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Atopic dermatitis is very common in the population and affects the development of people's lives. It can affect sleep, alter family dynamics, and even cause anxiety . That is why Isdin laboratories have decided to create the Nutratopic line that will help relieve symptoms, treat and combat atopic dermatitis.

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Nutratopic. Rx Coadyuvante dermatológico en crema Piel atópica - ISDIN
Nutratopic. Pro-AMP Crema facial Piel atópica - ISDIN
Nutratopic. Pro-AMP Loción emoliente Piel atópica - ISDIN

Isdin atopic skin

The Nutraisdin line from Isdin laboratories contains specific and very beneficial products for the treatment of atopic dermatitis. This inflammatory skin disease is characterized by causing redness and dryness in the skin, which in turn causes itching scratching. According to the data collected by Isdin , atopic dermatitis prevails in 5% of the world population and in 20% of school-age children .

Nutratopic products from Isdin

  • Body care: among the daily body care products for atopic skin are the emollient body lotion and the emollient bath gel. Both cosmetics provide complete hygiene, as well as daily protection for this type of skin. In atopic dermatitis , hygiene and hydration are very important. With these products emolliency will be provided, itching will be relieved and bacterial adhesion will be avoided.
  • Emollient cream for specific areas: this cream is for use in specific areas injured by atypical skin, such as the folds, the flexural areas of the arms and legs, the torso or the neck. This product provides active protection of the skin defense system.
  • Facial: this cream is protective and for use on the face. The skin of the face is more exposed and is much more fragile, thanks to the use of this cosmetic the innate immune system will be strengthened and the skin will remain completely protected against external aggressions.
  • Rx: This product is a dermatological adjuvant cream that should be applied to injured areas of atopic skin.

Benefits of using Isdin Nutratopic

  • Does not contain perfumes or dyes that can irritate the skin.
  • It presents a wide range of products to achieve complete protection of atopic skin .
  • Contains Pro-AMP action that strengthens the skin's immune defense system. The entire range incorporates an exclusive combination of ingredients that improve the signs associated with atopic dermatitis.

Tips for atopic skin

  • Some of the main recommendations for people with atopic dermatitis are:
  • The bath is very necessary but there is a possibility that it dries the skin . For this reason, specific products for atopic skin should be used. It should also last a short time, the water should be around 30º-35º to avoid dryness and rubbing the skin is also not recommended.
  • Drying should not increase skin irritation, so it is important to dry gently, with a cotton towel and without rubbing.
  • The Hydration is crucial for skin suffering from atopic dermatitis. It is essential to reduce the number of outbreaks.
  • As for clothing , it is also advisable to avoid synthetic fibers and opt for cotton or linen garments, as well as washing with a mild detergent and avoiding fabric softeners.