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Gandiva. Natural cosmetics and vegetable cosmetics.

Discover Gandiva and its vegetable cosmetics , its vegetable oils , its natural cosmetics , and its formulations with essential oils . Delve into the world of cosmetics based on natural and vegetable active ingredients, the brand's flagship. At Cosméticos24h, you will be able to see their catalog and buy everything you need from this plant-based cosmetics brand online.

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Gandiva is inextricably associated with one word: natural. Its cosmetics is the essence of the soul of plants and trees since it is their active ingredients that we find in their products through aromatherapy and phytotherapy. This house of high cosmetics is committed to offering the well-being of cosmetics through a natural space for prevention, care and beautification of the skin through another way, the natural one.

For this reason, they have decided to develop their products using products that come directly from nature without chemical interventions, that is, only through vegetable cosmetics. Because the skin is natural, and it is cared for naturally.

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These are the lines on which Gandiva sits:

Gandiva face cream

Gandiva has developed five creams that cover any need, from the 24-hour balancing cream, to the day cream, the specific nourishing cream, the anti-wrinkle cream and the cream for oily skin.

  • Nourishing facial cream: this cream for daily use and day and night application is ideal for restoring the even tone of the skin. It also leaves the face more luminous and elastic. Ideal for the driest and most mature skin. In its composition we can find: shea butter, wheat germ oil, avocado oil, vitamin E and rosewood essential oil, all these active ingredients provide a great supply of vitamins and minerals to the skin.
  • Solution cream: this cream is perfect for preventing and combating wrinkles. Its continued use offers a better appearance of the face: healthier and more toned. It also helps reduce the effects of aging, such as expression lines. Contains shea butter, essential oils of rosewood, frankincense and sandalwood. Night use is recommended.
  • Intensity facial cream: this facial cosmetic for night use has a firming action. Helps combat and reduce sagging of the face and firms the skin. Contains shea butter, essential oils of rosemary, frankincense and sandalwood.
  • Day face cream: This face cream is for daily use. Contains Shea butter, chamomile, lotus and neroly essential oils that give it a great moisturizing action. This cosmetic is very nourishing and helps restore elasticity and radiance to the face.

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Gel Gandiva

Intimate hygiene, nourishing baths and sensitive skin have their needs covered with its three specific gels.

  • Rosa Mosqueta and Calendula Gel: this 500 ml gel is ideal for the most sensitive skin and suitable for babies. Its aroma is delicate and leaves a very pleasant sensation on the skin. It does not contain parabens and is perfect for the whole family as it can be applied to the skin of adults and children.
  • Avocado and Jasmine Gel: another of the gels in this line that does not contain parabens either. It contains avocado, one of the most nutritious oils, and jasmine, which gives it a very pleasant aroma. It is an ideal body cosmetic to use daily.
  • Intimate Hygiene Gel: this gel is specific for the intimate area of the body. It has a great dermoprotective action that keeps the intimate area protected, thanks to lactic acid. It also contains antifungal oils such as tea tree.
  • Musk Gel: in this case, this Gandiva gel contains musk, an aphrodisiac that leaves a pleasant sensation of well-being and an exquisite aroma.

Gandiva oil

The Gandiva oil line is made up of 18 units that develop their benefits in many areas. For example, we can find circulatory oil, the specific one for athletes, painkillers, regenerators and many more.

Gandiva Pure Rosehip Oil

A single pure oil that improves the appearance of undernourished, aged and/or damaged skin.

Gandiva Essential Oil

Essential oils are substances that are found in different plant tissues and that contain the specific properties of the plant from which they are obtained. Gandiva has developed more than 30 essential oils that cover practically all needs. Check out: Bergamot, Tea Tree, Calendula, Cinnamon, Cedar, Cypress, Citronella, Coconut, Juniper, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lemon, Lotus, Mandarin, Marjoram, Peppermint, Myrrh, Musk, Neroly, Niauli, Patchouli, Pine, Grapefruit, Gallic Rose, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Ylang Ylang.

Gandiva Hydrotonics

Hydrotonics are the waters obtained after the distillation or hydrosolubilization of plants that can be used alone or in plasters. Provides all plant nutrients to the skin and in treatments

Orange blossom

Hydrotonic orange blossom regenerating vitalizing sedative use on clean skin until completely absorbed before the cream.


Calendula hydrotonic sensitive skin soothing decongestant for babies use on clean skin until completely absorbed


Cypress hydrotonic for delicate and irritating skin with a tendency to couperose, use on clean skin


Juniper hydrotonic combination skin anti-inflammatory antiseptic post-waxing decongestant use on clean skin until completely absorbed

witch hazel

Hydrotonic witch hazel microcirculation tired legs use on clean skin until completely absorbed before the cream


Fennel hydrotonic is a skin purifier, especially in cellulite treatments. purifying draining Lavender

Lavender hydrotonic is a generic for all facial and body treatments. regenerative sedative


Chamomile hydrotonic moisturizing dry skin decongestant soothing use on clean skin until completely absorbed


Cold thermal mint hydrotonic to be used on the body and affected area. Use on clean skin until completely absorbed.


Rosemary hydrotonic excellent general tonic for joint pain firms tissues use with clean skin.

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Exquisite aroma rose hydrotonic. reaffirms decongests use on clean skin until completely absorbed before the cream.


Sage hydrotonic excellent for. impurities, acne, hormonal, feminizes, brightens the skin use on clean skin


Thyme hydrotonic excellent for acne impurities use with clean skin until completely absorbed before the cream


Violet Hydrotonic is a refreshing astringent and has an exquisite smell. use on clean skin until completely absorbed...

Gandiva shampoo

Created for perfect hair hygiene, providing the necessary components for it.

250 ml format.

normal hair shampoo

Shampoo for normal hair. This formula has been created to favor the maintenance and frequent hygiene of the hair.

hair strengthening lotion

This lotion strengthens the hair helping to prevent hair loss and breakage. Daily use.

Dry Hair Shampoo

Shampoo for dry hair. This formula has been created to reduce the dryness of the hair, regulating it with frequent use.

Oily Hair Shampoo

Shampoo for oily hair. This formula contains suitable ingredients to facilitate better regulation and management of sebum. Daily use.

Hair Strengthener

Hair strengthening lotion. Helping to avoid its fall and breakage. Daily use

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Natural beauty. Why use Gandiva?

There are many reasons to decide to buy and use Gandiva cosmetics. On the one hand, they are a sensitive brand with the consumer, that is, they care about the needs of the consumer. In addition, its cosmetics fully respect the environment and nature, avoiding generating a negative influence on nature. Its formulas and cosmetics are not tested or tested on animals, and also do not contain ingredients that are of animal origin or origin. Nor do they include in their formulation liquid paraffin, carcomer, chemical sunscreens, mineral oils, dyes, or ingredients that are aggressive to the skin.

Gandiva cosmetics are of natural origin and provide healthy and cared for skin, with a great feeling of well-being. For more than 20 years these products have been formulated based on aromatherapy and phytotherapy, to achieve a beauty philosophy based on nature.

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