

  • Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanser

Facial cleanser for eyes, face, neck and also for the neckline. Its delicate texture achieves a perfect cleaning of the skin. In addition, it also moisturizes it and gives it luminosity instantly.

  • Diamond White Clarity Toning Lotion

The perfect combination to complete the cleansing ritual. The lotion gives you softness and also prevents water loss. Although it can be used on all skin types, it is highly recommended for skin that lacks radiance.

  • Soft Cleansing Cloth

It is the soft micro-spongy wipe that gently but deeply removes facial impurities.

Diamond Facial Care

Line dedicated to the treatment of sensitive skin.

  • Diamond Extreme

Crown jewel. It is the cream capable of dealing with any sign of skin aging as it repairs the skin against any aggression. In general, it provides energy, regenerates, fights wrinkles, provides elasticity, firmness and maintains an optimal state of hydration.

  • Diamond Cream

Global regenerating cream with a rich and silky texture that acts against wrinkles, providing elasticity and firmness. It is indicated for all skin types, even those that are drier and malnourished, and in addition, the lifting effect is visible from the first days.

  • Diamond Gel-Cream

With a light texture, it is indicated for skin that prefers a matte finish and is more refreshing than Cream. And like the Cream, it is also regenerative, acts against wrinkles providing elasticity and firmness and the lifting effect is visible from the first days.

  • Diamond Extreme Eye

Decongestant, moisturizing and firming eye contour that fights wrinkles and expression lines. It is quickly absorbed and thanks to its silky texture, it provides a pleasant sensation in the eye area.

  • Diamond Drops

Protective shield with a light texture that protects the skin from environmental aggressions. It is a skin mesh that achieves intense hydration with a lifting effect.

  • Diamond Mist

Energizing mist that protects, illuminates and moisturizes the skin.

  • Diamond Ice Lift

Mask with lifting effect with visible results in 20 minutes. Redefines and smoothes the facial oval while unifying the surface of the skin and blurring wrinkles.

  • Diamond Extreme Night Dual Treatment

Innovation from the Natura Bissé house to combat skin aging. It is a dual night treatment that combines Diamond Extreme Oil and Diamond Extreme Mask. Both cosmetics work throughout the night to firm and regenerate the skin from within. In the morning, the skin wakes up nourished, revitalized and luminous.

  • Diamond Instant Glow

Imagine if in just 10 minutes you achieve a lifting effect on your face, is it possible? Now, thanks to the 3 Instant Glow ampoules, you will be able to exfoliate, illuminate and smooth your skin perfectly, eliminating signs of fatigue and fine lines.

  • Diamond Lip Booster

Lip serum that powerfully moisturizes and deeply nourishes. It also minimizes wrinkles and skin dryness while providing elasticity and volume.

  • Diamond Glyco Extreme Peel

Non-aggressive and highly effective exfoliating treatment based on the triple enzymatic exfoliation system that renews and rejuvenates the skin, achieving renewed skin immediately.

Diamond Body Care

Line that covers imperfections at the body level.

  • Diamond Body Cream

Firming body cream that combats skin aging by restoring hydration, elasticity and luminosity. It is also an effective anti-stretch mark treatment.

  • Diamond Extreme Hand Cream

Nourishing and regenerating treatment for the hands with three actions: anti-aging, depigmenting and long-lasting moisturizing. In addition, it is perfect for beautifying nails and cuticles.

  • Diamond White Collection

Line that acts globally to combat the signs of aging in a preventative and restorative way while acting against stains.

  • Diamond White Serum

Whitening serum that acts from the most superficial layer of the skin where the stain is visible, to the interior of the melanocyte. Its formula acts by renewing, illuminating and depigmenting the skin while regulating melanin production, visibly lightening dark spots and evening out the tone.

  • Diamond White Oil Free Brilliant Sun Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 50 PA+++

Natura Bissé's CC cream favors the unification of a skin tone while protecting it from UVA/UVB rays and giving it a subtle touch of color that adapts to the tone of your skin. Thanks to this, it gives it great luminosity and provides a nice velvety finish.

  • Diamond White Matte Finish Sun Protection SPF 50 PA+++

Very light, high-protection depigmenting fluid for skin that wants matte, oil-free and colored finishes.

  • Diamond White Glowing Mask

The Glowing Mask illuminates, brightens, comforts, refreshes, moisturizes, evens the tone and rejuvenates the skin. It is a complete mask with a creamy texture with refreshing and relaxing properties that hydrate intensely and in just 15 minutes.

Youth Res Biomarking

Natura Bissé has developed a new science in which it treats facial rejuvenation from another perspective.

  • Diamond Life Infusion

The other jewel in the crown is Life Infusion, the treatment for skin rejuvenation through the regulation of the 4 key Biomarkers of skin age to prevent lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness or premature skin aging. It is proven that thanks to its formula the lifting effect is achieved by blurring wrinkles, unifying and illuminating your skin. It is proven that it manages to rejuvenate the skin 3.9 years in just 7 days.

  • Diamond Life Infusion Retinol Eye Serum

Specific lifting for the eye contour that minimizes the signs of aging as well as expression lines, wrinkles, sagging, bags and dark circles while increasing the firmness of the area and minimizing puffiness.


Rejuvenate your face, neck, chest and hands with an impressive lifting effect. Find the results you were looking for at the hands of Natura Bissé. In this line, the laboratory offers us a new vision of the treatment of expression lines, introducing the bio-technological molecule in its cosmetics: Octamioxyl. This relaxes facial contractions, ending all the problems that this entails.

What are Natura Bissé Inhibit products used for?

All skin types can benefit from it. Expression lines and signs of aging will no longer be a concern for you. Microinjections will no longer be a question. It will keep the results after these. In addition, this line is a completely effective and painless alternative. Blurs expression lines at a stroke.


The Natura Bissé Beauty Cure: The Cure Collection . Enjoy a line prepared exclusively to give you the best results with maximum resistance to skin stress. This works the repair and prevents the damage caused by the day-to-day lifestyle.

Application of The Cure Collection products by Natura Bissé

It is prepared for all skin types, fighting against the premature aging of our skin, repairing it and providing all the hydration we need for 24 hours. It takes maximum care of our epidermis and lengthens its life, while restoring aged skin and delaying its oxidation. In the same way, it removes all impurities from the skin, filling our skin and eliminating expression lines. Enjoy luminous and radiant skin with this Natura Bissé line.

Buy Natura Bissé The Cure

This line should be purchased to recover or "rescue" the natural beauty of the skin. It is an intense beauty cure, designed for women of all ages from the age of 30, who suffer from intoxicated skin. This Natura Bissé line is interesting to buy if you want to reverse the signs of aging and recover the natural beauty of your skin. Since its composition based on Hydra-Flow and Detox Diet Complex, will provide you with an intense cleaning and as a result you will have a more rejuvenated skin.

The line is made up of 7 products, but we recommend you consult our beautician at 966200728, so that she can advise you which products are the best to start with. Maybe you should buy just one, and take advantage of other products you have at home that can replace others in the line for a while.

Prices and offers of Natura Bissé The Cure.

The prices are high but they should not scare you, because their effectiveness is spectacular. Especially if you know how to apply them. They range from €49 for The cure hydro Gel Toner, which is the brand's access tonic lotion with the most affordable price , going through €156 for The cure Cream , up to €228.50 for The cure PureSerum . An incredibly concentrated serum with great rejuvenating power.

Opinions of clients of The cure.

The opinions of these products perfectly reflect what they offer and what the customer thinks about the line and about the Natura Bisse brand. You can consult them within each product, but to show you just one example, we leave you one that seems to be the generalized opinion.

This was said by a client about the Sheer Crem SPF20 cream.

Nuria – “Perfect, it gives a special skin tone, I love it!!”

You can say higher, but not clearer.

Line NB-CEUTICAL by Natura Bissé

The perfect beauty solution to be able to provide solutions to the demanding demands of very delicate skin and dermis. No more resigning yourself to chronic micro-inflammation, sensitivity or the appearance of signs of aging. Natura Bissé works so that this does not happen.

How to use the NBCeutical line from Natura Bisse?

If you have sensitive skin, exposed to medical-aesthetic programs, have had a surgical intervention, or your skin is uncomfortable due to oncological treatments. If you suffer from chronic micro-inflammation and skin aging, if your skin is extremely dry, dull, dull, the solution is this Naturá Bissé line, prepared exclusively for it.

These cosmetics are created based on hypoallergenic formulas, without alcohol and parabens, which cause our body's natural mechanisms to create self-defense to strengthen our skin. With this line you can accelerate the process of skin recovery and regeneration, preventing aging and working to give an anti-wrinkle and anti-gravity effect.


Restore your skin in a multi-level dimension through intensive anti-aging shock treatment, with the new line of Natura Bissé cosmetics. Fight against aging with three basic points to regenerate your skin.

How to use the Natura Bissé Essential Shock Line

This line of cosmetics works with all types of mature skin, whether normal, mixed, dry or very dry. With it, we provide a redensifying and firming effect, working with a lifting effect.

Active ingredients of the Essential Shock line.

Proteoglycan-Derma Complex, which works on the regeneration of the dermis.

Aminoessence Cocktail, a mixture of amino acids that make up an attack to provide firmness and redensification.

We will be able to nourish our skin, revitalize it, and achieve maximum elasticity. If we want to redefine our facial oval, it is perfect. Mature skin has a great competitor with Essential Shock Intense, since it combats the hormonal deficiencies of mature skin, in addition to recovering skin from pregnancies, diets, dysfunctions, diseases...

In addition to the high concentrations of collagen and elastin, the line includes: supplements for the skin that are essential for it, and Isoflavones, which are an ideal treatment for hormonal changes that end up influencing the state of your skin. A spectacular line from the great cosmetic firm Natura Bissé.

Prices and promotions Natura Bissé Essential Shock

The line is made up of 10 products that range from a price of €34 for the Essential Sock intense Hand Cream l , to the famous 75ml natura bisse essential shock intense cream , and up to €144 for the Essential Shock Serum. Intense Complex.

The promotions of the Essential Shock line are mainly focused on Christmas. Where natura bisse launches the Intense cream + Eye & Lip Christmas packs,  which has a value of €139 and is priced at only €106.44. If you take advantage of these natura bisse promotions, you can save up to 30% on the purchase of Essential Shock products

Natura bisse for oily skin between 35 and 45 years old,

Natura bisse only has one product for these skins that need maximum care. It is the retinol fluid from essentia shock . This product is specifically designed for this type of skin. It has an incredible silky effect and is for daily use.

Natura Bisse for oily skin over 50 to 60 years old or premenopausal.

This product would be specifically the Essential Shock Gel Cream. It could also be used by slightly younger skin if they have combination skin.

It is a powerful anti-wrinkle cream with a firming effect for oily and mature skin that provides firming and deeply nourishes. It also contains isofalvones to alleviate the symptoms of hormonal changes in the skin.

Opinions Natura Bisse Essential Shock.

The opinions that our clients have of the Essential Shock products are found within each one of them. You will be able to see from opinions based on the smell to the opinions of different applications that the users of the firm have given. As an example we can see:

  • Product review intense retinol:

Blanca – I love it, it's very good.

  • Product Review Essential Shock Intense Cream Eye & Lip.

Rebeca - .. the best eye cream I've tried and there have been many... I'll buy again on this website.

Mayte - Very good quality/price. This brand never disappoints.

The opinion of this client about the intense Derma Repair product is impressive:

Veronica - Great, I used it in my first pregnancy and I didn't have a single stretch mark.


A line prepared to self-protect our skin, and provide it with resources, in order to restore the processes caused over time, giving us reserves for it, and fighting against aging. For this, Vitamin C. In this way we can naturally repair and prevent, and with natural means, the signs of the passage of time on our skin.

Application of the Natura Bissé Vitamin C Line

This Natura Bissé line helps us to reaffirm our skin first, which may have been punished by the sun, pollution, dehydrated skin, attacked by the effect of smoke. With it, we neutralize free radicals, stimulate collagen production, reduce flaccidity and help us hydrate and supply it with the vitamins it needs, in addition to protecting us from the effects of the sun.

Natura Bissé Vitamin C Line has different combinations but in high concentrations that manage to come together achieving maximum effectiveness in their formulas. Thanks to this, the skin will be able to look beautiful, reaffirmed and hydrated. Ascorbic acid, which for its use must be preserved in an encapsulation to preserve its stability, potentiates the topical effects between 20 and 40 times more than when it is ingested orally. Thanks to this, the skin is exquisite, with a lot of luminosity and protected by the sun's rays. Natura Bissé has hit the nail on the head with this professional line.

Products from the C+C Vitamin line by Natura Bissé

The line consists of 11 products designed to protect the skin using vitamin C as the main active ingredient. These are the products:

  • C+C Vitamin Complex

Revitalizing anti-aging vitamin serum that, thanks to its active ingredients, restores luminosity, firmness and elasticity to the skin. The high concentration of Vitamin C repairs, protects, firms and moisturizes the skin, prolonging its smoothness and youth.

  • C+C Vitamin Eye

Cocktail of energizing ingredients that eliminate the tiredness of your eyes. It combats bags, dark circles and other signs of fatigue or stress and prevents and delays the appearance of skin aging. Its properties confer hydration to the skin while it decongests it and is an antioxidant.

  • C+C Vitamin Body Cream

The vitamin contribution that hydrates your skin. With a creamy texture, this body emulsion firms the skin, repairing it and protecting it from any aggression.

  • C+C Vitamin Souffle Mask

Mask with a soufflé texture composed of a vitamin cocktail that in just 15 minutes will restore all the hydration, elasticity and firmness to your skin.

  • C+C Vitamin Cream

Cream with a rich texture and a citrus aroma that protects and improves the skin's natural defense against free radicals. At the same time, it also helps fight blemishes and stimulates collagen synthesis. The consequence is that your skin will look more alive, firm, elastic and hydrated.

  • C+C Vitamin Fluid

Revitalizing antioxidant fluid that firms, hydrates and repairs skin damaged by solar radiation and environmental pollution, while gently lightening the skin and protecting it against free radicals.

  • C+C Vitamin Splash

Revitalizing body mist that refreshes, hydrates and repairs the body while providing immediate relaxation and well-being.

  • C+C Vitamin Scrub

Revitalizes the skin of the face and body in a ritual of purity and renewal. Its microgranulated texture renews the surface of the skin, illuminating it immediately.

  • C+C Oil Free Macro Antioxidant Sun Protection SPF 30

It is the only cosmetic in the world with Macro-Antioxidants®, powerful natural macromolecules that offer unprecedented protection against solar radiation and free radicals that cause ageing.

  • C+C Dry Oil Antioxidant Sun Protection SPF 30

Dry oil that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays providing antioxidants and hydration to the skin.

  • C+C Vitamin Summer Lotion

Refreshing and revitalizing lotion ideal for use in outdoor activities. This vitamin cocktail with aloe vera intensely moisturizes while soothing and repairing the skin of the face and body, in addition, it also prolongs the tan.

Ingredients and assets of Natura Bisse C+C Vitamin

In addition to the fantastic Vitamin C, which restores the natural state of your skin, and reduces the signs of aging, this line also includes:

MacroAntioxidants®: Discovery patented in Spain by the CSIC, they inject more than 50% of the antioxidant capacity of the fruit into your skin.

Vitamins F, E and D: They are the unique mix of vitamins for your skin.

Prices and offers of the Natura Bisse Vitamin C Line.

This line is very affordable for the effects it produces. Their prices range from the €33.95 offer for Splash C+C Vitamin, to €84.40 for the 75ml natura bisse c+c vitamin cream offer, and €112.39 for the Vitamin Body Cream, which is a good price, considering the 500ml of this high-capacity jar and magnificent benefits for your skin, and reaching €125.68, which is the price of the Serum C+C Vitamin Complex Un 30ml serum that will surprise you with its visible benefits.

Reviews of Vitamin C from Natura Bissé.

The opinions of this line are reflected in each of its products. You can enter and see what other users have said about them and you can also give your opinion.

  • REVIEWS OF C+C Vitamin Macroantioxidant Sun Protection from NATURA BISSE:


The entire c+c range is very good (both sun protection and moisturizer) and has a very pleasant citrus scent.

  • OPINIONS natura bisse c+c vitamin cream 75ml: Naroe.

Naroe - I find it a very moisturizing and pleasant cream. It does not cause acne, which is important to me because many of the moisturizers I have used have caused acne. I am very happy with this cream. In addition, a small amount is enough and it lasts a long time.

Neechan - mmmmm, it smells super good, I love it, what I like least is the price, but that's how natura bisse products are.

GLYCOLINE from Natura Bissé

Natura Bissé surprises us with a line based on the exfoliating properties of Glycolic Acid and other Alpha-hydroxy acids, which are unique and exclusive products that they have developed. The Catalan laboratory formulates these, in order to carry out a constant, uniform and non-aggressive exfoliation of the outermost and most damaged layers of the skin.

Apply Glycoline from Natura Bissé on the face.

All skin types fall within the limits of this line of cosmetics. Through this, we can stimulate the renewal of skin tissue, in addition to smoothing expression lines, removing dead cells and impurities from our skin, facilitating and improving the penetration of cosmetics, which we apply after this treatment.

OXYGEN LINE by Natura Bissé

If we want to continue having the skin with all its splendor, vitality, dynamism and youth, the Oxygen Line of Natura Bissé cosmetics revitalizes, purifies and decongests it, giving it everything we need at all times.

When to use the Natura Bissé Oxygen line

This line is dedicated to all skin types that are dehydrated, dull and exposed to environmental pollution. With it, we will receive a perfect treatment for stressed skin, providing that luminosity that it lacks, decongesting and purifying it. In the same way, it can lighten dark spots and provides that extra oxygen, which makes our skin very, very healthy.

Composition and assets of the Oxygen line.

It is made up of a selection of active ingredients that will help your skin to heal. They moisturize, purify and illuminate. The main ingredient is Living Water that provides minerals in all the layers of your skin. It also contains Spirulina Algae that is very rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. All this helps to remove impurities from your skin, reduce blemishes and moisturize deeply.

Oxygen line packs.

Several times a year, Natura Bisse brings out packs of this famous line. It has a box format, to give away or a toiletry bag format to give yourself as a gift (beach toiletry bags, travel bags, toiletry bags, etc). They are kits with very important discounts.

Price of Oxygen Line products.

This line is made up of 6 products that range from €37.5 for the Finishing mask, through the famous Oxygen Cream that costs €62.5, up to a maximum of €91.5 for the Oxygen Complex Serum. They are products whose price is justified because, in addition to their effectiveness, their sizes and duration make them very profitable.

Reviews of the Oxygen Line.

We can find opinions of all Oxygen products within each article.

Opinions range from:

Oxygen cream reviews: Humberto

I have been using it for years and so far it is the cream that works best for me for acne and comedones. It's a bit tricky to use in the summer months because it doesn't absorb as easily, but it's definitely a great product.

Oxygen serum review: Celia

This serum is one of the best I have tried. I had miliums and my skin was suffocated. After two weeks, applying the serum in the morning and at night, I already notice the difference. Is incredible!

Opinion of the Oxygen Cleaning Mouse: Cristina:

Cleanses the skin in depth with a very pleasant scent.


If your skin is dry, it cannot generate the water and liquids it needs on its own, it is rough, anti-elastic and very tight, Natura Bissé has the perfect treatment. Natural amino acids from collagen and elastin in their free form, along with FHN natural moisturizers, hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C+E, soy proteins, and skin nourishers make this line a must-have. in your treatments.

Application and use of the Natura Bissé Hydro Nutritive line

If you want to combat dry and dehydrated skin, restore your skin, provide the softness you are looking for, in addition to that dynamic and healthy appearance. Regenerate, give it enough nutrients and leave your skin like new.

BALANCING LINE by Natura Bis I know

If you want your skin not to produce oil, you want to eliminate impurities, but without ceasing to provide that hydration that your oily or acne-prone skin needs, you have the Natura Bissé balancing line of cosmetics. A mixture of keratin amino acids, plus salicylic acid, vitamins and botanical extracts, allow us to control the sebaceous glands, which are the ones that generate excess oil in our skin, at the same time that we control the levels of hydration and nutrition of the skin.

What can we use this Natura Bissé Balancing line for?

These cosmetics are applied to both combination and oily skin or skin with a tendency to excessive sebaceous production. With them, we can regulate and control excess oil in the skin, in addition to preventing it from dehydrating, providing a deep cleaning, preventing the hated blackheads and carrying out an exfoliating action, avoiding the clogging of the pores.

DIAMOND COCOON - Products from the prestigious line

If we are sure of one thing, it is that the prestigious professional cosmetic firm Natura Bissé has lines that are cared for to the fullest. In this case, we find the Diamond Cocoon products that we can buy at Cosméticos24h. Take advantage and enjoy the products that work our skin in an exquisite way: cocoon ultra, cocoon skin, cocoon hydrating...

Natura Bisse for the eye and lip contour

We can soften and provide all the elasticity that we want to our eye contour, thanks to this Natura Bissé line.

Why use Natura Bissé eye and lip products?

We will moisturize our skin, while protecting it, while avoiding dryness in the eyelids. One of the objectives of this line is to nourish and blur the small wrinkles that we may have around the eyes. It is made up of natural elastin-free amino acids, together with avocado oil and wheat germ, which contains vitamins A + D + E. The benefits of hydration, softness and firmness will be provided by the soy proteins.

Diamond Cocoon Sheer

If you are looking to buy the Diamante line from Natura Bissé, here at Cosméticos24h, you will be able to acquire the new products of the firm. Work your skin, protect it, and give it what it is asking for with some first-class products. However, in our online store, you can find discounts, promotions, and exclusive offers that you can take advantage of. Discover the wonderful line of Natura Bissé.

Diamond Cocoon Sheer reviews

As in all our lines, we recommend you enter the various products that this one has, to see within its product sheets, all the opinions of clients who have already tried and used these treatments. Find out first hand. Within each one of them, you will be able to see all the opinions of diamond cocoon sheer.

SPA LINE by Natura Bissé.

If we want to work on the firmness and elasticity of our skin, what better than eliminating all stretch marks and cellulite symptoms from our body. For this, the Spa line of Natura Bissé cosmetics works to combat these aspects.

Advantages of the Natura Bissé SPA Line

Thanks to the corrective, reducing, anti-cellulite and firming ingredients, we can work on that aspect, to recover all our elasticity and firmness from it. From the first application we will be able to see all the results of this beneficial line of Natura Bissé cosmetics.

Already in 1980 Natura Bissé conquered the skin of Spanish women and today, more than 38 years later, we continue to discover and surprise ourselves with the most avant-garde and groundbreaking products of the firm. We hope that you have enjoyed this incredible selection of star products from Natura Bissé and that you will soon be able to take advantage of them.

And if you still have any questions, we will be happy to help you, free of charge and without obligation, from Tu Esteticista en Casa. You can enjoy the best advice and personalized attention from your beautician. Discover the beauty routine and the products that best suit your skin. From the comfort of your home and in just one call.

Natura Bissé Creams

Creams with substances containing water and assets. Natura Bissé has made creams its art. It has adapted them to today's women and has given them all the prestige that can be given to a cream. Now when you buy a Natura Bissé cream you are buying a part of all that glamor and a very large part of health and comfort.

Buy a Natura Bissé Serum

This type of texture is the best for making the active ingredients penetrate and have their effect in the most effective way. The serum-like textures are very light and almost instantly absorbed by the skin. The active ingredients are suspended in a special compound that maintains them with maximum efficiency for a long time. Waiting to be applied to the skin.

What is the difference between creams and serums?

The main difference between these two products is their texture and their active ingredients.

But make no mistake, there is no one better than another. They are two complementary complementary products. You can't live without the other.

The serums carry all the power of the active ingredients accompanied by a powerful penetration into the tissues. Creams act as guardians of our skin. In addition to the specific assets for specific problems, include active ingredients in the creams that protect your skin from the outside. Active ingredients to prevent dehydration, sun protection, etc.

Creams and serums must coexist together as they complement their effects and improve the final result.

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