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Synergyage Germaine de Capuccini

Synergyage line by Germaine de Capuccini

Germaine de Capuccini's anti-aging line is a cosmeceutical line of very active cosmetics. It acts on the tissues in an intense and profound way, resembling a drug. It is an urban line, with 50+ sun protection included and that mainly renews and exfoliates thickened skin. Despite being very powerful, they are safe and effective formulations, with a very high concentration and that treat the skin as a medical or pharmaceutical line would.

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Buy Synergyage from Germaine.

Buy online this highly concentrated line of Germaine de Capuccini . You will take home a very advanced line, almost like the one you would find in a medical clinic, or aesthetic doctor. At the same time, you will be buying online safely with a guarantee on all products.

Synergyage packs and offers

Germaine de Capuccini regularly releases toiletry bags and kits with gift products from the Synergyage line. This means that you can buy this line of high efficiency and concentration at a much cheaper price than usual. Normally with the packs, together with a Synergyage product they give you another of equal or lesser value, so the discounts in this line can reach 50% if you take advantage of the promotional pack launches.