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SCENS is a 100% organic and vegan cosmetics firm that extracts the necessary active ingredients from flowers and plants to create pure and exclusive formulations that make up unique and totally natural cosmetics.

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SCENS: Natural and quality cosmetics

Its philosophy is committed to nature, since some of the best active ingredients for the skin can be extracted from it. It is for this reason that they are in charge of developing organic and vegan cosmetics that respond to all the demands that the skin may have.

They are committed to vegan cosmetics, since their values are framed within respect for the animal world. They firmly believe that great potential can be achieved from the plant nature itself. They do not have any ingredients of animal origin.

Organic philosophy: Quality natural active ingredients

They choose the active ingredients through a rigorous selection process, according to the efficacy demonstrated in different scientific studies, carried out by their team of professionals. All the organic and vegan active ingredients selected by the firm are backed by demonstrable results. To do this, the concentrations are taken to the maximum percentage authorized for natural assets.

The SCENS research and development department is responsible for validating all assets so that they meet all quality standards. All ingredients used by SCENS meet rigorous standards for the highest quality, purity and proven efficacy .

Cosmetics for everyone: Unisex cosmetics

SCENS is a cosmetics firm that does not bet on products for men and women. Although if they believe that there are different types of skin, that is why they design a product for each of them and their needs, regardless of their gender. Cosmetics are always made in such a way as to obtain the best results.

SCENS: Organic Ingredients

It is highly recommended to give the same importance to cosmetics as to food, in the end through the skin and blood vessels they reach our body. It is for this reason that the cosmetic firm SCENS formulates each of its products with certified organic and vegan ingredients and active ingredients. SCENS is committed to cosmetics free of GMOs, parabens, petrochemical ingredients and sulfates.

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