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Lift Expert Maria Galland

Litf' Expert by Maria Galland

Maria Galland's Lift'Expert line offers a 100% manual lifting treatment with visible results in 75 minutes. The products in this line have a formulation that gives them great power of action. Without a doubt, a revolution in anti-aging treatments.

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Why use Litf' Expert?

Lift' Expert by Maria Galland is a line that includes cosmetics to plump up the skin, in addition to giving it firmness, achieving more defined contours and reducing wrinkles. Thanks to their formulation, these products pay specific attention to key areas. Both the 640 Sérum and the 660 Crème de Lift' Expert have an immediate lifting effect and anti-aging action. They also include ice wine extract in order to stimulate cell activity. 650 Lisseur Rides is the multizone cream that fights wrinkles while helping to rejuvenate the skin . In this way the signs of age are blurred and the skin relief is smoothed.