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The Soins Silhouette line by María Galland includes products for body care. Like the face, the skin of the body needs to be kept hydrated and cared for. With the cosmetics in this range you will feel renewed, full of vitality and energy. If you are looking to relax your body from the stress of everyday life, the Soins Silhouette line is the best solution. Don't wait any longer and choose the one that best suits you.

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Soin Silhouette. 439A Essence Minceur - MARIA GALLAND
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Maria Galland

Soin Silhouette. 439A Essence Minceur - MARIA GALLAND

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Soins Silhouette by Maria Galland

If you are looking for physical wellness, Soins Silhouette is the solution. These body treatments will allow you to take a break and relax your body from the hectic day to day, filling you with vitality and energy. Thanks to Maria Galland's body cosmetics you will be able to give your skin the care it needs. Some of the most outstanding products in the range are:

  • 401 Essennce Anti-Cellulite: This body cosmetic in essence format will help improve cellulite and give the skin a smoothing effect. It contains active ingredients that will help fight against the signs of cellulite and will improve microcirculation.
  • 430 Gel Fraîcheiur D-Tox: in a refreshing gel format, this product helps combat cellulite, reshape the silhouette and give the skin a uniform and smooth appearance.
  • 412 Mousse Gommante Exquise: body cosmetic in mousse format with an exfoliating action that helps eliminate dead cells, leaving a silky finish and promoting cell renewal.
  • 24 Baume Anti-Âge Mains Et Ongles: immediately absorbed hand cream that does not leave a greasy residue. Its formulation based on fruit acids helps smooth the skin of the hands and lighten pigment spots.
  • 414 Huile Délicieuse Corps: this cosmetic in dry oil format contains a large number of active ingredients that provide the amount of lipids that the skin needs.