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Take advantage of products such as professional creams and concentrates for your skin from the Casmara Lightening line. It provides that shine that darker skin needs so much, in addition to enriching it, thanks to the nutrients in this line. Take advantage and enjoy all its discounts, promotions, and promotional offers with Cosméticos24h so you can buy Casmara

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Lightening Collection. Tone-Up Cream - CASMARA

Lightening Collection. Tone-Up Cream - CASMARA

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Lightening Collection. Clarifying Concentrated Serum - CASMARA
Lightening Collection. Clarifying Antiaging Cream SPF50 - CASMARA


The Casmara whitening line contains the largest number of illuminating active ingredients in the world and with which it is possible to lighten, illuminate and unify the skin tone. Balance your skin tone with Brightening Mosituzigin Serum, Repair Cream SPF50 and Clarifying Concentrated Serum.