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Hypertonic blisters of the trace elements present in the skin. Preserves the balance of minerals, promoting healthy skin.

The product belongs to the brand: Phytobase

In addition, this product can be found in the following categories: Facial Cosmetics | phytobase | face serum | moisturizing serum | facial blisters | | face dehydration.

Product characteristics

Marca Phytobase
Type of Product Serum / Concentrates
Treatment Moisturizing
Body zone Face
Format Blister
SIZE 12, 24 You

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Phytobase Trace Element Ampoules

Phytobase trace elements come in 3 different concentrations:

  • Hypertonic: HIDRA blisters. With a higher concentration of minerals and trace elements present in the skin. Energetically classified as YAN.
  • Hypotonic: MINER ampoules. With lower concentration of minerals and trace elements present in the skin. Energetically classified as YIN.
  • Isotonic: NUTRIV ampoules. With the same concentration of minerals and trace elements present in the skin. Energetically classified as TAO (Balance).

This variety is focused according to different skin needs.

Benefits of Phytobase MINER Trace Element ampoules

Trace elements and minerals essential for healthy skin are normally present in skin tissues. These compounds are responsible for cells being properly hydrated, as well as the intercellular space. The salts are also necessary for the production of energy in the regeneration of the skin and cellular nutrition for optimal health.

The skin represents a semi-permeable barrier, which, when applying the trace element ampoules, favors the flow of water or minerals through the barrier depending on the needs of the skin.

HIDRA ampoules have a higher concentration of minerals than the skin. Therefore, its application is focused on moisturizing the surface of the skin. Producing a movement of the flow of water from the deepest layers to the surface and an opposite effect of the minerals, moving from the surface to the interior.

At the facial and body level, the results are a more detoxified and decongested skin. Works redness, couperosis, drains and eliminates toxins. Favoring the elimination of callulites.

At the level of the scalp, it deflates the tissue, improves drainage and promotes the growth of the scalp.

Active principles

Trace elements and minerals derived from plant extracts such as:

  • Cypress (Cupressus sempervivens)
  • Juniper (Juniperus communis)
  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
  • Lemon tree (Citrus limonum)

skin type and age

For all healthy skin lacking a small contribution of vitality.

way of use

It can be applied every day before your usual cream.


Apply a small amount after daily hygiene, massaging the area until completely absorbed. Then apply the usual cream.


Apply after washing and with slightly dry hair, massaging the scalp with the fingertips until half an ampoule is absorbed in each application. It does not grease or dirty the hair, the base is watery and the appropriate regenerator can be applied immediately to the minerals.

Format and Size

10ml vials.

Available 2 formats; 12 vials and 24 vials.

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