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If you are looking for total care for your face and skin, the Ureadin line from Isdin laboratories is the solution. Ureadin and hydration go hand in hand. They are cosmetics focused on all skin types and provide intense hydration. The skin is more relieved and protected thanks to the wide range of products in this Isdin line.

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Ureadin. Deo Roll-On 24h - ISDIN

Ureadin. Deo Roll-On 24h - ISDIN

€7.65 Price
Ureadin. Crema de Manos Protectora - ISDIN

Ureadin. Crema de Manos Protectora - ISDIN

€5.70 Price
Ureadin. Crema de Manos - ISDIN

Ureadin. Crema de Manos - ISDIN

€12.95 Price

Why use Ureadin from Isdin?

Isdin 's Ureadin products present the necessary hydration for each skin . Depending on the type of dermis you have and the needs of it, Ureadin will have one product or another to offer you.

Ureadin hygiene and body hydration

The skin is constantly exposed to external factors that can alter and affect natural processes, such as environmental conditions or some associated with day-to-day habits such as sleeping little, smoking, going to the pool, etc. The skin can be left unbalanced and dull, as well as with a deep feeling of tightness. If we want to have healthy and smooth skin, it is essential to keep it hydrated. The body cosmetic products of the Ureadin line are perfectly adapted to the needs of each skin.

  • Lotion 10: intensely moisturizing body cream for the driest skin . If you want to have soft and smooth skin throughout the day, Lotion 10 is the best option. Contains 10% Urea ISDIN that will provide complete and deep hydration to the skin. It also contains a rich texture but is easily absorbed.
  • Hydrolotion: This body cream is aimed at normal skin. Get complete and lasting hydration but with immediate absorption. If you are one of those people who is always in a hurry and needs to get dressed right after applying the cream, this product is for you. Thanks to its ultra-light texture with a silky finish, it is absorbed very quickly and allows you to continue with your day-to-day tasks.
  • Bath Gel: the shower gel is also important to complete the skin hydration routine. This body cosmetic is moisturizing and does not contain soap. It leaves skin feeling silky smooth and works as the perfect complement to any Ureadin moisturizer.

Ureadin Hydration Spray

  • Spray&Go is the first moisturizing spray that absorbs very quickly and keeps the skin hydrated all day. It is a very simple way to hydrate the skin, recommended especially for those who want deep hydration in just a few seconds. It is a very easy-to-use product, which allows you to get dressed right after applying it, contains an innovative formula, serves to hydrate anytime, anywhere and leaves a soft and silky finish to the skin.

Ureadin dry skin and hyperkeratosis

The Ureadin line also has specific products for the driest skin and those suffering from hyperkeratosis. Hyperkeratosis is a defense system of the skin against external aggressions, in this way the dermis thickens and hardens with the aim of protecting us against chafing. This thickening is the accumulation of keratin in the outer layers of the skin. The Ureadin range has a number of products that can help this type of skin as they provide a moisturizing, gentle and effective exfoliation.

  • Ultra 10 Lotion Plus: This lotion is ideal for irritated, tight and itchy skin. They provide a calming effect and intense hydration. Thanks to the presence of dexpanthenol and Urea ISDIN at 10% in its composition, it helps calm itching and soften the skin.
  • Ultra 20 Cream: specific lotion for rough and rough skin that needs to recover its softness. Provides intense hydration that helps restore the softness of the skin area. Thanks to the presence of 20% Urea Isdin and its exfoliating properties , it helps reduce and finish with the roughness of the skin.
  • Ultra 30 Cream: This cream is for use on the hardened and thickened soles of the feet. If you want to recover the softness of your feet, this is the best product you can choose. It helps to smooth and make the skin of the feet more flexible thanks to its moisturizing and micro-exfoliating properties.
  • Ultra 40 Gel Oil: with an ultra light texture, this product is specialized to treat nail thickening. It can be a very annoying problem that affects the quality of life, which is why this oil-gel contains an intense exfoliating formula that helps you treat the thickening.

ureadin foot care

Isdin 's Ureadin also provides intense foot care.

  • Podos Gel Oil is the ideal product to get soft feet in just three days. This oil gel is used to treat scaling of the feet, roughness and helps reduce cracks and calluses. In this way, a more elastic and toned skin will be recovered.
  • For people who suffer from diabetes, Ureadin has created Podos Db Cream that helps to repair fissures in diabetic skin.

Isdin Ureadin Benefits

  • The main benefit of the Ureadin line is the number of products that it includes. Depending on your skin type and its needs, you can choose one product or another, but you will surely find the one you need.
  • In addition, all the products in the Ureadin line present, among their components, Urea ISDIN , an exceptional molecule that enriches the skin. It is a molecule that helps reduce water loss and thus maintain optimal levels of hydration . It also promotes cell renewal through the natural desquamation of the skin. ISDIN Urea provides several things to the skin:
  • Improves barrier function
  • Improves the immune system of the skin
  • Improves mechanical function and flexibility
  • Offers intense hydration