Anti-Lice Isdin

Anti-Lice Isdin

Isdin 's Anti- Lice line is a set of products focused on eliminating lice from the scalp once and for all. To know if a child or an adult has lice, one of the most common and identifying signs is an insistent and constant scratching of the head. Isdin 's Anti- Lice products will be very useful for both children and adults to completely eliminate lice and nits, leaving a protected and clean scalp.

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Antipiojos. Gel Pediculicida - ISDIN

Antipiojos. Gel Pediculicida - ISDIN

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Isdin Anti-Lice Products

The life cycle of head lice is approximately 28 days. During that time they go through three distinct phases. They start as an egg or nit and hatch for six to nine days. They are usually very close to the scalp because they need it to survive, for this reason they are the easiest to remove with a nit comb or nit comb. Then the nymphs appear that are smaller than the adult lice but will turn into them in just seven days, it is best to finish them off before they turn into adult lice. The latter is the most difficult group to eradicate because they multiply very quickly, laying up to 10 eggs a day.

Why use Isdin Anti-Lice?

Lice represent the second problem after the common cold . It is a threat that usually affects between 10% - 20% of the school-age population . Worldwide, the problem of lice has increased as they have become more resistant to traditional insecticides.

Isdin 's Anti- Lice products are very effective, as well as very easy to apply . They have been clinically tested under in-use conditions. Its way of acting is based on covering, immobilizing and suffocating the lice, causing their death by suffocation and dehydration. In the same way it penetrates the spiracles destroying the nits.

ISDIN Anti-Lice represents an ideal product for children, but also for adults. Its formulation is based on a natural ingredient: the seed extract of the Neem tree. Its gel-shampoo texture allows the hair to remain in perfect condition after treatment, so that the use of any additional shampoo is not necessary.

Prevent the appearance of lice

To prevent lice , one of the most important things is to carry out active and constant surveillance of the little ones' heads. In fact, when learning of an outbreak at school or summer school, for example, the child's hair should be thoroughly checked using a nit comb if possible.