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Skeyndor Clear Balance

Skeyndor Clear Balance Line

The Clear Balance line is the line focused only on oily skin. It is designed to reduce fat, balance it, refine pores and reduce the shine that this skin usually presents. Skeyndor has worked for years to develop and perfect this line.

As we all know, oily skin is annoying and we are always looking for products that solve annoying shine. The problem is that many times we do not know how to control it. We try to wash our faces more, use mattifying products, etc, but we can't. Now this line solves the problem for us. It helps us balance everything again and have the skin we deserve.

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Benefits of Clear Balance.

This line of Skeyndor for oily skin is going to greatly improve the pore, reduce its size, remove annoying shine from the face and finally manage to regulate the secretion of lipids by our dermis.

In addition, acne-prone skin will also notice that thanks to the fact that we have reduced the fat, now they will also have fewer pimples and acne.

How do we use the Skeyndor Clear Balance line?

To apply the products of this line we always have to start with clean skin, then we will apply the products in the areas that we have with impurities. The ideal is to apply with circular movements for a while. This will stimulate circulation.

After all of the above, they are applied if they are masks for 10 or 15 minutes and then removed.

Clear Balance Reviews

All the women who have bought this product have given it a very good opinion. Their evaluations range from "very good, I've used it all my life" to people who said "I just tried it and I've fallen in love".

The most common assessment is usually of the "perfect" type and is that a good product will always give a good result.