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Buy brushes for your makeup and discover with Cosméticos24h the large number of products with offers and discounts. Choose the professional brands that we offer you so that you can beautify your skin, while taking care of it with totally respectful and top-quality firms. Remember that you have Free Shipping from €40 and exclusive promotions.

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Brushes or makeup brushes

The history of makeup brushes is as old as makeup itself. This has been in all cultures and has been a symbol of both religious power. Brushes have been married to makeup from the beginning and have evolved with it. Adapting to the different types of makeup that has been used. We know makeup to beautify, similar to the current one, from the Egyptian era in 600 BC, where delicate powders were used for the eyelids that were already applied with makeup brushes.

Brush or brush? What to buy?

When you begin to immerse yourself in the world of makeup. The first question that arises before buying is, how brushes and brushes differ and when to use them. It is the eternal question Brush VS Brush. As well. The only difference between the brush and the brush is the size. Brushes are larger than brushes and therefore less precise. But the line that separates a brush from a brush is negligible, so many times we will call a brush what someone else calls a brush.

makeup brushes

As we have commented. Brushes are essentially larger than brushes and are primarily used for: Foundations, powders, and blush. We can find:

  • Foundation brush : Buy it to use with fluid and cream foundations, they are applied by brush. Normally synthetic hair and with a flat tip. You have to get used to it at first. But it is the best way to apply them. Synthetic hair is used because natural hair absorbs moisture and would make the product less fluid.
  • Powder brush : They are great for blending and better distributing the product. Better buy it with natural hair, so as not to leave any moisture on the product.
  • Blush brush : They are large and made of natural hair. Also, if you buy it diagonally, it makes it easier for you to apply it to your cheekbones.

Make up brushes

As we mentioned before, the brushes are more precise and are designed not to fail in the most delicate situations.

  • Concealer brush: It is ideal that it be made of synthetic hair. Flat shaped and small for more precision. This shape is ideal. Buy it to work together with concealer around the eye.
  • Eyeshadow brushes : Same as for blush. It is better if it is natural hair.
  • Eyeliner brush: Better if it is made of synthetic hair and very small to better work on that delicate area. Sometimes it has very little hair.
  • Eyebrow brush : Synthetic hair, with few and very hard bristles, to be able to use the brush also as a comb.
  • Lip brush : Hard, synthetic and short bristles. And of course buy it small. This gives precision to the stroke and makes work much easier.

Buy makeup brushes and brushes.

To buy a makeup brush or a brush. It is important to keep in mind the following tips:

  • Don't buy cheap brushes. This is very dangerous. The bristles can break off and stay on top of a nearly finished face. They can mess up makeup for hours. In addition, the very hard bristles will scratch the makeup and leave an ugly finish.
  • Watch out for the ferrule. It's where cheap brushes die. This is the metal piece that holds all the bristles. Before buying you should gently pull the hairs to see that they do not come off. With cheap brushes, you will surely end up with some hair on your hand. Discard it automatically.
  • In a cheap brush or brush you can never have natural hair bristles. Sometimes they are very necessary to achieve the desired effect.
  • Don't buy all the brushes at once. It can be very expensive and you won't need it. Just buy the basic ones and later, experience will tell you which one you need.
  • Mangoes are very important. If you are going to make up other people, long handles are more comfortable. If you are going to do your own makeup, it is much more comfortable to buy the short handles.
  • High-quality products have a high price. But they last "a lifetime". Take care of them and it will be cheaper than replacing broken brushes or worse. Trying to fix last minute messed up makeup.

Why not buy cheap brushes or brushes

Buying cheap brushes and brushes is synonymous with being wrong. A recommendation. Do not buy these tools online. If you want to spend very little money, go to the Chinese in your neighborhood. Because the products are going to be of the same quality as the €2 or €3 brushes on the internet. Also. In the Chinese of your neighborhood you can return it. In a cheap internet store you will not be able to return anything. On the other hand, in a good online store you can have good prices for products that are worth a lot of money in your neighborhood. And you will also have all the money-back guarantees if there is any problem with the brush that you bought.

How to clean brushes and makeup brushes?

The best way to clean brushes is with neutral soap and water. You put the soap in the palm of your hand and knead the brush several times, until it is very clean. Then you let it dry lying on top of a towel. Never leave them planted. Neither face up nor face down. It can damage the shape of the hair. There are products to clean them, but they are not recommended. You will spend more money and they are also more aggressive with the bristles and can end up damaging them.

Online store of brushes and makeup brushes

As important as choosing a good brush or brush, it is also choosing a good store where to buy them. Like all non-perishable products, the manufacturer and the store have to give a guarantee on the product. In this case, the guarantee on a makeup brush is important. Well, it may have problems with the ferrule and lose some hair, it may have problems with the paint on the handles, oxidation, etc. For this, it is important to buy makeup brushes in official stores, which support their products with a guarantee. When you shop at a quality store, you'll never have a problem returning or getting your favorite brush repaired.

Professional makeup brushes and brushes

Buy the best accessories to do your makeup at home like a professional. Cosmeticos24h brushes and brushes are used by makeup experts and professionals for their sessions. The best quality at the best price. Brushes with natural and synthetic hair bristles for all tastes. Perform your makeup with the same technique and perfection as the best makeup artists.

Brushes and brushes are tools for professionals and amateurs who love makeup and need to have the best quality at their fingertips, that is why in our online store we offer you a variety of brushes:

Natural hair makeup brushes

For a good application of powder makeup.

Synthetic hair makeup brushes

More recommended to apply fluid makeup. They are suitable for vegans.

Flat makeup brushes

For precise application of fluid makeup. They are responsible for applying bases in a natural and uniform way.

Pointed makeup brushes

They are ideal for applying correctors in conflictive areas. Fine-tipped brushes can be used to outline the eyes.

Angled makeup brushes

Helps blend makeup.

fan makeup brushes

They are used to apply highlighter to touches or blush.