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Biomimetic Dermcosmetics is a Spanish company based in the Valencian Community. It is a company, led by the Valencian pharmacist María Palop Boix, which has revolutionized the cosmetics industry. Its research and development has allowed a real innovation in dermocosmetics . Biomimetic Cosmetics is committed to cosmetics for skin with complicated and difficult to solve problems. Finding home treatments with active ingredients that penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin is complicated. That is why María Palop decided to focus on these needs. Biomimetic Cosmetics has some very important protocols for its products. With you can benefit from free advice. You can find in us that open book to understand their products and multiply the results.

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Biomimetic Dermocosmetics: A treatment for every skin need

The Biomimetic Dermocosmetics philosophy focuses on simple dermocosmetics, but with incredible results. It has a short range of products, but with very specific needs for each skin. This allows your treatments to be really powerful and with visible results.

If this cosmetic firm is characterized by something, it is the Treatment Pre-bases , a line of serums specially formulated to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin. A new concept of dermocosmetic treatment that nourishes, hydrates and regenerates skin cells from the inside to the outside. The Pre Base Treatments are formulated starting from a patented crosspolymer which is the base ingredient of all Biomimetic® treatments.

They prepare and repair the skin to make it much more receptive to the treatments that are applied later and, therefore, increase and enhance their effectiveness . Its high penetration of active ingredients into deeper layers of the skin and its excellent biocompatibility with human tissues allows it to nourish cells from the inside.

Crosspolymer: An innovative formulation

Innovation and avant-garde in facial cosmetics made in Spain, we must value that this firm has been developed in the laboratories of the Spanish territory. The dermocosmetics brand is Valencian and works together with the professionals of the Príncipe Felipe Research Institute of Valencia specialized in asset delivery and liberalization systems. His continued work and studies allowed him to formulate the Crosspolymer Yalic complex, a world patent that transports the active ingredients, is biocompatible and biodegradable.

The crosspolymer is a compound of active ingredients ( Hyaluronic Acid, Polyglutamic Acid and Lysine ) designed by the brand among its R+D+I laboratories that allows the skin to recover its hydration levels, restoring its elasticity and smoothing its surface. Redensifies, tones and firms, blurring wrinkles. In addition, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen I in the dermis and increases the proliferation of fibroblasts, allowing the dermal matrix to regenerate and combating wrinkles, sagging and sagging skin.

The Pre Bases of Biomimetic

The Telva Beauty Awards 2022 have awarded the award for the Most Innovative Product to Biomimetic Pre Bases. It is a treatment that is responsible for adjusting to the needs of each skin type. The Pre Bases are formulated to act by permeating the deep layer of the epidermis and the basal layer, this helps to penetrate its own active ingredients and regenerate the cells so that they are more dynamic and receptive. In this way, the maximum benefit is obtained from the cosmetic active ingredients of the treatments, something that has not existed until now. They are biodegradable and biocompatible treatments, which allow perfect tolerance even for sensitive or reactive skin.

Despite the fact that each of the Pre Bases treats the needs of the skins in a different way, all of them have Crosspolymer Yalic, Biomimetic's exclusive patent, among their active ingredients, which allows the skin to be prepared and enhances the effectiveness of the products. that are used later. They all absorb quickly without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin. They are serums suitable for all skin types, also for sensitive and reactive skin, and even for those suffering from dermatitis, rosacea, atopy, acne or oncological skin. It is enough to apply four or five drops in the morning and at night to notice its effectiveness.

Personalized treatments for all skin types

There are five Pre Base Treatments: Moisturizing, Antioxidant, Depigmenting, Firming, Anti-aging and two solutions for the eye contour area: Revitalizing and Global.

1. Pre-base Moisturizing Treatment

Indicated for dehydration and for all skin types, even the most sensitive and reactive.

2. Pre-base Treatment Antioxidant

Indicated to prevent and repair photoaging and oxidative stress.

3. Anti-Aging Primer

Global anti-aging treatment: Prevention, regeneration and luminosity.

4. Firming Pre-Base

Treatment indicated for flaccidity and lack of elasticity.

5. Pre-base Depigmenting Treatment

Indicated to prevent and treat hyperpigmentation.

6. Pre-base treatment Global eye contour

Global treatment of the eye contour.