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Covermark Colorceuticals

Colorceuticals is a Covermark color and treatment line that perfectly adapts to the needs of each person and each skin. This range features active ingredients with a smoothing, soothing or depigmenting action . These cosmetics have a hypoallergenic formula and are waterproof finish.

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Covermark Colorceuticals Products

Some of the products that can be found within the Covermark Colorceuticals range are:

  • Colorceuticals Botuline Compact Powder: This compact powder makeup is ideal for concealing skin wrinkles.
  • Colorceuticals Botuline Make Up: fluid texture makeup that offers long-lasting coverage and helps to cover skin wrinkles.
  • Colorceuticals Botuline Concealer Plus: This is a liquid concealer for dark circles that perfectly covers and helps treat wrinkles around the eye area.
  • Colorceuticals Eliminate Make Up: makeup in fluid texture, waterproof, long lasting and specific to treat redness, couperose and dark circles. This same cosmetic can be found in a version with high sun protection SPF50+ to protect the skin.
  • Colorceuticals Eliminate Compact Powder: compact powder to cover and neutralize skin imperfections.