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Enjoy the Puryfing Collection line from the professional firm Casmara. Serum, masks, and more products that will help purify and oxygenate your skin, giving it the best care and the best nutrients. Do not miss the opportunity to cleanse your skin and give it what it needs. Take advantage of special offers, promotions and discounts so you can buy Casmara online, at Cosméticos24h

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Oxigenating Mask - CASMARA

Oxigenating Mask - CASMARA

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Casmara Purifying

All the oxygen your skin needs to shine and give it life. In various formats, but always with the most appropriate and pure formulas. One of the most outstanding cosmetics within Casmara's Purifying line is the Dermopurifying Oily Skin Cleanser , an ideal cleansing gel for oily, combination and shiny skin. This product has a corrective action of excess fat and contains dermopurifying properties. Among the active ingredients of the Dermopurifying Oily Skin Cleanser we can find Lipacide C8G that tries to prevent the proliferation of bacteria when there is an accumulation of sebum, Portulaca Extract that keeps the skin uniform and Salicylic Acid that prevents the formation of blackheads.