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If what you want are perfect nails, Isdin puts the Si-Nails line at your fingertips. Get stronger and healthier nails in just two weeks.

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Si-Nails. Fortalecedor de Uñas - ISDIN

Si-Nails. Fortalecedor de Uñas - ISDIN

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What is Isdin Si-Nails?

Si-Nails by Isdin is a nail strengthening product, specially developed to protect and improve the appearance of soles and cuticles. In addition, this cosmetic favors and promotes growth while increasing resistance and helping to prevent breakage. On the other hand, it helps to restructure the nail, favoring remineralization and restructuring thanks to the increase in silicon and keratin. In addition, Si-Nails is very easy to apply and leaves an invisible, natural-looking finish.

Benefits of Si-Nails

Isdin's Si-Nails line presents a nail strengthening product that contains an effective combination of active ingredients:

  • Keratin: contains ingredients that help increase the concentration of keratin so that nails are stronger and more resistant.
  • Hydration: the presence of hyaluronic acid offers deep hydration, increasing flexibility and reducing the possibility of breakage, to show off natural and healthy nails.
  • Silicon: it also provides exogenous silicon , a very important element to ensure that the nails grow in an adequate state and without imperfections.
  • Protection: This strengthener creates a protective film that keeps nails healthy and protected.

In addition, it is an extremely easy product to apply, thanks to its portable format it can always be carried with you and used anytime, anywhere. It is necessary to make only one pulse of product per nail on clean and dry nails. Results are visible in just two weeks.

Tips for perfect nails

Nails are primarily made up of keratin, a sulfur-rich fibrous protein also present in skin and hair.

  • Eat well to get healthy nails: eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential to show off perfect nails. The type of food you eat will reflect on the health of your nails. It is important to take products rich in good fats such as salmon, olive oil or avocado, among others.
  • Do not go over humidity. Washing your hands is a good habit, but doing it too many times can dry out your nails.
  • Deep hydration: another tip to keep in mind so that your nails are perfect is to maintain proper hydration in both nails and cuticles. It can be done with a specific oil.
  • Massage the cuticles and nails: performing these gentle massages using circular movements will promote healthy and strong growth.
  • Make use of quality enamels: it is important to know that if we are going to paint our nails regularly, it will be necessary to opt for suitable and quality enamels.