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The use of peeling masks or exfoliating masks is very important in our daily facial cleansing routine. In some cases, depending on the type of skin, we will need a more constant or more punctual use, but it should never be abandoned because it will help us eliminate dead cells and renew them, giving our skin a more hydrated and luminous appearance. Buy a peeling mask in our online store and get a perfect complexion.

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Spiruline Boost. Masque Pro Peeling Éclat - Thalgo

Spiruline Boost. Masque Pro Peeling Éclat - Thalgo

€47.50 Price
Refine Cellular. Enzyme Peeling Balm - Doctor Babor
  • Reduced price

Refine Cellular. Enzyme Peeling Balm - Doctor Babor

€43.20 Regular price €48.00 Price
Mascarilla AHA - LA MER
La Mer

Mascarilla AHA - LA MER

€32.90 Price
Premier. Peeling iluminador - KEENWELL

Premier. Peeling iluminador - KEENWELL

€25.60 Price
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Expert Lab. Glycocure Máscara Exfoliante Renovación Intensa - Germaine de Capuccini
Germaine de Capuccini

Expert Lab. Glycocure Máscara Exfoliante Renovación Intensa -...

€32.80 Price
Réponse Éclat. Glow Peel-Off - Matis

Réponse Éclat. Glow Peel-Off - Matis

€49.00 Price
BeautyTime. Gel Limpiador Exfoliante Albaricoque - IROHA NATURE

Peeling mask:

peel off mask Our skin gets dirty, it is in constant contact with the pollution in the air, it gets oily, it gets sunburned and it dries out from the cold. With so many changes it is necessary that we take care of our face daily in the proper way. For this, one of the most important things is to know what a peeling, a mask and an exfoliant are. In our online store you will find peelings, masks and scrubs at the best price.

    • A peeling translates into an exfoliation of the face, it is about renewing the layers of the skin, through the use of chemical substances, in order to achieve younger, hydrated and radiant-looking skin. In addition, peelings can help us eliminate certain imperfections such as acne, spots caused by acne, wrinkles and blemishes.

    • A mask is about offering more hydration to the face. There are different types of masks for different skin types. For example, one of the objectives in mixed or oily skin is the elimination of excess sebum, in this case a mask could be the solution. On the other hand, dry skin is the one that needs deeper hydration and certain types of facial masks can provide it.

  • An exfoliant is a product focused on cleaning the skin to remove dead cells and blackheads. The skins that most appreciate the almost daily use of exfoliants are mixed or oily because it will be beneficial to prevent the appearance of blemishes or acne. In the case of dry skin, the use of exfoliants will make moisturizing products penetrate more easily and fulfill their function better, although their use is limited to once a week. One thing that should be noted about exfoliants is that after removing it, we need to apply a facial toner to our skin to close the pores again.

Choose your peeling mask well:

To choose well what type of mask we need and how often to apply it, we must first know what type of skin we have. Exfoliating facial masks will help us eliminate excess fat and thoroughly cleanse the face, but it is important to know the type of skin we have in order to choose the most suitable mask. Buy the best peeling mask

    • Dry : this is the tightest type of skin, with a tendency to itch and become irritated. Its appearance is usually rough, without hydration. That is why for this type of skin what is recommended are exfoliating masks but with a moisturizing effect.

    • Combination or oily : this type of skin is characterized by dilated poles, an opaque and oily appearance and quite a bit of shine. All this has its origin mainly in excess sebum that can lead to the appearance of blackheads, pimples or other imperfections. The skin is considered to be mixed instead of oily when imperfections or excess sebum can be located in the T zone: forehead, nose and chin. For this type of skin, the use of exfoliating facial masks is crucial because it is necessary to clean them and remove dead cells. If this is your case and you do not want to spend money every two times three, you can combine the purchase of masks with homemade exfoliating facial masks that, although they will not have the same results, will also be useful for your skin.

    • Acneic : acneic skin is usually a type of oily skin but with a tendency to the appearance of pimples. In this case, exfoliation is also very important to eliminate dead cells and allow cell regeneration. The most recommended exfoliating masks for acne are those that, in addition to the exfoliating function, fulfill the moisturizing function.

      • Sensitive : it is the type of skin that is most affected by external factors such as stress, sun rays or heating, among other things. They are usually the skins that redden easily, with a tight appearance and a tendency to itch. The most advisable thing is to use exfoliating masks less frequently and less aggressively because what it is about is offering relief and a calming effect.

    • With spots : skin with spots needs exfoliating masks that are not very aggressive and that take care of the face.

If you have already decided, go to our online store and choose your peeling mask. You have doubts? Call and our experts will be able to advise you on the best product you can buy and always at the best price online.