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Casmara Masks

Casmara Masks

Casmara masks are a unique solution to very specific problems. The application of these masks means that you can solve the problem quickly and also at a very good price. The masks have powerful active concentrations, which instantly and visibly solve imperfections. On our website you can find all the masks of this great brand at the best price on the Internet. You also save by buying promotional packs with incredible discounts and offers.

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Algae Peel-Off Mask

An incredible concentrate of natural vitamins and minerals are the basis of the Casmara line of masks. The application of these masks is almost an epidermal injection of vitamins , trace elements and essential minerals, which your skin needs to be radiant and to be able to restore the balance that has been lost over the years.

Casmara Peel Off Masks

Without a doubt, the pride and success of the Valencian brand that are prepared at the moment and do not need water. With an occlusive function, it makes the treatment penetrate deeper. You have 18 “Casmara Masks” masks to choose from, an authentic catalog that covers all kinds of needs

Indications of Casmara masks.

These masks are designed for all skin types . Especially mature skin that has the most unbalanced mineral balance. Very necessary if what you are looking for is luminosity and a very fast recharge of vitamins. In addition, it can be used by men and women whenever they need a revitalizing and firming action, very fast.