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The product belongs to the brand: Algologie

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Product characteristics

Marca Algologie
SIZE 500 g

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The beauty and health of the skin depend mainly on internal balance, the complexion being its true mirror.

This TRIPLE ACTION SEAWEED CURE aims to activate blood circulation with the help of the iodine it contains. This food preparation favors the elimination of accumulations of fat, cellulite, refinement of contours and helps to improve skin imperfections. In addition, it is used to prevent sagging of the tissues due to the contribution of potassium to the muscles. It is taken in decoction.

PREPARATION: Boil 3/4 liter of water in a saucepan and wait for it to boil. When it boils, add three tablespoons, flush, of algae. Let it boil for three to five minutes, turn off the heat and let it rest for an hour. (The longer it rests, the higher the concentration of minerals will be obtained). Collate and save it to drink the next day, cold or at room temperature, in three servings.– 1 large cup on an empty stomach.– 1 large cup before lunch.– 1 large cup before dinner.Add half a lemon (lemon has in order to help the first days to assimilate the decoction, so that it is with more vitamin C and that its flavor is more pleasant).

VERY IMPORTANT : This cure, being rigorously natural, is not dangerous for the organism. It is not a medicine, it is a food. To obtain the best results, it must be followed scrupulously. If by chance drinking algae decoction makes you nauseous, it is very likely that you have a sensitive liver or gallbladder. You must then go ahead with the cure, but reduce the dose until you get used to the taste. Simply reducing the dose to one or two tablespoons of seaweed until all the seaweed contained in the box is consumed.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Algae Ascophyllum nodosum, Fucus vesiculosus and Laminaria digitata.

500 gr pot

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Rosa / Miramón
Le llevo tomando desde hace muchos años para cura de primavera y otoño y es realmente bueno.