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They are creams that aim to maintain optimal levels of hydration and moisture on the skin. These creams help cells function properly as they make them move in a suitable environment. The result often leaves no room for doubt. Just by hydrating the skin, it reduces some marks, blemishes and returns its natural youthful glow. Get the perfect moisturizer for you in our online store . The best price guaranteed. Choose and buy yours. We show you below some of the best moisturizing creams in Spain.

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Buy moisturizing face cream

Hydrated skin is the key to maintaining healthy skin. The skin is the organ that separates our body from the outside. It covers us completely and must have an adequate thickness, but above all it must be very elastic. The skin is the clothing of our body and so that it does not wrinkle or break it must be properly nourished and hydrated.

The proportion of water that our skin contains is between 10 and 20%. If it contains less than this proportion, the skin will lose elasticity, shine and breathability. Moisturizer

At the same time that we need to have the skin in perfect condition, the inclement weather outside and the pollutants in the air mean that we have to fight to keep the skin in optimal conditions, bearing in mind that the environment in which we move is not ideal. for her.

To do this, science has been revealing the keys to properly hydrated skin and now it is technology that must give us the answer with the right product to alleviate all the inconveniences of external agents and make the skin hydrated and in optimum condition. conditions always. Next, we present categories of the types of moisturizing creams, most sought after by women.

Symptoms of dehydrated facial skin

Dehydrated skin needs a very powerful moisturizing treatment, which can be summed up in a facial cream with nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients. But, in order to take the appropriate measures, the first thing is to know if the symptoms fit any description or abnormality. To do this, we are going to describe what dehydrated skin is like and what symptoms it presents, so that you can recognize them and alleviate them in the best way, hydrating your skin in the right way:

1. Dull or dull skin

It is the first of the symptoms, perhaps it is the most subjective since previously you must have seen your skin with more shine, to be able to assess that right now you have it dehydrated.

This symptom is distinguished from a skin that is simply tired, in that you will see an ashy or yellow tone at the same time, you may have a "tired" face and dark circles of the eyelids more marked than usual.

2. Stiffness or tightness in the skin Shop moisturizer

Toxins and oxidation cause skin tightness. It can also be caused by the removal of the protective layer due to the use of unsuitable creams or cleansers that remove the hydrolipidic bar of the skin and make its natural protection vanish. This causes the skin to no longer have the layer that ultimately protects it from the outside and now your skin evaporates more water than usual and its water stability has been altered.

The result is skin that has lost some of its mechanical capabilities and is now less elastic.

It is important to avoid aggression from the outside, but it is also important not to attack our skin more than necessary. Avoiding washing with soaps, aggressive cleansers or daily use creams that do not adequately replenish the skin's natural barrier.

3. Superficial peeling

Small areas of skin that have peeled or flaked indicate that something is not working well. The lack of surface water causes the death of the cells and causes them to detach, forming these peelings. In addition, these can be followed by itching.

Also, keep in mind that not only dry skin needs hydration. In many cases, oily and even acne-prone skin needs deep hydration to balance the dermis and regulate sebum production. Continued use of astringent acne products can also unbalance the skin and reduce its ability to hydrate.

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Differences between Hydration and moisturizing

To know how to treat the skin correctly, we must start by differentiating what happens to it. Are you dehydrated or lack moisture?

moisturizing creams

Creams that improve moisture, what they really do is restore or replace the skin's natural protective barrier so that surface water does not escape.

When this barrier is correct and restored, the water will no longer escape so easily from the surface of the skin and it will be able to capture water naturally.

Hydrating creams

Moisturizing creams do not restore the outer layer of the skin, but what it does is deeply hydrate the cells of the innermost layers. The skin will be filled with water from within and the deepest cells of the dermis will be in the right environment to correctly develop their metabolic functions.

Product that are both moisturizing and moisturizing:

Currently there are products that at the same time moisturize the most superficial layers, also properly nourish the lower or horny layer of the skin and even at the same time, the most advanced brands develop active ingredients that work by facilitating the entry of water directly into the cells.

Shop moisturizer How do you use a moisturizer?

Moisturizing creams are used continuously over time, it is applied by massaging so that the active ingredients penetrate and prolonged use causes the medium where the cells move to be properly hydrated.

How to use a moisturizing cream?

Unlike a moisturizing cream, a cream that is only moisturizing can be used occasionally to restore the protective layer or to protect the skin against an aggressive external agent such as a rainy and windy day.

Luckily, creams currently have active ingredients of both types and there is no need to choose. You can use the cream continuously for both functions and your skin will thank you.

Acquiring a moisturizer can be very beneficial for your skin, if you do not want to spend too much money on our website you will find the best prices , you can also buy quickly and safely online.

Types of moisturizers

Opinions on moisturizers

You can find almost as many reviews of moisturizers as people have put them on.

The first impressions a cream makes depend a lot on expectations. There are people who use moisturizing creams because their skin is really very unprotected and they immediately achieve a feeling of instant comfort.

On the other hand, people can value a moisturizer in different ways. If, for example, they have skin that lacks deep hydration, their assessment will be 10 from the beginning.

The opinion after trying Covermark's moisturizing creams, with active ingredients that help the proper functioning of the hydration channels, is usually 9.5/10, an outstanding rating for one of the best creams on the market.

Impressions about natura bisse moisturizing creams are always surprising due to their ability to quickly restore the hydrolipidic layer and eliminate itching. It is an opinion of 9 out of 10 for a cream with a high price, which is even more difficult, since the expectations of hydration are tremendous.

The verdict of our clients with the creams that we recommend for their daily hydration is of absolute satisfaction. The professional beauticians of "your beautician at home" have a keen eye to determine the type of hydration that a skin needs, helping us with questions, we can determine what is the problem to correct, whether hydration or moisturizing.

Buy moisturizers online and at the best price

Before buying a moisturizing cream , you have to get informed and know what cream and what type of hydration we will need.

There are very nutritious creams that you may not be interested in acquiring if you are exposed to very cold and dry environments, and there are other very moisturizing creams that will not be interesting if you lack nutrition.

If you inform yourself or call us, you will buy the cream you need without making a mistake and without spending more money than necessary.

Buy moisturizer for oily skin

Oily skin has its good things and its bad things. On the one hand, having oily skin will make wrinkles take longer to appear, but on the other hand, the oil on the face causes unwanted shine to appear, the skin to show dilated pores and pimples to appear from time to time. It is very difficult to hydrate oily skin without aggravating the problems, so below we show you specific products to fill your skin with water, hydrating and moisturizing it correctly. On our online cosmetics website you will find the best moisturizing creams for oily skin at the best price on the Internet. Choose and buy yours. And if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Buy moisturizing face cream for oily skin

Contrary to popular belief, oily skin often needs more hydration than it seems at first glance. Superficial fat is the result of the skin's defense against this lack of hydration. When this occurs and the skin regains its balance, the fat is often greatly reduced.

In order to provide this hydration, specific creams are needed. It is important to first discover the cause of the superficial fat and then give it the right cream, trying to avoid oils and comedogenic active ingredients. The creams you use will have to help you regulate and control shine.

Buy online cream for oily skin

Dehydration is very common in oily skin. Fats are lipids, and that your skin secretes lipids does not mean that it is hydrated. Dehydration is considered when the amount of water falls below 10% in the most superficial layer of the skin.

When the skin is dehydrated, it secretes more sebum and hyaluronic acid disappears in the dermis, which makes the skin dull and without turgor. For this reason, you must apply a special moisturizing cream for oily skin to your cleansing protocol. This cream must deeply hydrate the skin and provide it with the balance it lacks. In addition, many of them are formulated to provide a matte and sebum-regulating effect.

How to solve the hydration of oily skin

The maintenance of skin hydration is carried out at various levels that we describe below. If hydration is worked on in all these phases, success is assured.

  • Hydrolipid Protective Film: It is the most superficial layer, and prevents water from escaping into the atmosphere. It is formed by superficial fat and sweat.
  • FNH or MHF: It is the skin's natural moisturizing factor. It is the moisturizing capacity of the skin, the water that traps the skin from the atmosphere and is made up of hygroscopic components that trap water and make it remain in the dermis.
  • Intracellular lipids: They are what makes the water does not escape from the intracellular tissue.

What symptom does dehydrated oily skin have?

By a series of clues, we can discover that skin that looks oily is clearly dehydrated.

Appearance of oily and dehydrated skin:

  • Dull skin.
  • dilated pores
  • Skin rough to the touch and thickened.
  • shine and flakes
  • excess voltage
  • Sensitive and reactive.

Daily routine and specific creams for oily skin

As always with all skin types, the first thing is hygiene. It is important to cleanse the face at least once a day, but be careful, cleaning has to be gentle.

After cleansing, try to balance the skin again using a toner for oily skin.

Before moisturizing creams we can use specific creams for the eye contour

The last step is to apply our daily moisturizer. Always creams that are very light, that are well absorbed and that mattify.

As an extra, we have to take into account that the sun is what dehydrates the skin the most. It is important to use sunscreens for oily or acne-prone skin.

What moisturizer for my oily skin should I buy?

You have to buy the moisturizer that gives you the most advantages for your oily skin, but that is compatible with your pocket. It is important to look at the textures, the smells and the application. If it is a jar or tube, a bottle, etc, but it is also important that it fits your needs. There are creams from €20 to €300, designed to hydrate and nourish oily skin, but the most expensive ones will not always be the best for you.

It depends on the age, at first it will be enough with creams that improve moisturization and do not provide too many nutrients, they should only conserve the water in your skin, because in a young skin nutrition, collagen, hyaluronic acid are ensured with the normal metabolism of young skins.

Opinions and comments on creams that moisturize oily skin.

Almost all women have tried to moisturize their skin with creams at some point. That is why all these women have an opinion about moisturizers and like these, they have had different effects on their oily-prone skin.

Some women have fallen in love because the creams have not aggravated their shine or other women prefer them because they like the smell they leave on their skin. Most of them are pleased with the level of hydration and its duration throughout the day. Few complain about having spent too much money on creams that, after all, have managed to provide the necessary water to their skin, and along with it a continuous feeling of filling and freshness that lasts over time, along with a balance of the basic functions of the cells of the epidermis.

Buy anti-wrinkle facial moisturizer

High-quality anti-wrinkle creams fight wrinkles on all fronts. Unlike cheap creams that only attack one or two, more complex creams address cell repair, skin nutrition and dermis hydration. These 3 fronts are essential, because they are the 3 that cause wrinkles.

Good hydration will always improve wrinkles and expression lines, as the skin will look plump and plump. Getting a cream that does both can be the perfect combination to improve the overall result of the face. Moisturizing creams containing hyaluronic acid improve skin hydration and the appearance of wrinkles. This active ingredient activates collagen synthesis and reduces the size of expression lines. If, in addition to this active ingredient, we add other anti-aging agents , it is possible that in a short time we will see our skin improved and without signs of aging.

Looking for the best anti-wrinkle facial moisturizer at an affordable price ? You will find it in our online store . Buy the cream that best suits your skin and save money.

Buy anti-wrinkle moisturizer online

The main components that promote cell hydration to combat wrinkles are, on the one hand, Betaine, which promotes the proper functioning of cell hydration channels, and, on the other hand, hyaluronic acid , which has a surprising ability to attract water to tissues. If you want to achieve deeply hydrated skin, do not hesitate to buy an anti-wrinkle cream online .

Buy anti-wrinkle moisturizer Prices of moisturizing anti-wrinkle face creams

Anti-wrinkle creams with Betaine, hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing components range between €30 and €200. We will hardly be able to find quality anti-wrinkle creams on the market that attack all the fronts, mentioned above, and that fall below this price.

The cheapest creams will only superficially and temporarily alleviate the visualization of wrinkles, but they will not correct the underlying problems.

Opinions of anti wrinkle creams that moisturize

When clients start using “tri-component” anti-wrinkle creams, they begin to see that the effects of the correction are long-term. Unlike low-quality wrinkle correction, when we treat hydration at 3 levels, the correction lasts much longer, since it does not work only on hydration, but rather hydration is produced from within, improving cell metabolism. . Choose the best anti-wrinkle cream from the catalog on our website. The best creams at the best price online.

Buy facial anti-aging moisturizer

If you are already noticing the passage of time on your face. You start to see expression lines, small wrinkles, little firmness, elasticity or shine, it's time to choose how to remedy it. Perhaps until now you have been using different types of creams that have been useful to you, but perhaps the time has come to change and opt for an anti- aging moisturizing face cream . The main mission of this product will be, in addition to moisturizing the skin, preventing and palliating the signs of aging. If you want to get a good anti-aging moisturizer, go to our online store , where you will find a wide range of products. Come in, choose yours from a wide range of cosmetics and benefit from the advantages of buying online .

Buy anti-aging moisturizing face cream online

If the time has come to opt for buying a moisturizing and anti-aging face cream online , you should take different things into account. Fortunately, advances in cosmetics have brought us to a point where there are highly effective facial products for our needs.

The first and most important thing is to know our skin and its needs in order to be able to choose from a wide range of products the one that best suits the demands of our face .

Finally, remember that the results will not be seen immediately. The use of all facial creams and products requires consistency and time for changes to become visible. That's why if after a week you think you're the same, don't despair, patience will be the key because it will end up working. If more than three months go by and you do not notice any type of improvement, it is advisable to change the product because perhaps the one you have chosen is not adapting to your needs.

Tips to keep skin hydrated

In addition to the use of certain external products, we can also maintain hydrated skin by following some basic guidelines in our day to day life.

1. Exfoliate once a week

An exfoliation is a deep cleaning of the face that aims to remove the dirt trapped in our pores. This will help eliminate dead cells and promote skin regeneration. Of course, it is important that this ritual is carried out at night because it will be easier to prevent pollution from entering the pores and causing irritation or pimples. It should also be noted that after removing the exfoliating product, it is recommended to use a toner that helps close the pores to prevent the penetration of dirt.

2. Sleep and rest

Respecting the circadian rhythms and sleeping enough hours will be reflected in the hydration and good appearance of the face. The time we spend resting is the time in which skin regeneration occurs. It is necessary to take into account that sleeping is not rest, you have to create the right environment to achieve a deep sleep.

3. Daily facial cleansing

It is about keeping the skin soft and fresh, not about performing a deep hygiene as when we exfoliate the face. The routine should be carried out at night since the skin must be clean of makeup and dirt before going to sleep to be able to breathe. In this ritual, cold water will be a great ally, unlike hot water that dries out the skin, cold temperatures will help hydrate it and close the pores.

4. Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water:

These are two factors to take into account as they will favor the hydration of our skin.

5. Smile more

It may seem silly, but smiling is one of the actions that most benefits the face. With a smile, many different muscles of the face are activated and endorphins are generated, which helps our skin look brighter.

Get younger skin with the anti-aging creams that you will find on our website. Visit our online catalog and choose the one that best suits you, at the best price.

Buy Oil Free moisturizing face cream

Having oily skin is synonymous with excess sebum . This, although it seems annoying, is actually good because it will mean that our skin has more elasticity, flexibility and will take longer to wrinkle . But having this type of oily skin does not mean having it hydrated, in fact, and unfortunately, this skin needs more specific care. The oiliest type of dermis needs hydration but avoiding oily textures or an excess of oil that can cause the opposite effect. In addition, many of the oils used in cosmetics are comedogenic, something contraindicated in oily skin because it will help the pros they plug up This can cause an acne breakout. That is why it is important that you choose an Oil free moisturizer that will help your face in the way that best suits you. Your oil free moisturizing cream in our online store and at the best price.

Best oil free moisturizer for oily skin

After all, excess sebum on the face is nothing more than a way for the skin to defend itself. Along with sweat, they become a layer that protects the dermis from external elements such as the sun, pollution or other agents. It is possible that there will be a time when we have an excess of sebum on the face but a lack of water because we lack hydration. In these cases we will continue to have shine but that does not imply that the dermis is hydrated.

Unfortunately, oily skin is one in which the pores are clearer and more visible and are more prone to acne . Oil free moisturizing creams will help us put an end to the problems caused by having this type of dermis. The best options of these creams are those that do not have oils but include other elements, such as water, which work well for oily skin types. When making the decision to acquire one of these products, you should look at its composition and verify that the amount of oil is less than the percentage of water. It also verifies that the composition of the product includes sebum-regulating active ingredients and mattifying ingredients to eliminate shine.

You also have to take into account its texture . We are already clear that it will be Oil free but it is convenient to choose those that are less unctuous and more watery, that is, light. This will prevent a thick and annoying layer from being created on the face.

Buy oil free moisturizer Finally, when choosing which Oil free cream to buy , remember that it must be adjusted to your needs. It is possible that you have oily skin and acne, therefore you will require a product that contains components that help you with this problem. The same goes if you have small spots or other imperfections. It is essential to pay attention to them in order to select the most appropriate and adaptable option for you. Choose the best oil-free cream and buy it online at the best price on our website.

What oil free facial creams are there?

As we mentioned before, there are several factors to take into account to choose the best cream. These nuances can be the presence of acne , age , the tendency to the appearance of spots or the presence of marks , among others. The good thing about living in such a changing world is that technological advances never cease to amaze us and also reach the field of aesthetics. For this reason, and luckily, today we have a wide variety of creams to select the one that best suits our skin and needs. Normally, most of these products are balancing and non-comedenogenic . This implies that they fulfill their function of moisturizing but at the same time regulate fat and excess sebum, do not clog pores and prevent the appearance of blackheads and pimples.

On the one hand, you can find non-comedogenic creams. This implies that it does not contain anything, any type of oil. They are the ones that are most often recommended for skin that is oily and prone to acne.

Taking into account another important factor such as age, there are specific creams for oily and young skin, because the demands are very different from those of more mature faces. On the other hand, there may also be the situation of having an oily and sensitive dermis that will require anti- inflammatory ingredients, which reduce stress and can control skin reactions.

What are comedogenic oils?

These oils have many nutritional properties. But, in the case of oily and acne-prone skin, you should avoid them. These types of oils can clog the pores and thus make it easier for acne to appear. We are going to indicate a list of those comedogenic oils that you should stop using if you have oily skin:

    • Avocado oil.

    • Wheat germ oil.

    • Shea butter.

    • Coconut oil.

    • Sesame oil.

Sometimes it's easier to check if the product contains any "Oil-free" or "Non-comedogenic" labels than it is to check the ingredients of a product.

What are the benefits of oil free facial creams for oily skin?

Its double function is one of the main benefits and reasons to buy an Oil free cream.

What does this double action imply? Well, the creams will have, on the one hand, the objective of hydrating those points of the face that need it. But on the other hand, it will act as a regulating element in those areas where an excess of sebum is produced. They also prevent the opposite effect from occurring.

What happens if we don't hydrate the skin properly? Our body, specifically the face, creates more sebum. It does this as a defense mechanism and with the aim of preventing the water from evaporating from our skin, that is, it tries to keep it moist enough to prevent the water from disappearing.

This type of product also usually includes elements that will help us slow down the aging of the skin. Either palliating some of its first symptoms or preventing its appearance in the future. Therefore we will see ourselves younger, radiant and luminous.

Advice and tips for oily skin


Avoid making the mistake of thinking that because it has an oily texture, your skin is hydrated. Let's say that roughly there are two ways to hydrate the skin: from the outside in and from the inside out.

From the inside to the outside: in this case food and drinks come into play. It is essential to maintain a balanced and healthy diet that includes the consumption of fruits, vegetables and vegetables rich in liquid. Of course, the daily consumption of water should not be forgotten, which should be between two and three liters per day.

From the outside to the inside: in this case there are various and different actions that we can carry out. On the one hand, the use of serums that allow us to minimize and seal the pores is recommended, in this way we will prevent the water we ingest from escaping. On the other hand, it is convenient to use moisturizing creams that moisturize our dermis from the outside but without adding extra fat.


Oily skin needs to be sanitized. The first advice to do it is the choice of soap. As we mentioned before, oily skin needs more specific and exclusive care. To avoid problems, it is crucial that we choose a good daily use cleaner that suits our needs. It is about establishing and following a daily cleaning routine that helps our skin to be fresh.


Using the appropriate exfoliants, what we will achieve is to disembed the dirt that enters our pores. We should not exfoliate the skin more than twice a week, nor use aggressive products. Perhaps we make the mistake of believing that the more granular and abrasive a product is, the more dirt it will not be helping to remove, but this is not the case. In fact, if we follow this belief, we can irritate the skin and cause subsequent problems.

Better cold or lukewarm water

To avoid dehydration of the skin and an excessive production of sebum, it is inadvisable to abuse hot water. The idea is to shower and wash with warm and even cold water from time to time.

close the pores

At the end of exfoliating the face our pores are open. This would allow the penetration of dirt and pollution that could lead to the appearance of pimples or small wounds. For this reason, we must use a toner that will help us seal the pores and keep the skin cared for.

exercise and rest

For our skin to look radiant, hydrated, young and firm, it is crucial to control hormones and stress . The latter causes the release of oxidative elements known as free radicals that greatly influence the aging of the skin . Playing sports can help us regulate the release of hormones, release stress and feel better about ourselves. But just as it is important to stay active, it is important to rest. An adequate rhythm of rest will favor the regeneration of cells and we will look radiant.

Buy facial moisturizer for acne

Acne is considered an inflammatory disease that can affect both men and women but, above all, it is suffered at puberty. Luckily, and thanks to all the advances that have been made in the world of cosmetics, there are various products that can help us, such as facial moisturizers for acne . An example of this is moisturizers for acne, those that are often used by people with oily skin and tendencies to get pimples . This type of product prevents there from being an excess of sebum in the skin with the aim of avoiding and preventing the appearance of acne and also keeping the skin hydrated.

If you have acne-prone skin, you should know that there are many options to improve your skin and prevent it from getting pimples and blackheads again. Special creams for skin with acne are a very good option, as they are made up of active ingredients that regulate sebum production, eliminate bacteria and improve skin texture. In addition, you can find one that has it all and also hydrates the skin in depth to eliminate all the imbalances that the dermis may have. Take care of your skin with the products you will find in our online store . Get the best prices thanks to offers, discounts and packs.

Buy acne moisturizer Buy online facial moisturizer for acne

The products used to carry out acne treatments are various and among them are creams. Contrary to popular belief, skin with acne also needs good hydration. So a moisturizing cream for skin with acne will help this astringent protocol, this will completely regulate the dermis.

Acne appears mainly in areas where there is a greater number of sebaceous glands such as the face, chest and upper part of the trunk. These glands become clogged by retaining dirt and that is when pimples appear.

When buying a moisturizer for acne-prone skin, it is important to ask and try to find out if the product will unbalance the skin too much. Because if that happens in our dermis, the opposite and unwanted effect can occur. To choose the right cream it is crucial that we know our skin. That is to say, we very possibly have oily skin but we must know if our dermis is sensitive or normal, or if it requires other specific treatments because in this way we can opt for moisturizers for acne-prone skin and skin with spots or that reduce shine in the area. T, among others.

When selecting our cream, we must also take into account the type of acne that we suffer from or the amount, in order to be able to opt for one or the other products. And make sure that one of its functions is to protect us from the sun. Ultraviolet rays age the skin prematurely, so when we go to buy our cream online , we must be aware that it contains sun protection.

acne tips

    • One of the main acne tips is to try to avoid scratching or picking at the skin. This could cause scars and worsen the problem, and we must not forget that we always carry bacteria on our hands and these can be harmful to acne-prone skin.

    • In addition, it is also recommended to wash your face twice a day. We must do it with the right products for our problem and our skin. It is not necessary to rub the face, as much as we believe that this way we will eliminate more dirt or grease, it is not true, this function will be fulfilled by the product that we are using.

    • Also related to cleaning, it must be remembered that excessively washing the skin can lead to an excess in the production of sebum. So it is recommended to do it once in the morning and once at night.

    • Opting for the right makeup will also be essential. Oily and acne-prone skin requires cosmetics that do not clog pores, allow the skin to breathe and do not have an oily texture.

Get your acne cream at the best price on our website.

Buy moisturizing face cream for combination skin

If you are one of those people who has combination skin, you already know that your needs are different from those of the rest. In general, those who have this type of skin tend to produce more oil in specific areas of the face such as the T zone , that is, the forehead, nose and chin. But at the same time, combination skin can present areas of the face that need hydration. This implies that specific products will be required to help control excess sebum in the necessary parts but to hydrate others. If you want to take care of your skin in depth, do not hesitate to enter our online cosmetics website and look for the moisturizer that best suits you. You will get it at the best price.

Looking for the moisturizing face cream for combination skin?

The needs of combination skin mean that it is not easy to choose the best moisturizer. But there are several factors that can be taken into account so that our purchase is easy, effective and fast. The good news is that there is a majority of people with combination skin and that is why the quantity and variety of products is wider and more diverse, which will make it easier to find the right product.

Buy moisturizer for combination skin The first thing to know about our combination skin is that the already mentioned T zone, forehead, nose and chin , is the one that condenses a large part of the sebaceous glands . These glands are the ones that produce excess fat and are responsible for pimples and pimples. Also keep in mind that combination skin can be oily in certain areas and dry in others. Possibly it is in those drier parts where fewer pimples appear. Combining these two factors, we discover that we need a product, or several, that help us to carry out deep cleaning in the oiliest areas and achieve greater hydration in the driest parts.

Blackheads, large pores, shine, extra sebum on one side and dryness on the other. Having these specific requirements can make it seem more difficult to find the right moisturizer for combination skin. It would be best to opt for a light product, oil-free or with a low oil content so that it provides adequate hydration but without creating excess fat, that is, it must have a light texture. If you want the best moisturizer for combination skin, you can choose from the number of options that we offer on our website. Buy online and at the best price!

Tips and care for using moisturizing facial creams for combination skin

1. The challenge of cleansing the skin.

Why cleaning your skin can be a challenge? Because it is absolutely necessary that you do it, but it can be complicated: in the oiliest area, the T zone, it will be necessary to remove excess sebum gently to prevent the appearance of pimples and blackheads. But in the driest area you can't lose a bit of hydration. In order to achieve optimal cleansing, it is advisable not to wash your face more than twice a day and choose a gel that suits what our skin needs.

2. Apply the right creams.

It will be vital to choose and use the moisturizer for combination skin that best suits you. It may be that you choose one that controls excess sebum but does not provide hydration in dry areas or vice versa, that is why we must find the product that best meets our needs.

3. Be careful with makeup.

It will also be important to choose the right makeup for combination skin type. This will prevent the pores in the T zone from clogging and allow the skin to oxygenate and breathe. We must not forget to remove make-up from the face every night, since it is the moment in which the cells regenerate and it is convenient that the face is clean.

Buy moisturizing face cream for dry skin online

Dry skin is one in which less oil is produced than in the rest. This and poor moisture retention mean that the look and texture of the face is rough, tight and cracked. In general, women suffer more from this dryness than men, it is considered to be more of a feminine aesthetic issue. Among these skins we can find several types: dry, very dry, extremely dry. Depending on our case and needs, we will opt for a moisturizing cream for dry skin or another. In our online store , the best moisturizing creams for dry skin at the best price .

Buy online the best moisturizer for dry skin

It is a skin with less elasticity than the rest but it also feels tight and has the drawback of being easily irritated. Some of the main causes of dry skin are as follows:

- The genetic.

That is to say, it is something that is integrated within us and that we must do everything possible to alleviate and remedy externally.

- The weather.

High, cold temperatures and dry air can increase the dryness of these skins and do them no good. Buy moisturizer for dry skin

- Too much sun.

Prolonged exposure to the sun could also be a cause of dry skin. That is why it is important not to be exposed during the hours when the rays are more incisive and to constantly use sunscreen.

- Stress.

- Nerves and stress.

Unfortunately, nerves and stress can be represented in our body in different ways, one of them could be dry skin.

To choose the best moisturizing face cream for dry skin, the fundamental thing will be hydration. It is necessary that you provide our face with a powerful extra moisture to be able to nourish the skin properly. As the glands that produce sebum do not work in the same way as in combination or oily skin, this natural protective barrier, generated by our own body, is lost. For this reason, externally, we must provide and generate this protection.

In this case, the facial and moisturizing cream that we choose for our dry skin must have a more consistent and unctuous texture. It is convenient that among its ingredients are vegetable oils and natural ingredients that will help moisturize and restore the protective barrier. On our website you will find a wide range of products to choose from. Get your cream online and at the best price.

Prevent dry skin aging. Use moisturizers for dry skin.

One of the biggest drawbacks that people with dry skin have is premature aging. This type of skin tends to be more visible and more wrinkles and expression lines occur more quickly.

In addition, the older we get, the less oil our skin produces, because the glands responsible for doing so work more slowly, therefore, more dryness is generated.

To prevent the aging of dry skin, it is essential to tackle and prevent the symptoms from the beginning.

1. Have a marked care routine for our skin.

This routine should include cleaning, the use of day and night creams and eye contour creams, in addition to eventually applying nourishing masks that will provide extra hydration to the skin.

2. Warm showers.

If the water temperature is too high, it will cause a greater dryness of the skin and will also continue to break the protective barrier.

3. Choose the right products.

As important as it is to have a daily routine, it should be done with the indicated products. You have to opt for those that are soft and suitable for your dry skin type.

The best cream to moisturize dry skin and prevent aging can be found on our website and at the best price.

Buy moisturizing face cream for sensitive skin

What most characterizes sensitive skin is that it is unpredictable. That is, it can react to different external factors such as the weather or nerves, among many others. It is the type of skin that is easily irritated and that in the winter months tends to suffer from dryness. Luckily there are facial moisturizers for sensitive skin that take care of them, protect them and give them the necessary moisture.

Buy the best moisturizer for sensitive skin

If you are thinking of buying a moisturizing facial cream for sensitive skin, you should keep certain things in mind. In the first place, although it is sensitive skin, each one has specific needs, therefore we must identify what the demands of our skin are in order to choose the option that best suits us. Three types of sensitivity could be summarized. First of all, natural sensitive skin, the one with which we are born and which implies having the final dermis, easily reddened and dry. On the other hand, there is the sensitive reactive, which is the one that, as its name suggests, reacts to low temperatures, sunlight or aggressive hygiene care. Finally, we can talk about the sensitive but occasional type, it means that the skin reacts to hormonal changes, nerves, inadequate nutrition, fatigue and even stress.

Moisturizing cream for sensitive skin Identifying where our sensitive skin comes from, what its causes are, will be essential to be able to choose and buy the products that are best suited and can work.

We must confirm that the cream contains sun protection because ultraviolet rays can generate greater sensitivity in the skin and we must protect it from them. So one of the main components to consider should be a high protection factor. It will also be important that it is a cream that provides extra hydration and that is specially adapted to sensitive skin.

Tips for sensitive skin: use moisturizing face creams for sensitive skin

Facial moisturizers for sensitive skin are a staple in the daily routine , but good skin care is still a must. Said care will consist of keeping our face clean but always using the appropriate, non-aggressive products that will not cause irritation or other problems. At the end of the cleaning, it is recommended that we dry the face without rubbing, that is, using a towel we will dry by tapping . In addition to that, constant hydration is required, which can be achieved through the use of specific moisturizing creams, and great protection, in order to prevent certain external factors from irritating it. It is also important to emphasize that exfoliations are not recommended for this type of skin. That does not mean that they do not have to be done, they must be done, but less frequently than mixed or oily faces need.

To take care of sensitive skin, one of the first things to do is limit exposure to cold because these temperatures can be harmful. Also related to climate and time, it is necessary to protect yourself from the sun by applying a cream with a high protective factor that can prevent an increase in skin sensitivity.

Other actions that we can carry out in our day to day to keep our sensitive skin cared for is to have adequate rest and a good diet. Sleeping well is key to many things, but one of them is skin regeneration. On the other hand, food will also influence, eating a balanced diet will help us improve and maintain skin care.

Buy alcohol-free moisturizing face cream

Alcohol-free facial moisturizers are mainly aimed at those skins that are more sensitive and possibly reactive to chemical products. It is a cream that will provide the dose that your skin needs of hydration but should not cause any reaction due to its zero alcohol content. Truly all skin types can use these creams, it is not something necessary and required but these products can be used.

Buy face moisturizer without alcohol

To choose a cream it is crucial to know our skin type. It may be that we have it dry, which would imply greater tightness , premature appearance of wrinkles and reactions to both cold and high temperatures. You can also have mixed skin, which is one that tends to concentrate more oil and shine in the T-zone of the face, that is, the forehead, nose and chin, but other parts of the face are drier. On the other hand, you can have oily skin, which is one that has excess sebum, blackheads, larger pores, and constant shine all over your face. In addition, it is also possible that you have acneic skin, the one with a tendency to suffer from acne, or sensitive, the one that needs more intensive care because it reacts to different external factors. Buying an alcohol-free moisturizer is very easy if you access our website , you will have several products at your disposal and you can also talk to our experts. Get your cream at the best price online.

Alcohol-free moisturizer

These types of creams can be suitable for all skin types. Whether you have a drier, mixed or oily complexion , this product will be beneficial for you. Of course, alcohol-free facial creams are more specifically aimed at people with sensitive skin, which is usually reactive to certain products and needs more specific and special care.

Even if your skin is not sensitive or reactive, you can buy an alcohol-free cream online because it will have different benefits. On the one hand, it is always positive to give the face a break from chemical products. After all, we use treatments and creams that include perfumes. alcohol and other chemical elements. It is not that they should not be used, but it is positive, from time to time, to relieve the face with an alcohol-free lotion.

In case your skin is sensitive, it is very possible that you notice that it rejects those creams or products that contain alcohol. In this case, it is better to opt for the entire range that does not contain this ingredient, both creams, makeup and other things. In this way we will protect and take care of the face.

What are the essential rules to take care of facial skin? On the one hand, it is crucial to choose and acquire the products that best suit your skin type. In addition, it is necessary to clean the face daily, but gently, without aggressive products and taking into account the most sensitive parts. The same happens with the exfoliant, it is very positive to perform exfoliations but they must be appropriate to our skin. Do not forget the importance of staying hydrated, both outside and inside. To achieve adequate care, it is advisable to drink two liters of water a day and use facial moisturizers.

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A moisturizing face cream should not be confused with a moisturizer. The moisturizer is defined as that product that acts on the external part of the skin with the aim of creating a barrier that prevents water from evaporating . Its main function is to achieve a smooth and soft skin, which loses as little water as possible. The composition of moisturizing cosmetics is usually quite light so that it fulfills its function to retain moisture in the skin.

What is the difference between moisturizing cream and moisturizing cream?

Moisturizing lotion It is very important to know the difference between moisturizer and moisturizer since they are not the same nor do they have the same functions.

    • The moisturizing facial cream aims to prevent the water contained in the tissues of our face from evaporating. As its name suggests, it is responsible for keeping the skin moist.

    • The moisturizing facial cream has the objective of acting in deep layers of the skin. Among its elements are active substances that, among other functions, must provide water to facial cells.

Therefore, the main difference between the two is that with moisturizing facial creams, a protective layer is generated to maintain natural moisture, while moisturizing creams for the face act deeply to provide water to the skin.

To choose any cosmetic, in this case the moisturizing face cream, it is crucial to know the type of skin we have. Depending on whether it is dry, oily, mixed or normal, we must choose some products or others. So the first, and basic, advice for choosing the best moisturizer is to be aware of the needs of your skin.

Age is also a determining factor in choosing the right product . As we get older, the demands of our skin change and we may need more hydration. So the second trick to acquire the ideal moisturizing cream is to take into account the maturity of the dermis. Lastly, opting for the right cosmetic will involve sun protection. So the item you opt for, in addition to meeting the above needs, has to protect you from the sun's rays.

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Why buy a moisturizing face cream online?

For proper skin care, it is important to know if we need to moisturize or deep hydrate. The best advice we can give is to pay attention to your skin type, depending on how your complexion is, you should opt for one treatment or another. If you ask yourself , which cream is better, moisturizing or moisturizing? The answer we can give is: both. The skin requires care that includes water and nutrients and both creams will provide it. It is advisable to use the one that provides the most hydration first and then the moisturizer. Acquiring a moisturizing cream online is easy if you do it on our website where you will find a wide catalog to make your purchase.

Benefits of using a moisturizing face cream

Among the main benefits of using a moisturizing facial cosmetic is the retention of water . These products will catch Shop moisturizing cream the water from the environment in the skin, they will include it in the surface of the skin and the protective barrier will be restored that will help us protect ourselves from external agents and different harmful factors.

Using a facial cream with moisturizing action for the day can help you protect your skin from external agents such as pollution, wind or sun, among others. The use of these facial cosmetic products will help us show off younger, fresher and more hydrated skin . On our website we offer you a wide catalog to purchase a moisturizing facial cream online.

Buy anti-wrinkle facial moisturizer

High-quality anti-wrinkle creams fight wrinkles on all fronts. Unlike cheap creams that only attack one or two, more complex creams address cell repair, skin nutrition and dermis hydration. These 3 fronts are essential, because they are the 3 that cause wrinkles.

Good hydration will always improve wrinkles and expression lines, as the skin will look plump and plump. Getting a cream that does both can be the perfect combination to improve the overall result of the face. Moisturizing creams containing hyaluronic acid improve skin hydration and the appearance of wrinkles. This active ingredient activates collagen synthesis and reduces the size of expression lines. If, in addition to this active ingredient, we add other anti-aging agents , it is possible that in a short time we will see our skin improved and without signs of aging.

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The main components that promote cell hydration to combat wrinkles are, on the one hand, Betaine, which promotes the proper functioning of cell hydration channels, and, on the other hand, hyaluronic acid , which has a surprising ability to attract water to tissues. If you want to achieve deeply hydrated skin, do not hesitate to buy an anti-wrinkle cream online .

Buy anti-wrinkle moisturizer Prices of moisturizing anti-wrinkle face creams

Anti-wrinkle creams with Betaine, hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing components range between €30 and €200. We will hardly be able to find quality anti-wrinkle creams on the market that attack all the fronts, mentioned above, and that fall below this price.

The cheapest creams will only superficially and temporarily alleviate the visualization of wrinkles, but will not correct the underlying problems.

Opinions of anti wrinkle creams that moisturize

When clients start using “tri-component” anti-wrinkle creams, they begin to see that the effects of the correction are long-term. Unlike low-quality wrinkle correction, when we treat hydration at 3 levels, the correction lasts much longer, since it does not work only on hydration, but rather hydration is produced from within, improving cell metabolism. . Choose the best anti-wrinkle cream from the catalog on our website. The best creams at the best price online.