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When it comes to treating the skin, the Isdin brand is a benchmark. This brand makes specific products available to customers for the different needs that each skin may have. In the case of lipsticks , Isdin does not fall short and offers a wide range to protect, care for, nourish and repair.

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Isdin lip products

Isdin is a brand that offers different products depending on the needs that each skin may have, trying to focus the treatments as much as possible in order to achieve the best results. Among the products of this brand, you can distinguish those for facial, body, sun, hair or pediatric care , among many others. In the same way, these products treat different problems that the dermis may have, such as seborrheic, atopic skin, dermatitis, acne, anti-aging treatments and a long etcetera. Without a doubt, Isdin is a suitable brand to satisfy many of the needs and requirements that the leather may present. Of course, to properly choose which products we should buy, it is an essential condition to know what our dermis is like, what needs it has and how we can cover them. This way we can choose to buy the most suitable and beneficial product for us.

Lip photoprotectors

In the case of lipsticks, the products offered by Isdin aim to protect, care for, nourish and repair the area. On the one hand we can find those photoprotective lipsticks of different factors and with different objectives. There are lipsticks with higher protection focused on more extreme conditions of heat, cold or wind and external factors. There are also other exclusive ones focused on more sensitive skin that has more specific needs. Of course, all Isdin lip photoprotectors have the mission of keeping the lips protected from ultraviolet rays, avoiding dryness and providing extra nutrition and hydration .

lip repairers

In addition to photoprotectors , Isdin presents a series of repairing lipsticks . These can be found in different formats so that you can choose the one that is most comfortable and useful for you. Isdin's lip repairers are focused on alleviating the damage caused in that area of the face, calming irritation and dryness .

Most of them contain hyaluronic acid to enhance the effects. They are also extremely moisturizing and nourishing, ending with the dryness of the area. They can be used to combat and relieve irritation and see results from the first application.

Undoubtedly one of the best things about Isdin lipsticks is their practical format. It can be carried and applied anywhere, greatly facilitating its use.

Tips to take care of lips

Our lips must be protected both from the cold, from the sun and from the wind. These external factors will do your lip health a disservice. What are the keys to protect our lips?

  • Drink plenty of water . Following the habit of drinking at least two liters of water a day will help reduce dryness and chapping of the lips.
  • Not bite. Most of the time we do it without thinking but it is very important that we avoid biting them because we will form cracks and irritate them even more.
  • Make use of a lip balm to prevent the lips from the cold and dryness of winter and a lip sunscreen to combat ultraviolet rays.
  • Exfoliating is also key. Like the rest of our face, the lips also accumulate dead cells that must be removed. After the exfoliation it will be very important to moisturize them properly.