Artdeco Magnetic Makeup Cases

Artdeco Magnetic Cases

Artdeco's magnetic makeup cases are ideal products for keeping your eyeshadows, blushes, and camouflages fully organized. His system is simple, practical, useful and portable. Customize your beauty box to be perfect anytime, anywhere!

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Twenties. Eye Designer Refill - ARTDECO
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Twenties. Eye Designer Refill - ARTDECO

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Why buy a magnetic makeup case?

The first reason why you should buy an Artdeco brand magnetic makeup case is convenience. These cases will allow you to keep your shadows, blushes and camouflages always with you, anytime, anywhere. Another reason to purchase this product is to be able to customize your Beauty Box including the products that interest you the most, making your case completely unique and yours. It is also available in different sizes that allow you to combine twelve, six, four, three or two eye shadows. For its part, the blushes and camouflages have the approximate size of three eye shadows together. Another reason why you should buy a magnetic makeup case is that due to its high quality and its format, you can replenish and replace the products whenever you want or when they have been used up. Retouch yourself at any time and place, whether you are away from home, traveling or at work, thanks to this Artdeco product you can always be neat and perfect.

Benefits of Artdeco Magnetic Makeup Cases

  • Convenience: You can take it wherever you want. You will always have it at your disposal to retouch yourself at any time and place.
  • Exclusivity: your case will be unique and yours because you can include the makeup you want to your liking.
  • Practical and useful: it is a very useful makeup accessory. Thanks to its different sizes you can take it wherever you want.
  • Different sizes: Artdeco cases come in different sizes so you can choose the one that best suits you.
  • Different designs: another advantage of magnetic makeup cases is that you can choose the motif and design that you like the most: floral, graffiti or modern art. Of course, those that present these cool designs are limited edition, so you can not stay without yours.
  • As they are high quality products and thanks to their format you can replace the products when they are worn out.