Alqvimia, 100% natural cosmetics.

ALQUIMIA is a great brand of 100% natural essential oils and cosmetics. The brand was born from the desire of a biologist to give the skin the beauty it deserves through only natural products. This great brand focuses on manufacturing essential oils and body oils.

The manufacture of Alquimia products is subject to extensive quality control. The products are designed under strict sanitary measures, and this makes Alqvimia a world leader in natural products and products from essential oils .

Currently, we find on our website other brands of essential oils, with the quality of Alqvimia, but at a more competitive price. Thus, at the same time, within the category of essential oils, we have other products of much higher quality and that also offer oil-based skin treatments.

The main reference brands in body oils and essential oils are Gandiva and Mon Deconatur. World references and specialists in products derived from plants.