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Being a mother or father is an adventure. Isdin wants to help and accompany her. That is why it has created its line of products to keep babies' skin completely cared for and protected. The Nutraisdin range includes creams, lotions, gels and even perfumes with the perfect formulation to care for and protect the sensitive skin of children.

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Nutraisdin. Cold & Wind Bálsamo facial - ISDIN

Nutraisdin. Cold & Wind Bálsamo facial - ISDIN

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Nutraisdin. First teeth Gel gingival - ISDIN

Nutraisdin. First teeth Gel gingival - ISDIN

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Nutraisdin. Perioral Reparador - ISDIN

Nutraisdin. Perioral Reparador - ISDIN

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Nutraisdin for baby skin

The skin of newborns and babies is thinner, more fragile and more permeable than that of older people. This means that it is a much more sensitive dermis and prone to infections and irritations. In the same way, it is more unprotected against dryness, lack of hydration and irritating environmental factors. For this reason, Isdin laboratories have launched a line of products specialized in the skin of the little ones , the Nutraisdin line will provide well-being for the baby's skin and peace of mind for parents.

What benefits does Nutraisdin have for the baby's skin?

  • One of the main advantages of the Nutraisdin product line for baby skin care is that all its products contain provitamin B5, that is, dexpanthenol, which helps protect, soften and prevent dehydration of the dermis.
  • Another advantage of this range is that it offers a large number of products, both for facial and body care, as well as for the shower, etc.
  • Undoubtedly, these are products that are completely specialized in granting the greatest protection to the baby's skin, presenting an excellent quality to treat the most delicate dermis.

Nutrisdin for perfume

Nutraisdin Baby Mist is a dermopediatric cologne that does not contain alcohol and is used to perfume, moisturize and protect the baby's skin. This cologne is suitable for atopic skin and can be used on babies from zero months. Thanks to its formulation, it hydrates and cares for the skin, leaving it scented and protected. Contains Aloe Vera and Provitamin B5 to provide maximum care for delicate baby skin.

Nutrisdin for daily body care

Within the daily care of the baby's skin, Nutraisdin's Body & Bath products are framed.

  • Nutraisdin Body is a very soft lotion that deeply moisturizes the most delicate skin. It is important to treat the loss of water from the baby's skin and thanks to this body cosmetic you will be able to maintain adequate levels of hydration after bathing, as well as keep the skin protected from irritation. This lotion has an ultra- light texture and is quickly absorbed , so you can dress him immediately.
  • Nutraisdin Bath is the ideal bath gel to care for baby's skin. Provides the softest hygiene for the dermis and hair of the little ones. It contains a formulation with extremely mild ingredients that will ensure proper hygiene but will also soften and protect the skin.

Nutraisdin for the care of the ass

For the correct care of the baby's bottom, Nutraisdin has a wide range of products. It is common for the little ones to have dermatitis in the diaper area. This part of the skin is very vulnerable and sensitive and it is normal to cause irritations and even infections due to occlusion and friction.

  • Nutraisdin Nappy: This is a protective cream . Helps prevent irritation and soreness by providing daily protection of the diaper area. Contains zinc acid that isolates the skin from irritating agents and keeps it protected. And borage oil that provides deep and intense hydration.
  • Nutraisdin ZN40: is an effective restorative ointment from the first use. It is a water paste that presents a total protection shield for the baby's bottom. Its formula is unique and triple action : on the one hand it isolates the diaper area creating an insurmountable barrier, on the other hand it provides deep hydration and is also resistant to urine. Contains shea butter and zinc oxide that will maintain complete hydration, preventing redness, irritation and other discomfort.
  • Nutraisdin AF Repairing Ointment: This repairing lotion helps soothe irritation and itching in the diaper area in just seven days.

Other Nutraisdin products

Nutraisdin also has products to treat baby's first teeth. Within this line you can find Nutraisdin First Teeth & Perioral that will care for and protect the gums from tooth eruption. Other products that the Nutraisdin line has are those to provide complete care and daily protection of the baby's face. These facial creams are moisturizing, protect against the sun and other external aggressions.

Tips to take care of baby's skin

During the first years, babies' skin needs special care. Compared to that of an adult, the dermis of a baby is 60% thinner , has an almost neutral pH , less hair, a weaker union between its layers, it is very easy to lose heat and water and a lower capacity for protection. Some of the advice and recommendations to take care of the baby's skin are:

  • Maintain proper hydration. For this it will be necessary to apply creams or lotions daily, if possible after bathing. It is very important to keep in mind that they are specific products and specifically designed to treat such sensitive skin. It is recommended that Dexpanthenol be among the components of these products because it will provide protection, softness and help prevent dehydration.
  • The skin must always be clean. It is advisable to bathe the baby every day because, in addition to maintaining proper hygiene, it will help him relax and sleep better. As in the case of creams and lotions, it is recommended that bath gels contain Dexpanthenol to provide greater protection and softness.
  • Appropriate photoprotectors should be used. In children under two years of age, direct or prolonged exposure to the sun is not recommended. In addition to using a specific photoprotective product for babies, it is also advisable to use suitable clothing that protects the skin, hats and umbrellas.