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Illuminating facial creams are responsible for returning to our face the light that is lost over the years. In addition, they are also suitable creams for when we have not had a good night, we are tired and our face feels dull. The illuminating cream will help us look radiant and luminous and achieve the desired effect. Enter our online store and get the best price on illuminating creams.

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illuminating cream The best thing is that the illuminating face cream that we choose adapts to our skin type. Whether dry, sensitive, oily, combination or normal, it is advisable that we choose the product that meets the needs of our skin.

Some of the ingredients that should be in the composition of the illuminating cream that we opt for should be vitamin C and antioxidants . Vitamin C is very illuminating and also helps alleviate the damage caused by pollution and sunlight. In addition to this, the presence of antioxidants such as coenzyme Q10 and vitamin A is also positive.

In addition to the use of the illuminating facial cream that will give us that dose of freshness that we are looking for, it is important to clean the face with the appropriate gel. Maintaining a cleaning routine will be beneficial to recover the luminosity of the face.

Keys to illuminate the face

    • Exfoliate once a week . It is very important to carry out a deep cleaning that helps to drag the dirt from the face and renew the cells. The type of exfoliant chosen will depend on your skin type, but even so, the use of those that are very aggressive is not recommended because they can cause irritation on the face.

    • Illuminating serum to achieve natural light . If in our daily facial routine we include a serum that, in addition to containing the action that we want, be it anti-aging or moisturizing, among others, is illuminating, we will achieve that when applying the daily facial cream our face looks much more illuminated.

    • Clean morning and night. Keeping the skin clean at the beginning and end of the day will allow the regeneration of cells and give the face a much more hydrated and luminous appearance.

    • face mask Using this product twice a week can be crucial in restoring light to the skin. In addition to exfoliating, applying certain specific masks will help restore freshness to your skin.

    • Take care of the contour of your eyes . This area is the most sensitive and where the signs of aging are most visible. If we take care of it, we can achieve a younger appearance.

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The skin is an active and changing organ, as well as the largest in our body. The blood provides nutrients to the skin and also oxygen, which is crucial to prevent skin aging. The gasoline of the cells , what makes them work is oxygen, that is why it is important to have oxygenated creams that help in the process of skin regeneration, through which we obtain new cells. Buy online the best oxygenating facial creams.

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One of the reasons skin loses oxygen is age. As time passes, oxygen levels drop. This is the one in charge of providing energy to the cells so that they regenerate and renew the skin. Therefore, if the oxygen level decreases, the rate at which the cells work will also decrease and skin aging will be favored.

It is true that the passing of the years is one of those responsible for the lack of oxygen. But not the only one, nor the main one. External factors are considered the most important. These include pollution, stress, tobacco and environmental contamination.

Using facial creams with oxygen will be positive for the skin because it will give it energy and help in regeneration. If you want to buy the best oxygen facial cream online, you will find it on our website.

Buy the best oxygenating cream Why use oxygenated creams?

The use of oxygenated creams for the face can be very advantageous for the skin. They are effective products, since they provide energy to the cells, to improve regeneration and renewal.

With the application of these products we will help our skin to breathe and purify itself , because when there is a lack of oxygen, the face becomes dull, lacks light, fatigued and possibly older.

Acquiring a facial cream with oxygen will help us recover vitality and tone in the skin, in addition to looking younger and fresher.

It is important that in addition to the use of these products that will benefit our dermis, we follow other recommendations. On the one hand, it is crucial to maintain a balanced and varied diet that provides our body with the necessary vitamins, proteins and minerals. If our body is cared for on the inside, it will show on the outside. On the other hand, water consumption is essential, maintaining good hydration will make our skin look brighter and younger. Another piece of advice that we must follow is to quit smoking because toxins do not allow oxygen to penetrate our cells and therefore premature aging is favored.

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How to oxygenate the skin?

The first thing we must do to oxygenate the skin externally is to clean. You have to loosen the dirt trapped in the pores so that oxygen can penetrate. To carry out a deep cleaning, the use of steam is recommended, which helps to expand and extract the dirt easily. When we have already opened the pores, it is advisable to perform an exfoliation to clean in depth and improve the penetration of the oxygenated cream.

After the exfoliation we can apply the serum, which acts on much deeper layers of the skin and also improves the action of the cream. The last step would be the application of our oxygen cream.