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The PHYRIS Re line is the Regeneration Care range that helps to strengthen, firm and regenerate, achieving a more elastic, denser and smoother complexion. What is this PHYRIS line pursuing? Restructure collagen and elastin so that the skin remains flexible and firm, to delay the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. If you are looking for cosmetics to combat the passage of time, the Re line by PHYRIS is for you. In our online store we offer you the cosmetics of this range at the best price . Thanks to the offers, discounts, promotions and packs that we promote, you will be able to buy your cosmetic products at the cheapest price.

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The passage of time causes the skin to gradually lose basic assets such as collagen. This protein fiber gives firmness to the skin and when its production is reduced, the skin area becomes weaker and thinner, giving rise to an older appearance.

But not only can collagen. Less elastin , the component responsible for skin elasticity, is also produced; and hyaluronic acid that imparts moisture, hydration and a plumping effect to the skin for a more juicy appearance.

The loss of these important elements occurs over the years but there are certain factors that enhance it. For example, excessive sun exposure, tobacco smoke, pollution or poor diet, among others, are agents that can accelerate premature aging. The skin will be lifeless, without firmness, very thin and without elasticity. But in order not to come to that and continue showing off a young-looking face, PHYRIS illuminates us with the Re line. This range combines Neodermyl and camellia oil (very regenerating), oleic acid and the fatty acid principle in human skin produced by sebaceous glands. How does the PHYRIS Re treatment benefit our skin?

  • Helps reduce wrinkles, expression lines and restores skin elasticity.
  • Fills the thin layer of the skin, leaving a face with juiciness and texture.
  • Strengthens collagen and elastin.
  • It exerts a remodeling effect.
  • Redefines, regenerates, repairs, restructures and redensifies.

Some of the products in this PHYRIS range are:

  • Re Contour Cream: For all skin types, including sensitive skin, over 30 years old. This regenerating firming cream provides strength and elasticity to the skin. It also generates an immediate lifting effect and helps define the contour. Among its active ingredients we can find Matrix Peptides, Camellia Oil, Red Algae Extract and Shea Butter.
  • Re Fill Cream: This cream is regenerating and nourishing. It is for dry, normal and sensitive skin over 40 years old. Helps to cover the lipid needs of mature skin, while preventing water loss. Its formulation has Matrix Peptides, Camellia Oil, Gingseng and Olive Butter.
  • Re Pair Eye&Lip: This cosmetic is specific for the contour of the eyes and lips. It exerts an immediate lifting effect that fills in wrinkles and smoothes what is known as a "bar code". It is a cosmetic suitable for all skin types from 50 years, even sensitive. Its assets are Acacia Oil, Red Algae Extract, Camellia Oil and Matrix Peptides.