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Maria Galland helps you achieve a complete cleansing of the face thanks to her Démaquillants line. It includes products to remove makeup from the skin and leave a completely clean complexion.

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Why use Maria Galland Démaquillants?

Cleaning routines are key to maintaining a cared for skin, preventing premature aging, the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. These routines must be carried out in the morning and at night, using the appropriate products. When cleansing at night, make-up remover becomes an essential cosmetic. After having spent the whole day with makeup on, having been in contact with environmental pollution, etc., our skin needs a product that gives it a deep clean. The make-up remover will help remove dirt particles present on the face, excess sebum and dead cells.

Make-up products by Maria Galland

Maria Galland offers a wide range of make-up removal products depending on skin type, time of day, frequency of use and need. Some of them are cleansing gels that can be used both in the morning and at night and will help to remove makeup gently, without damaging the skin. The same cosmetic, also to be used when getting up and going to bed, can be found in other textures such as cleansing milk. Just as they distinguish between textures and times of application, the brand also divides products according to skin type , which is why for oily skin they present mattifying cosmetics with a gentle exfoliating action and for dry skin lotions with a gel texture that provide intense hydration. .