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Skeyndor Timeless Prodigy

Skeyndor Timeless Prodigy Line

Extreme luxury has come into our hands to stay. Skeyndor's most exclusive cosmetics are now available. Timeless Prodigy is an anti-aging line designed by the best scientists at skeyndor, to bring you youth in a maximum design package. The prodigious line is ready to take years off you in no time. It is based on 3 rigorous anti-aging principles. Activate cell synthesis and regeneration, improve cell quality and function, and make cells work better, faster, and longer. So your skin will return to its youth.

Timeless Prodigy is available in our store at the best price. With very good specific offers, discounts and also every time you buy online, you add points.

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Timeless Prodigy, luxury line.

This is the most luxurious line of Skeyndor . There is no other like it, it concentrates all the most powerful and most effective assets. Skeyndor has invested years and a lot of money developing this line to make it reach the most demanding women. Now you have it available for much less than it's worth.

Skeyndor's Timeless Prodigy Perks

This line brings many benefits, among them, Timeless Prodigy gives the skins that are subjected to it an extreme luminosity, you will have the shine of the moon, a firmness as if you were 18 years old and the vitality of a girl. All thanks to the 50 years that Skeyndor has been working on these products without rest.

The sum of all assets only contribute one thing. Surprising anti-aging effect. Timeless Prodigy puts the brakes on age and returns it to its youth.

Timeless Prodigy App

To apply correctly you must of course clean the skin very well.

Then there are several phases to get the most out of Skeyndor's most luxurious cream:

  1. At first we must give a few stimulating pinches in the area of the cheekbones, forehead, chin, neckline and neck.
  2. Then we apply the product on the five previous points: Cheekbones, forehead, chin, neckline and neck, a few small pinches of cream the size of grains of rice.

With this we can already say that the cream has been applied perfectly on the skin. The serum is applied the same.

Application of the masks

You have to press the container, shake it so that the patch is well moistened, and then you just have to remove a sheet that is on the back of the mask.

The mask has to be at least 20 minutes on the skin, if it were 25 minutes, better than better.

Buy online Timeless Prodigy

We all know that the Timeless Prodigy line is the most luxurious but it is also the most expensive. That is why it is a good idea to buy it online. These types of products in beauty salons are very expensive, but online you can find great discounts and offers. In addition, there are always point bonuses for purchases, specific sales for Mother's Day, Black Friday, etc., which help you save a lot of money.

Timeless Prodigy Packs and Offers

Timeless Prodigy has packs, but very few are available for sale on the Internet. From Cosmé we bring you the pack that is also a luxury chest, beautiful, with a jewelery box area where you can store things.