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AQUAFRESH aims to restore skin balance and homeostasis, recovering hydration from the depth of the tissue to the surface , neutralizing dryness and providing a response to the specific hydration needs of each skin type. It is an intelligent Cosmetic System in terms of hydration that combines the most avant-garde active ingredients concentrated in unique formulas and that acts globally, both in superficial layers and in deeper ones. This revolutionary system helps to recover the moisturizing barrier function, neutralizing dryness and providing a response to the specific hydration needs of each client.

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Selvert Moisturizing Line

Hydration is the basis of our skin care to show off a bright and healthy face . A skin that is not hydrated presents loss of elasticity, lack of luminosity, it has no shine. There is dryness and tightness and in addition, premature wrinkles may appear in certain areas as a result of dehydration.

AQUAFRESH was conceived with a soft perfume and fresh and surprising textures to respond to the hydration needs of each skin type. And it is that any woman will be able to show off a fresh and beautiful skin 24 hours a day during the 4 seasons of the year because water is essential for cell regeneration and therefore it ensures good protection against external aggressions.

All types of skin can go through states of dehydration, choose AQUAFRESH! because it has an answer for each of them. Discover its moisturizing cream for dry skin or buy the moisturizing cream for combination-oily skin. Enjoy the lightness of its serum or the touch of luminosity and freshness of its facial mist at any time of the day. Finally, recover your look with its eye contour mask, you will wake up radiating energy.