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Germaine de Capuccini offer packs

There is no brand that takes the creation of offer packs and gift products to such an extent as Germain. Currently more than 7 Packs are available on the web, which rotate by season. They appear on special dates and are a great gift option for loved ones. For example, there are very outstanding packs for Mother's Day, for Valentine's Day and for Father's Day. But if something is crazy about discounts, it is Christmas. There is no date that you have more gift kits, nor a better opportunity to buy them. They sell out quickly and you may run out of them.

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Germaine de Capuccini savings packs

Only Germaine de Capuccini knows how to make gift packs like no other. The packs are boxes, toiletry bags or bags where Germain de Capuccini sells you one product and gives you another. When you buy savings packs or kits what you are doing is trying new products, complementing products you already use or discovering new lines that you did not know about Germain. Enter and discover all the discount packs that are launched each season. They are the best opportunity to save money.

Christmas gift or Kings of Germaine de Capuccini

At Christmas, it is sometimes very difficult to get gifts right, and cosmetics are not far behind. With these gift kits you can ensure that the people you love receive the gift they want, at Christmas, Kings, Mother's Day, etc.

Germain de Capuccini Gift Kit

We call gift kits the boxes, chests or toiletry bags where you buy a product and Germaine de Capuccini gives you another of equal or lesser value. It is the perfect way to test new cosmetics, products from the same line, that work in synergy and that we want to try.

Germain de Capuccini Gift Box

Germaine's chests are very pretty. It comes in spectacular boxes, which can be used to store souvenirs, jewelry or simply to show off on our dressing table. With regularity, they carry a cosmetic kit inside where Germaine, together with a purchased product, gives you another one.

Germaine takes great care of the chests she makes each season to give away. They are metal containers, made of hard cardboard, covered with skin. They are always chests that, in addition to carrying a gift inside, you want to store and keep in your drawers or shelves. Germaine always takes out these chests when the gift season comes, such as Christmas, Kings, special days such as Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc.

Toiletries for travel and for the beach.

In this category we can see all the toiletry bags that Germaine de Capuccini has, which are not few. We can always see a travel bag, which is used to put our makeup and our toiletries inside, it also makes beach bags or very elegant bags to carry in the suitcase. The good thing about these bags is that Germain spares no expense and they are so beautiful that you will not want to get rid of them.

Toiletry bags are Germaine's great gift when the sunny season arrives. These toiletry bags come with towels, sarongs, hats, etc. This great brand equips you with everything you need to go to the beach with great discounts. These come with your sunscreen products. Where Germaine de Capuccini, give one when you take one. In addition, the toiletry bags are very beautiful and you can wear them on the beach.

Offers in Packs and toiletry bags.

One does not know how to distinguish if the best thing about buying products that comes in a bag or a chest is the fact that they give you a beautiful case, or the most surprising fact that they give you a cream of equal or lesser value than the one you are buying . Because buying a gift kit is buying savings. An offer of a toiletry bag can contain creams worth 50% of the content totally free. This means that many customers do not buy until the offers arrive, but this can have a downside. That the offers are so greedy that you can stay without them.