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Montibello Serum

Montibello serums will be great allies for our skin. Thanks to its powerful combination of active ingredients, we will get them to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, offering the greatest possible efficiency. Montibello serums have a high concentration of active ingredients that provide an immediate repairing and regenerating effect. Depending on your purpose and your skin type, you should opt for a Montibello serum or another.

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Why use Montibello serum?

Serums should be introduced into daily facial routines. They are unique and essential cosmetics to achieve the best skin care. Thanks to their concentration of active ingredients, they are magnificent for enhancing and reinforcing the action of the treatment that we normally use. The main difference between a Montibello serum and a Montibello cream is that the former is characterized by its imminent and intensive action. In addition, the results are visible in a short period of time.