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If what you are looking for is to stop hair loss, encourage its growth and maintain strong and healthy hair, the Lambdapil hair loss line is the best choice. Thanks to its formulation, it helps to stop and combat alopecia. The efficacy of the line is demonstrated by clinical evidence from the laboratories themselves. This range of products from Isdin laboratories presents different products to care for and treat hair. Among them you can find the Isdin Anti-Hair Loss capsules that strengthen the hair and encourage its growth from within and the Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo that involves daily hair care.

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Lambdapil. Anticaída Cápsulas - ISDIN

Lambdapil. Anticaída Cápsulas - ISDIN

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Lambdapil hair loss

Hair loss is usually one of the biggest concerns among the population, both male and female. Hair loss can have different causes , for example poor diet and lack of hydration can be one of them, but also times of stress or hormonal changes, the latter in the case of women during periods of pregnancy or menopause . Many of the situations in our daily lives can take their toll on hair, although hair loss also responds to genetic factors that are very difficult to avoid, but can be treated with the right products. For this reason Isdin has created its Lambdapil line.

It is approximately estimated that we have more than 120 thousand hairs on our heads, of which 85% are in the growth phase, known as anagen, while 15% have stopped growing, the catagen phase , or are falling out, the telogen phase . . It is considered that between 50 and 100 hairs are lost each day and are replaced.

Lambdapil Products

Among the products in the line you can find Lamdapil Shampoo, a specialized anti-loss treatment. Daily use of this lotion helps reduce hair loss while promoting hair growth. Thanks to its combination of active ingredients , excessive hair loss is reduced, the hair follicle is stimulated to promote hair growth and the secretion of the sebaceous glands is normalized while the hair is nourished and strengthened . Among its components you can find Serenoa Repens, an ingredient that helps prevent hair follicle regression and helps reduce sebum secretion, and the Trichogen multi-active complex that helps activate the root and make your hair stronger.

Lambdapil shampoo presents clinical evidence, maximum cleaning and minimal fall. Thanks to the daily use of this hair cosmetic, hair without greasy residue is achieved, with greater volume and strength. In addition, stronger and denser hair is promoted, while improving the keratin fiber. The results show hair that is 70% stronger, 93% less oily and 90% of users prefer it.

Lambdapil Shampoo contains a conditioning agent that allows daily use as it will keep the hair cared for. And it is recommended for both men and women. The product must be applied correctly to ensure proper use and effectiveness. To do this, apply it to damp hair and gently massage it until enough foam is formed. Afterwards, the product should be rinsed with plenty of water so as not to leave any residue.

Lambdapil anti hair loss capsules

Lambdapil Anti-Hair Loss capsules is a product that helps you achieve stronger and healthier hair after three months. It is a supplement that promotes proper nutrition for the hair, while helping to prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth. In the same way these capsules stimulate the hair follicle and normalize the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

It is recommended to take two Lambdapil Anti-Hair Loss capsules at breakfast for a minimum of three months. They are made up of various ingredients that help maintain healthy and strong hair while preventing hair loss and stimulating growth. Among its components you can find:

  • Serenoa repens – This ingredient helps prevent hair follicle regression and helps reduce sebaceous gland secretion.
  • Zinc: this component helps to have a normal synthesis of proteins such as keratin, which are essential for hair growth. It also helps maintain a good condition of the hair and protects the cells against the release of free radicals.
  • Taurine, biotin, silicon, L-cystine, vitamin B3, B5 and B6: these are the ingredients that help regulate hormonal activity and maintain normal hair.

If you want to achieve strong and healthy hair, in addition to preventing hair loss and strengthening its growth, this product from Isdin's Lambdapil line may be the best solution. Thanks to its ingredients and formulation, it will help you care for and strengthen your hair from within. Lambdapil Anti-loss capsules is synonymous with less hair loss, more growth, more resistance and more volume. If these are your goals, don't hesitate to buy Isdin's anti-hair loss capsules.

The efficacy of Lambdapil Anti-Hair Loss capsules is proven and endorsed by Isdin laboratories. In the self-assessment of the subjects, 67% noted less hair loss, 62% said they noticed faster hair growth , 69% said their hair felt more resistant and 64% said they had more volume.

How to avoid hair loss?

Preventing hair loss is a goal for many people. In general, the well-known hair cycles are usually the same for all types of hair, but it is true that they can be modified by external factors. These factors can promote further hair loss. An example of this would be poor nutrition , times of stress and, in the case of women, the hormonal changes that can occur during pregnancy or menopause. It is important to note that there is no specific and unique form of prevention or solution for all people, since each hair is different and has its own characteristics. But it is true that, in addition to knowing our hair, we must take care of it. Some of the habits that we can incorporate into our daily lives to prevent or avoid hair loss are:

  • Maintain proper hair hygiene . For this, it is advisable to use quality shampoos that are suitable for our type of hair and scalp. When washing hair, it should be done gently.
  • It is not recommended to untangle the hair when it is wet , that is, when getting out of the shower because it becomes much weaker and we will encourage a greater fall. It is convenient to do it dry, before entering the shower.
  • And speaking of humidity, it is advisable to carry out a correct post-wash routine . When drying the hair with a towel, it is convenient to do it gently and delicately, pressing and squeezing the hair but without rubbing. In addition to combing it is better to use a wide tooth comb to treat the hair when it is damp or wet.
  • Stop rubbing your scalp so hard. Contrary to what is thought, doing so will not achieve greater cleaning. The most correct thing is to distribute the shampoo gently and using the palms of the hands to rub for three or four minutes. After these the tips should be massaged.
  • Whenever possible, it is recommended that the water temperature be low, since if it is hot there is a greater chance of weakening the hair.
  • Among the products that we buy for hair treatment, it is recommended to use those that are strengthening.
  • Be careful with the dyes, the dryer and the iron. Both chemical products and excessive heat can weaken the hair , thus favoring further hair loss.
  • On the other hand, nutrition and hydration are very important. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet will promote better hair health, as well as drinking enough water.