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Skeyndor Power C+ | Vitamin C

The Power C+ line reinforces its formula with 4 different types of Vitamin C. That improves the effects of this vitamin on the skin for longer and increases its antioxidant power. The line contains vitamin C derivatives and up to more than 7% pure Vitamin C. That being in high concentration, visibly improves the luminosity, vitality and youth of the skin. Stabilized derivatives of vitamin C stimulate and activate collagen and cell activity, reinforce antioxidant action and reduce damage caused by UV rays. Enjoy products such as: Energizing Cream or the famous Energizing Emulsion.

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Power C+. Contorno de ojos - SKEYNDOR
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Power C+. Contorno de ojos - SKEYNDOR

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Power C+. Crema Energizante Pieles Normales a Secas - SKEYNDOR
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Power C+. Crema Energizante Pieles Normales a Secas - SKEYNDOR

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Power C+. Concentrado de Vitamina C - SKEYNDOR
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Power C+. Concentrado de Vitamina C - SKEYNDOR

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Power C+. Emulsión Energizante Pieles Mixtas a Grasas - SKEYNDOR
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Power C+. Emulsión Energizante Pieles Mixtas a Grasas - SKEYNDOR

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Power C+. Sérum Iluminador Antioxidante - SKEYNDOR
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Power C+. Sérum Iluminador Antioxidante - SKEYNDOR

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Skeyndor Power C+ | Skeyndor's Vitamin C

Vitamin C, known as ascorbic or antiscorbutic acid, is an essential vitamin for people and some animals. Other mammals naturally synthesize them themselves and therefore do not need it. But in the case of humans it is different. We need to consume it to be healthy. The main function of this vitamin is the antioxidant that also dissolves in water and is good for the immune system. It helps us in metabolic reactions such as the creation of carnitine, collagen, the creation of tendons, healing, etc. When it is missing, even the healing of wounds is impaired. To be in perfect condition, we have to consume between 100 and 200 mg of this fantastic vitamin per day. Also, since we cannot store it, we must consume it every day. Skeyndor has worked vitamin C for you.


Vitamin C is essential in physiological development for its role in preventing aging. It has an anti-free radical action on the skin, protecting it against ultraviolet radiation.


Cutting-edge product designed to illuminate the skin and give the face a visibly younger appearance.


Power C+ is formulated with a new generation of vitamin C, more effective than other vitamin C derivatives due to its greater capacity for cellular penetration and absorption. The action of vitamin C is wisely completed with the HG extract of pomegranate, resulting in a younger and more luminous skin.

Main ingredients:

  • High Absorption Vitamin C
  • Greater cellular absorption of more than 700% on skin cells
  • Activation of cellular metabolism: increased collagen synthesis and inhibition of collagenases
  • Antioxidant activity and reduction of cell damage by UV
  • Brightness in the skin: inhibits the synthesis of new melanin, whitens the melanin formed
  • Pomegranate extract
  • Hydroglycolic Extract (HG) broad-spectrum antioxidant, given its richness in vitamins and tannins, gallic and ellagic acid, especially contained in the pericarp of the fruit. Its most recognized cosmetic actions are:
  • Antioxidant and anti-free radicals
  • photoprotective
  • anti-inflammatory
  • Ascorbic, Phytic and Ellagic Acids
  • Synergistic combination of acids with great antioxidant power and depigmenting activity


The use of pure vitamin C concentrate 7.5% Power C+ from Skeyndor provides:

  • 77% feeling of immediate hydration
  • 77% brighter skin
  • 85% more even skin color (spots softened)
  • 86% increase in brightness
  • 85% improves the appearance of the skin
  • 92% firmer skin

What is vitamin C for?

Vitamin C is used to:

delay aging

· Improve the absorption of many other cytomines.

· As a natural antioxidant.

Prevent the onset of degenerative and heart diseases

· Prevent the flu and strengthen the immune system.

Form collagen

Prevent diseases such as hepatitis or scurvy

· Reduce clots in the veins and therefore the prevention of heart attacks.

Improve the movement of the joints.

· Help in the closure of wounds, healing and burns.

sources of vitamin C

Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin c. All vegetables and fruits always contain some vitamin C, but below we attach a table with the contribution of each one, in order to differentiate them.

Vitamin C concentration (mg/100 g)

Gubinge , Murungao Kakadu Plum : 3,100

camo camo : 2800

Rosehip : 2000

Acerola : 1600

Guava : 300

Black currant or black currant : 200

Red pepper (chilli or chili): 190

Parsley : 130

Kiwi : 90

Grape : 90

Broccoli (broccoli): 80

Gooseberry : 80

Brussels Sprout : 80

Khaki : 60

Papaya : 60

Strawberry : 60

Orange : 50

Lemon : 40

Melon : 40

Cauliflower : 40

Pineapple : 40

Peppermint : 31.8

Grapefruit : 30

Raspberry : 30

Tangerine : 30

Spinach : 30

Raw cabbage : 30

Handle : 28

Lime : 20

The recommended daily amount of vitamin C varies according to age and gender:

· Up to 6 months: 40 mg.

· From 7 to 12 months: 50 mg.

· From 1 to 3 years: 15 mg.

· From 4 to 8 years: 25 mg.

· From 9 to 13 years: 45 mg.

· Men from 14 to 18 years: 75 mg.

· Women from 14 to 18 years: 65 mg.

· Men over 18 years: 90 mg.

· Women over 18 years: 75 mg.

People who smoke should consume at least 35mg more of vitamin C per day, since tobacco generates free radicals that must be fought with part of the vitamin C consumed.

The properties of vitamin C on the skin.

Vitamin C has many benefits for the skin, and for this reason it is present in many cosmetics.

When you apply vitamin c on the skin, you reduce the signs of aging and regenerate the skin. Reducing wrinkles and giving luminosity to the skin of the face.

In many cases, to obtain all these benefits, it is very important to apply vitamin C directly to the skin, since otherwise, with oral consumption, for example, it would not reach this organ and we would not be able to see the effects as quickly or even not see them.

That is why in many cases the vitamin must be applied from the inside out and not the other way around. Depositing it on the skin we will see the effects before.

Skeyndor and Vitamin C

Skeyndor reinvents its range of vitamin c with the new triple action Power C line.

It has taken 20 years to arrive at this advanced formula of Vitamin C. They have developed the Triple Action Antiox 35% formulation, which now provides up to 25% of Vitamin C in each Cream.

Discover the keys to the Skeyndor Vitamin C line

The Power C line, in addition to Vitamin C, also forms other active ingredients that help in some cases to complement the effects, and in others they help penetration, durability, etc.

Pomegranate extract from Skeyndor's Power C line.

Very rich in vitamins, it has a great antioxidant value. Protects from free radicals and reduces the appearance of skin blemishes.

Açaí HG extract from Skeyndor's Power C line.

It stops oxidation and gives elasticity and moisturizes the skin. It also provides nutrition and protection. The skin tone becomes more even.

Skeyndor Power C Products and Pricing


Serum with antioxidant action. It is a shield against skin aging. Provides light and improves collagen production. Its price is €59.00.


High antioxidant power. In two formats: normal to dry skin and combination skin. It is priced at €46.40.

  • EYE CONTOUR, POWER C by Skeyndor:

Decongests eyelids and bags. Smoothes small expression wrinkles. Light up the look. Its price is €31.20.

  • VITAMIN C CONCENTRATE. 7.5%. Skeyndor's POWER C:

It's Flash effect. Provides immediate light, and has great antioxidant power. It has 7.5% pure vitamin C. A shock treatment of 15 days is recommended. It comes in a format of 14 ampoules. It has a price of €28.50.

Skeyndor Power C Reviews

You can find the opinions that people have about this line within each of the products, here are some of them:

Mayte's opinion about Skeyndor's Power C Combination Skin Energizing Emulsion:

Does not leave any grease and has a pleasant aroma

Ana's opinion on Energizing Emulsion for Combination to Oily Skin by power C from Skeyndor:

It is one of the best creams I have tried and it does not leave my skin greasy at all.

Cristina's opinions regarding the Skeyndor power C line Energizing Cream for Combination to Oily Skin:

I've used it before and I love it. It is the perfect cream for combination skin, it moisturizes but does not grease. The order was easy and fast.

Buy Skeyndor Power C

With all this we believe that we have been able to help you appreciate the benefits of buying Vitamin C for your skin, but of course, if you have any questions about vitamin C, how to apply it or which product from Skeyndor's Power C+ line is best for you, before acquiring it, do not hesitate to call us. Our expert beauticians will be happy to help you solve any doubts before the purchase.

Buying Online is a great advantage, you have all the products available, the entire catalog, the best prices and the best help.