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A serum that depigments is a serum that makes you happy. It removes uncomfortable blemishes from your face and also makes it easy and fast, as serums work. Normally the assets that achieve these feats are vitamins, kojic acid, arbutin, etc. These act at all stages of stain formation, inhibiting and slowing them down. On this page we have a selection of these anti-blemish serums that will change your face and make you look as beautiful every day as before. Buy your depigmenting serum online . Get the best anti-blemish serum at the most affordable price .

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Depigmenting and anti-blemish facial serums

Serums with a depigmentation effect serve to reduce freckles. You control melasma and make it less visible, they also make lentigines due to age and those due to the sun disappear dramatically and control chloasma, greatly reducing it.

This type of serum, in addition to fighting specific spots, also manages to lighten the skin several shades, if applied regularly to the entire skin, achieving brighter and rejuvenated facial skin.

Active ingredients of anti-blemish serums.

Mainly these serums are made up of active ingredients that have been shown to stop the pigmenting activity of cells:

  • Nonapeptide-1: This active paralyzes the formation of tyrosinase.
  • Diacetyl Boldine: Causes tyrosinase to stay in its inactive form, so it doesn't produce tyrosine.
  • Sucrose laurate and pea extract: It prevents melanosomes from reaching maturity.
  • α-Arbutin: Inhibits tyrosinase very potently.
  • Delayed-release vitamin C: This vitamin whitens the complexion and also has an anti-aging effect.
  • Niacinamide: With this active, melanosomes never become melanocytes, and therefore do not settle in the epidermis and pigment it.

The best facial depigmenting and anti-blemish serums.

Now you will be wondering which are the best serums to remove some spots that you have on your face or lighten the skin. We are going to present them to you so that you can choose the best among the best:

Depigmenting Serum with sun protection.


This serum for spots is the best of the best. Very powerful with all the active ingredients on the market that are known to depigment and also has a fantastic sunscreen that will ensure that the skin is not left unprotected and spots will never appear again.

The most expensive depigmenting serum in the world.


This serum besides being the best, is the most expensive. Few women can afford to reduce their skin tones for €236 for 3 months. and then more! It is a triple action serum that acts on all layers and regulates the production of melanin.

Lightening serum that gives uniformity.


In addition to lightening the skin, selvert's serum is intended to unify skin tone, lightening darker areas and regulating melanin in lighter areas.

Serum to erase stains.


If you want to make the spots on your skin disappear. This is the serum you need.

It is applied at night on the specific stain and in 8 - 10 weeks the stain will already have depigmented.

Buy depigmenting serums online.

It is important that when you decide to remove your spots, you choose to buy a quality depigmenting agent that acts at all levels of the skin. When acquiring it, you should check if you want to lighten your skin or simply act on a very specific stain, so as not to spend money on products that will not be the most suitable for you.

Also, before you buy, you have to look at the prices of the serums and the active ingredients they carry, so that they cannot cause an adverse reaction.

By purchasing these products you are buying very advanced and very powerful products. So much so that some depigmentants can cause reactions, so you should ask us before spending the money. In our online store you will find the best anti-blemish serums for your skin at the best price . Choose yours from our wide range, don't wait any longer and buy your serum.

Packs and offers of anti-blemish serums at the best price.

Many times you can find a depigmenting serum accompanied by anti-blemish creams or ampoules. These kits are sometimes called chests and sometimes toilet bags or packs. This is sometimes inside a very nice toiletry bag that can serve as a gift, to travel and carry in your suitcase or to have your depigmenting pack always ready on your dressing table.

Other times these savings packs go inside chests, very nice with a spectacular presence, hard covers and even the most exclusive ones are like jewelery boxes. There are authentic beauties and the best of all is that since there are several anti-spot products in the same pack, you will save money. reaching promotions of 50% on some occasions, such as Black Friday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or the famous Christmas or Autumn chests. If you are looking for the best cosmetics at the best price , do not hesitate, go to our website and save money by buying in our online store.