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Casmara Antioxidant

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Take advantage of the collection of creams, serums, and other professional products from the Casmara firm, giving your skin the antioxidant effect that this line gives you. Quality, care, exclusivity, with special treatments from a top quality brand. Enjoy all its benefits, with special offers and unique discounts to buy Casmara online at Cosméticos24h

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Antioxidant. Balancing Serum - CASMARA

Antioxidant. Balancing Serum - CASMARA

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Antioxidant Casmara

Line created around Goji berry extract, an incomparable antioxidant that helps prevent expression wrinkles and the first signs of aging. Put a stop to it with the 5 products in the range: sensitive skin cleanser, balancing cleanser, balancing serum, balancing moisturizing cream and balancing nourishing cream . Casmara Antioxidant is a line that includes products such as Balancing Serum, a concentrate for all skin types, Oil Free and that helps prevent wrinkles, expression lines and premature skin aging. Casmara Balancing Serum includes active ingredients such as Goji Berry Extract, with a high antioxidant power, which protects the skin and has great antioxidant power, Betaine from Beetroot, which keeps the skin hydrated, and Honey, a complex of amino acids, proteins and vitamins. to keep the dermis nourished and calm.