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Casmara Hydra Lifting

Hydra Lifting Collection | Casmara Line - Buy it at Cosméticos24

Discover all the benefits that the Casmara hydra Lifting line can bring to your skin. A lifting treatment that hydrates your skin to the maximum, providing all the positive aspects of care from a top-of-the-line professional cosmetic brand. Enjoy top-quality lifting treatments by taking advantage of exclusive offers, discounts and promos to buy Casmara at Cosméticos24h

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Casmara Hydra Lifting

A complete line that combines the latest technological advances together with the most suitable marine active ingredients in order to firm the skin. All products are free of parabens and silicones and are made up of Firming Fresh Serum 24H, Firming Fresh Serum 24H, Firming Moisturizing Cream and Firming Nourishing Cream . Firming Fresh Serum is a great product from the Hydra Lifting line. This serum is perfect for mature skin that needs to be reaffirmed, its texture is light and it helps retain 97% more water than hyaluronic acid. The action of its active ingredients helps to recover the volume lost by the skin, it also reverses cellular aging and activates 14 genes responsible for skin firmness.